(Months 1+2)

Week 1: Create + Crush Your Change-Maker Goals. You’ll learn how to map out your goals and projects the RIGHT way so that you can create your plan to hit them. Ditch all of the busywork you don’t need to do, and FOCUS.


Week 2: "Are you psychic?!" Learn how to get inside your ideal client or customer’s head, and translate the information you gather, so you can quickly create amazing messaging and killer offerings that appeal to them and feel great for YOU. (Expanding further from the 5-Day Challenge.)


Week 3: Make Your Unique Offering Fly. Learn how to create what you love and what they NEED (and package it properly) so that you can confidently tell the world about it.


Week 4: Magnetic Messaging to Attract Your Audience. Learn to create messaging that’ll cause people to THINK, to ACT, to CHANGE. Attract your tribe to you, just by being YOU.


Week 5: Implementation Week. No coursework, training or Mastermind call. Information overwhelm is a real thing, and this week you’ll implement and have space to ask questions so you can move forward.


Week 6: Expand Your Audience Authentically. Design your unique Visibility Strategy, Community, and Email List so you can show up and stand out online consistently and confidently while fostering growth... without working yourself to death.


Week 7: Connect, Collab + Expand Your Audience. Learn how to create relationships with peers, media, bloggers, clients, biz besties, and influencers in a way that feels GOOD and will skyrocket your biz and help you stand out online. (Plus, my Pro tips for being featured in the blogs/articles/podcasts of influencers + media in a way that feels GOOD + will help you expand your audience faster.)


Week 8: Become a Content Machine To Drive People To You (Overwhelm-FREE). No more spinning your wheels creating content that keeps missing the mark. Learn how to create content that converts strangers into customers, clients, and fans.

*Bonus: my quick Automated Email Welcome Series that any business owner can create and implement for their new subscribers in just a few focused hours. 

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