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Wildly Expressed Woman Retreat

Wildly Expressed Woman Retreat

April 2019 in Encinitas, California

I’m in!


Wildly Expressed Woman Retreat

Wildly Expressed Woman Retreat

April 2019 in Encinitas, California

I’m in!

Step out of force, and into Flow!

become a magnet through authentic expression and conscious communication!

At the Wildly Expressed Woman Retreat, you’ll attract more people, opportunities and experiences that light you up by learning to consciously create and cultivate connection.

Join us for a weekend experience of connection, self expression, conscious communication, and deep self love and appreciation… Plus laughs, hugs, and conscious cocktail hour with the women who’ll help you full awaken and embody all that you are.

We’ve all been there.

  • You want one thing, but you say another. Then you feel angry, resentful, frustrated.

  • You say no when you want to say yes, and you say yes when you really feel a fuck no.

  • You want to be seen and heard, so you try to speak louder or force your point, when you really need to lean back and flow.

  • You trust the advice of others, over the deep, energetic alignment and intuitive guidance from within yourself.

  • You feel intuitively that you know something or want to share it, and you shut yourself down over and over.

  • You end up shutting yourself down to keep others happy, but you know it’s time for you to be happy too.

  • You deeply feel you need to set a boundary, but you passive aggressively step aside… AGAIN.

  • You so badly want your boo to listen to you, to hear and see you, but instead of him responding… you feel ignored, and he feels frustrated.

  • You are READY to catapult farther in your business, but no matter how much you post, no matter how often you write or do those perfect manifesting techniques… it doesn’t seem to work.

  • You want to share beliefs, your fears, your desires, your passions and ideas… but you SHRINK at the thought of being rejected again.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Actually - there’s so much RIGHT about you.

But that lack of authentic expression creates massive discord, and makes you SHRINK energetically - meaning you pass up opportunities and relationships that could massively help you grow and expand!

We’re here to help you feel seen and heard,

to be the amazing magnetic woman that you already are.

You want to be more Magnetic.

You want to be expressed, wanted, adored, honored… in the bedroom, in business, the boardroom, in your creativity and massive passion projects, with your babies and your besties…

But you need to HONOR yourself, first.

This retreat experience is an adventure.

This is about showing up in the real world AS YOU.

Fully seen. Fully heard.

creatively + consciously expressed.

Becoming the magnet you want to be!

You’ll transform your relationships, your work

and your world because of it!


unleash your magnetism

at the wildly expressed woman retreat!

The place where woman come to wake up their inner truth and bring more of their highest expression out into the world.

Everywhere it matters.

Join us for 4 days of immersion, self expression, self love, hug hugs, and laughs late into the night with women who get you, see you, hear you, and love you just for being the REAL YOU.

Limited Spots Available!

*There are many investment options available for women traveling from out of town, and local gals!

Jump on in if this feels like a HELL YES!

Or book a free 20 minute coffee chat if you have questions and want to ensure it’s a fit.


Who are you here to be?

Who are you here to be?

Who are you here to be?

Who are you here to be?

picture her…

this vibrant, creative, brilliant, empowered woman

What do you see?

wildly expressed woman retreat - april 2019 in Encinitas California
  • She knows who she is, and she trusts herself and the flow of life.

  • She is MAGNETIC, spoken into existence by her own powerful beingness: she attracts amazing people opportunities and experiences that light her up!

  • She shows up as herself, and because of it her relationships grow, her business and career blossoms, and everything seems to work out more and more!

  • She is authentic and bold about her desires and fears

  • She’s hired, wanted, called up, desired more.

  • She’s conscious of the patterns and beliefs that no longer serve her, and she’s committed to her own growth.

  • She speaks with clarity, confidence, and openness which brings her only who and what is meant to be in her life.

  • She asks for what she wants… and people honor her choices, and she gives them space to do the same.

  • She integrates all parts of her and loves each of them, and she knows she is always whole and complete.

  • She is free, wild, happy, fulfilled, enriched, loved unconditionally, and fully fucking expressed from a conscious and incredibly unique source inside of her.

This is what we want to help you unleash from within yourself.

The wild, wise woman within you.

 You are already her!

that woman you envision who lives that free and incredible life.

Let’s let her out. Let’s summon her. Let’s introduce her to the you you already are. AND spend a powerful long weekend with other women who are ready to support you and cheer you on in your transformation.

Sounds pretty magical, yeah? We think so. So we’re calling you in. Your highest self. We’re going deep.

And it’s gonna be a fucking blast.

Join us this spring!

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The Investment + What's Included


The Investment + What's Included


what’s included?

This 4-day experience in late April, 2019 is designed to support you in stepping into your next level self. Your next level leader. Your next level communicator. Your fully-expressed, confident, crystal clear-minded self.

Less FORCE, more FLOW.

  • You’ll come back, and your bae will be like… “who are you?! I love this NEW YOU!” ;)

  • Your clients will notice you feeling more at ease, more alive, less drained and more secure in your spiritual connection, articulation of ideas or thoughts, and conscious in your coaching or consulting.

  • Your boss will go… wow I like this new more grounded you! You’re way more confident…

And when you show up as YOU everywhere you are - in person, online…

You begin to attract more high-vibe people, more aligned conscious creators, more girl friends and amazing opportunities to create, cultivate and captivate!

And creating that life you crave, starts to feel… easier.

There’s nothing more healing

than hugging humans + hangin in person!

Allie and Jackie will hold the warm, comforting, intimate and fun-loving container for you and a handful of other women to transform inside and out. We’ve both hosted retreats and we LOVE gathering women together, connecting, cultivating, laughing and bonding!

This experience is designed specifically to consciously and fully own who you are, AND to…

  • Become the magnet you want to be, by learning about the energetics of attraction! (This is stuff you haven’t heard before!)

  • Learn about the links between self expression, energy, magnetism, and creating your dream life.

  • Bond with babes just like you who are looking for the same radiance, magnetic appeal, ease and embodied energy of love and life!

  • Get real practice effectively communicating who you are (and what you’re all about!)

  • Experience true embodiment of YOU through different experiences and wildly new techniques, with a safe group of sisters who love you and GET you.

  • Allow you to truly be a vessel for what you’re meant to bring to life

  • Get clear on how to express your message and mission in the world in all ways

  • Feel confident and fully expressed, and as a result, attract ideal partners, clients, opportunities, and connections

  • Explore ways to deliver your creative message to the world

  • Feel fully ALIVE and LIT up when you get out of bed in the morning

  • Dive into the parallels of relationships and business, uncovering how you can create mind-blowing experiences in BOTH areas

Plus, you do it IN PERSON,

with people by your side who GET YOU.

The Retreat Experience

This experience will be an opportunity to deeply connect with your SOUL + with others, elevate your energetic magnetism, learn stellar conscious communication techniques, unplug from the day to day, and soak up some quality time with like-minded and beautifully unique individuals.

We’ll hold this beautiful, grounding experience in a gorgeous house in San Diego County (Encinitas, to be exact), just steps from the beach.

Think delicious, nourishing food and drinks, a cozy and creative environment, and a handful of your new (probably) best friends.

  • **Daily Wildly Expressed Woman Workshops + Adventures from about 9am - 1 or 2pm. These will include spiritual, mental, emotional and extremely practical coaching sessions, tools, techniques, discussions, movement, excursions, breathwork, and meditation/energy work to support you in your transformation.

  • **Afternoon Adventures! Each day, we will plan a little optional group adventure activity - think group yoga, beach time, surfing or SUP, excursions out into the area, hiking, and of course…

  • RESTING AND RELAXING solo or together. Adventures are designed to help you INTUITIVELY GUIDE YOURSELF, stretch yourself, and COMMUNICATE.

  • **Human Design session with an expert is included; it’s a GREAT way to dive deeper into your understanding of yourself, how your energy works, and how you can express, connect, and cultivate more rapidly with more FLOW, less force.

  • **You will have ample solo time AND balanced bonding time for fun in the sun or walks!

  • **Wildly Expressed Woman CONSCIOUS COSTUME PARTY! Embody her NOW!

  • **Meals and house snacks are included! Yippeeee! *We will have each member fill out a questionnaire RE food, allerigies, etc so we can meet everyone’s needs.

  • **And MORE! We can’t reveal ALL of the Surprises ;)


Local Meet-Up, Cocktails + Bonfire on the Beach!

Included for retreat members, and open to other locals.

Half way through the retreat, we’re hosting a local meet-up called Conscious Cocktails where you get to chat, mix and mingle with local San Diego entrepreneurs and conscious creatives! Think: easy, fun convos, creative connections, maybe some massive momentum built for your wildly expressed work and business, or just a lot of fun!

*All retreat attendees get to come to the conscious cocktails and bonfire event for free.




There are 3 ways to join us.

You get so much yummy goodness in this sisterhood retreat!

*Generous payment plans are available for each option. Contact us if you want to chat more.*


1. Come to the Retreat

All-Inclusive Option

Only 6 Spots Left!

Come to the beachy retreat, have the all-inclusive experience of staying in the house and having late-night laughs with your new gal pals, and get to join in all of the workshops, activities, yummy food and more! Open to all womxn. <3

$3,000 paid in full

Easy payment plans available. Click below to check them out.


2. Attend The Workshops Only

This is the best option for you if you’re drawn to the 3 days of Wildly Expressed Woman Workshops and Conscious Cocktails event and you would NOT like to stay in the retreat house.

Perfect for local ladies who don’t want to stay in the house, or women on a budget, who want to come and play during the daily sessions.

$997 US Paid in Full

Easy payment plans available. Click below to check them out.

3. Wildly Expressed Mastermind

Want Some extra coaching with us AND to come to the retreat?

Only 6 Spots Left!

In this all-inclusive experience, you get to stay in the beautiful beachy house, and have that amazing bonding and fun time with us!

PLUS, you get 3 months of personalized Wildly Expressed Woman Coaching and Group Support Sessions before, during and after the retreat.

If you do not want additional coaching after the retreat, but would like to come to the all inclusive retreat, scroll up and choose option #1.

$5K paid in full

Easy payment plans available. Click below to check them out.

Not sure which option is best for you right now?

Book a quick 20-minute call with us to chat more!

*You are not obligated to join us. This call is to help you and us make the best decision possible for us all. No pressure. No icky sales tactics. Just two chicks hangin out with coffee or kombucha, talking about your dreams, desires, and challenges, and deciding if this is the best way to work together. If this isn’t a fit, we’ll know and will help you find something that works for you!


Step Away

This is for you!

Step Away

This is for you!

Step away.

Step away to a safe space where you’ll be seen, heard, honored and loved just for being you.

Step away from the busywork, the obligations and endless lists.

Step away from the expectations, the pressure, the endless performance.

Step away from the chaos of your everyday life.

Step away so you can step back in fully.

Embody the Real Magnetic Woman You Are.

bring her back to the real world with our support, and this retreat as your platform for the next phase of your life.

Join us for a weekend experience of connection, self expression, conscious communication, and deep self love and appreciation… Plus laughs, hugs, and conscious cocktail hour with the women who’ll help you full awaken and embody all that you are.

Sign up soon to reserve your spot in Encinitas, CA in April!

Limited Spots Available in the beachy house.

Have questions? Book a free 20 min connection call to see if it’s a fit.

Already feeling a YES? Sign up now!

Spots WILL sell out!

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about us

about us


Meet Your Hosts!

We know what it’s like to not feel like you’re creating or attracting what you want.

And we made a connection…

We weren’t attracting or creating what we wanted… because we weren’t BEING who we knew we had to be.

It was like a weight lifted when we finally realized we had to show UP as ourselves…

And we started to realize that MAGNETIC connection.

It made us feel aligned, inspired, alive, lit up… and speaking engagements, new opportunities, dates, clients, traveling experiences, invites to new adventures, engagements, partnerships, friendships, connections, creative projects, even ideas…

They all came our way because we were being consciously communicative, silly and fun! We were being OURSELVES and owning who we are, allowed us to be expressed fully and really fun things happened!

In fact, that’s why we are doing this together!

We came toward to run this retreat because we GET IT:

Self Love is so valuable!

it opens you up to receive so much, like

friendship, fun, and new adventures with people you LOVE.

Conscious Communication, Self Expression, Soulful Calling… We’re here to help you because we’ve gone through the shut downs, the rejections, the hopes and the desires, and the ways we’ve healed and become heard were first, by seeing and honoring ourselves.

We have supported conscious change-makers - people who are here for more than just money or accolades; they want to have a positive ripple effect.

Through coaching and being mentored, we’ve creatively found ways to consciously self-express and begin creating a positive impact in simple, effective ways.

We trust intuition, and are here to support you as feminine leaders on the rise! Intuition and trust is important to Jackie and Allie and they're here to support you on your journey.


Allie Horner

Allie Horner is an Intuitive Coach, Retreat Host, Psychic-Medium, Channeler + Healer, Speaker, Podcast Host who's helped many women begin to own their own love for life through conscious communication and self love. They have grown to know, love and trust themselves and lead with their own inner wisdom and intuition again in every area.

She is also a single mom, outdoor enthusiast, nature junkie, adventurer, skier, hiker, and lover of new intuitive, spontaneous experiences! She LOVES connecting with people in person, and delivers daily adventures to help others TRUST what they feel and do what lights them up. She loves to help people live amazing lives, and express themselves consciously and authentically, in a way that helps all people feel seen, heard, and honored.

Allie has gone through the fears of coming out of the spiritual closet, and has seen how swiftly people will support you when YOU support yourself first through compassion, ownership, welcoming love, and leaning into discomfort. She’s also seen how QUICKLY conscious communication, love, and gratitude can transform the energy of a situation to co-create beautiful positive experiences - even one as huge as a divorce or a complete business breakdown.

Learn more about Allie: adventureknocks.com 

Jackie Yvette

Jacqueline Yvette is a psychology, story, and messaging-focused business + marketing mentor. She’s a writer, speaker, podcaster, and the founder and creator of The Neuro-Marketing Method.

Jackie is a San Diego resident, dark chocolate lover, and happy-dance enthusiast. She’s particularly passionate about creating (and helping her clients create) brilliant experiences, which is why this retreat is so close to her heart.

We’re not just creating programs to sell -- we’re planting seeds for, designing, and dreaming up unbelievably transformative and magical experiences. We hope you’ll take part in ours and make it your own.

jackie yvette .jpg

You’re ready for a fuller support system in a simple and loving space over the space of several days!

Come and play!

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love notes

love notes


see what our previous clients + retreat goers had to say!

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