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 A Personalized Reading for Your Year Ahead to help you grow, thrive, prepare, and expand!

Channeled by Allison Horner

This personalized PDF report is channeled just for you.

It includes guidance from your spirit squad, themes and events to watch for, areas to focus on, and tools and tips to help you rise in vibration and have an amazing year.


Soooo How does this work?

  1. You purchase your report using the buttons above or below, I receive an email notification, and then I get to work on channeling your Report ASAP.

    **Allow some time for me to do the report. It can take a week or so, sometimes a bit more depending on the energy and time required.

  2. When I’m finished channeling it and designing it, I deliver your pretty personalized PDF reading to you via email or Facebook Messenger. I will use the email you used during your purchase. Email me at if you have questions :)

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What else do you need to know?

  • I auto-write the report, meaning it’s channeled. It’s not MY opinions; it’s a channeling of energy coming about YOUR path, not about MY wishes or opinions for you. That said, the vernacular or verbiage used will often sound very different from ME, because well… it’s not ME.

    • Often, your spiritual guides or teachers or loved ones will come through to channel the report through me. We all have guides and loving beings who help us whether we believe and recognize that or not. I always channel it to your liking. I’m able to do something called auto-writing which means I let the energy flow through me while I’m in a meditative state. My opinions are left aside; your energy/soul/spiritual guides wrote the report through me.

  • I do NOT need any information from you to be able to do this reading or report. Often psychics or mediums will tell you they need a tool - a photo, name, question, cards, pendulum, etc - in order to get your answers. I don’t need any of those things at all. I just Know it or hear it, and write it out.

  • YOU MAY ask for a reading of specific areas, but I encourage you not to try to ask about anything super specific. Often what comes instead is incredibly powerful but it can’t be done if you only want answers on one topic or area of your life.
    I never leave out details that I receive. Every topic is written out as it comes. Some topics may surprise you!

  • I keep everything confidential. Reports are never shared with anyone, unless we’ve agreed prior to allow it to be shared which is usually only for promotional reasons.

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