Elevate your energetic state with Energy Work.

For the woman on a mission to live fully, authentically, and magnetically as the intuitive, loving beacon you are.

*Can be done in-person, or virtually. Reiki and energy work does not require hands-on work to be incredibly powerful.*


That's what many people come to me saying the want to feel - it's the emotional and energetic state they want to LIVE and THRIVE in. 

So why aren't we "there", yet, when we can step up in the boardroom, the bedroom, the classroom, the gym, and everywhere else?

Because our memories, emotions, beliefs, and behavior patterns can leave deep imprints or tears in our energy.

Women today in any profession are wearing a LOT of hats and left feeling out of control, juggling everything, reactionary, and totally exhausted. We lose our intuition, get sick more often, feel creatively constipated, and tend to band-aid our deeper rooted problems with quick-fix solutions - like to-do lists, busy-ness, addictions, and 


You have outgrown your container.

It's uncomfortable, scary, and exciting!

But you need support.

The quick fixes, band-aides, and resistance have got to go if you really want to peel away the layers and become the happiest, highest, most fulfilled YOU possible.

You need MORE than another marketing course, another strategy or system, a change in schedule, another baby, a better husband, a new diet or another shopping spree... and you feel it in your bones.

You want to BECOME a more courageous, more centered, more enthusiastic, more relaxed woman. You want to live authentically, truthfully, in line with your personal values.

You wanna feel GOOD everyday no matter who you are, what you do (or don't do), and what your purpose is in this life. 

Your life matters. You have purpose. You deserve to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and fulfilled everyday, in every way.

Energy work will support you in this Expansion.

In our work together, we'll unblock, unlock, release, forgive, and transform your state - inside and out. Yes, energy work can help you expand and heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, too!

In fact, many women I work with open up intuitively and experience more faith, freedom, flow, and healing of physical pain as a result.


*Work can be done in person or virtually. Packages start with 3 x 45-minute sessions, or you may purchase as many as 12. All are non-refundable. With energy work, I highly recommend that you not rely on a single session to get the results that you want, as every person is different and requires sustained support.*

Put an Energy Healer + Reiki Practitioner on your personal team.

It's your secret weapon for staying sane, healthy, happy, and intuitively switched on and empowered.

*Seeking Energy Work + Healing experiences for your own private clients, at your retreat/event, or as a consistent retainer to support you personally? Book a call to discuss your needs, challenges, and thoughts with Allison.*

To transform your life, you need to go within first.

Many of the women I serve come to me feeling "stuck", exhausted, overwhelmed or blocked intuitively, abundantly, or creatively. They KNOW they need to make a change in one or more areas of their lives, and they want support emotionally, physically, mentally and energetically in that process. 

So, maybe right now, you're...

 - Burned out or stretched thin in one or more areas (in relationships, with family obligations, parenting, or in business with client loads and launches.)

 - Afraid of making decisions, making changes, or experiencing frequent anxiety around a specific relationship or situation.

 - Called to do and be the highest and truest leader and woman possible... but unsure if you can "handle" it.

 - Called to make some BIG changes, but unable to just DO IT already. (Clear those energetic blocks, now!)

 - Feel disconnected from relationships and/or struggle to have deep, lasting, fulfilling and compatible relationships and friendships.

 - Experiencing more intuitive abilities, but are feeling the depression/energy drain/disconnection that often comes from heightened consciousness (Sidenote: I'm intuitive, too, and I KNOW how exciting and confusing this time can be, and how important energy healing is to safely moving through your development with more grace and ease.)

 - Sick + Tired... literally. When we are stuck, overwhelmed, overworked, lacking passion, or helping everyone else with their "stuff", we can become physically ill or experience nagging muscle or other aches. (I LOVE helping other parents, coaches, consultants, service providers, healers, etc with my work, and I even have my own Reiki master and emotional life coach for my own support.)

 - Creatively tapped out, but ready to get the creative energy back in FLOW in a way that feels GOOD.

 - Like "nothing's working" right now, but they're ready to have less frustrations and more "WOO HOO! Nailed it!" moments

 - Tired or downright exhausted. Period.

 - Disconnected from yourself, your true desires, needs, sexual energy, partners, missions or visions, and money flow

 - Trying to do EVERYTHING to solve these problems... but nothing's working (yet).

 - And more beyond all of this. Hey, we're human and life is complicated. 

Thinking, HECK YEAH! I want help with that!?


And the magic of this work is that when you heal one area, you often heal many others, too.

*Packages start with 3 x 45-minute sessions, or you may purchase as many as 12. All are non-refundable. With energy work, I highly recommend that you not rely on a single session to get the results that you want, as every person is different and requires sustained support.*


Your are expanding, and aligning with your Soul's Mission.

The more you try to stuff yourself in that box (you know, where the "shoulds", "rules" and "requirements" live), the more resistance, struggle and stuck-ness you'll experience and attract.


At the very least, it can support you FEEL BETTER in the process of expansion.

If you want to move through this phase with more ease and less overwhelm, you'll want to get into alignment in all 4 bodies in your being:





Once you get them back into alignment, things work and flow better and faster.

Energy Healing is the secret weapon you should have in your back pocket during this time of expansion.

Virtual Energy Work + Reiki for women + men.

After women experience regular energy healing or Reiki within our private sessions (and sometimes after a single session), they've...

 - A sense of "zen", a calm and sense of peace, ease, and flow beyond anything they've experienced or felt prior (even in meditation!)

 - Started speaking up and standing up for themselves, for the causes they care about, for the people in their lives with more grace and fire

 - Welcomed FLOW within the areas that matter to them most, from their schedules, to their relationships, to their finances

 - Created new clients, welcomed passive income, and opened up entirely new offerings within their businesses that are far more aligned with their heart and soul callings

 - Opened up the ability to meditate on their own with more ease and less "mind chatter" and anxiety, when previously, they had struggled to quiet their thoughts for more than 30 seconds

 - Become more grounded in who they are, what they want, and what they need to DO... and less scattered and overwhelmed

 - Healthier physically - healing back aches, colds, and hearts (energetic and physical) is a specialty that I LOVE to support people with! 

 - Developed their ability to "Just KNOW" what the right move is at any given time.

 - Gained essential clarity and confidence to make important decisions and big shifts with less stress

 - Felt less fear and more FAITH in all areas of their lives 

 - Released abundance blocks in many areas (creativity, money, idea generation, writing, sexutality, pleasure!)

 - Enhanced their Intuitive abilities SAFELY and released negative energy drains so they now experience clarity and JOY

 - Written entire books within the weeks after our sessions 








If you want to create more impact + change with more ease, you deserve to give yourself this experience.

Let's do it. 

*Packages start with 3 x 45-minute sessions, or you may purchase as many as 12, at about $35 US per session, and are non-refundable. With energy work, I highly recommend that you not rely on a single session to get the results that you want, as every person is different and requires sustained support.*



Hi! I'm Allison Horner, and I'm an Intuitive Leadership + Life Coach, and Energy Healer (Reiki 2 Certified). 

A little while back, I experienced a little bit of a business and life sticking point. Things had been going great and business was wonderful... but then suddenly, about 2 years in... things just weren't working, and worse: I wasn't feeling fulfilled anymore.

I started to get sick a lot, and I went into a "funk" (aka, depression) which was no bueno because I had clients to serve and a 2 year old little boy with endless energy to take care of.

The truth is, I was starting to experience all the signs of a spiritual awakening and it threw me off my game. A lot of it was REALLY cool, but definitely not what I was used to...

  • I started to hear from MULTIPLE people that my guided meditations had completely cleared their blocks WITHIN MINUTES, and my very presence in the room made them feel lighter, calmer, and more at ease than ever.
  • I began to feel and hear other energies around me (deceased and living). Talk about weird dinner conversation...
  • I started to "just know" certain things, like when I "knew" about the grand slam that Addison Russell hit for the Cubs in the 2016 world series... approximately 2.5 hours BEFORE he did it. THAT was cool!
  • I began to sense other people's emotions and physical ailments (not always such a great skill), and knew when someone had a cold or even heart problems... because I could feel it in my body. This definitely comes in handy with energy healing!
  • I started to get the hallmark "hot hands" that many healers have had through generations.

I HAD to change things around in my business and in my life to suit what I was being called to DO in the world: 


So what did I do?

I chose to go on this adventure, and I embraced the journey!


I was being called to step up to the plate in a bigger and better way for me, for my family, and for all of the women I was meant to support who are doing big, big thangs in the world!

So I got to work developing the skills that I clearly had lying in wait. Soon, I found myself feeling more flow and grace. I was back in alignment, and I even attracted the PERFECT mentors who could help me along with a community of people who would GET me right at the time that I needed all of it.

This led me to hire one of the top Reiki Masters in Denver for my own healings, and then soon, to train me privately.

Everything started working out for the best, but the difference was... I began to feel really GOOD about it.

Now that I've experienced regular treatments from others and myself, and because I have dedicated support for myself in all areas, I've finally begun to understand that my greatest purpose in life is to help others heal and harness their own energy.

I'm happy everyday doing this work!

Life is an amazing adventure.

Embrace it. Love it. Live it.

When you tap into your energy and get aligned across mind, body and soul... Things just get better, faster.

I'm here to help support you through my own distance and intuitive energy and reiki healings.

As a change-maker and thought leader on the rise, you deserve to give yourself the gift of support where you need it most.


Book your sessions now, and break through those blocks!




Prefer to break your payments up?

Select a monthly payment plan below.

3 Energy Work sessions over 3 months, 2 Monthly Payments.

6 Energy Work sessions over 6 months, 3 Monthly Payments.

*Before purchasing + booking your healings, know that Reiki and Energy Healing is complementary and is NOT a substitute for seeing your physician, therapist, or for meditations prescribed. 

Q + A About Reiki + Energy Healing...

Q: What are the effects of Reiki or energy healing?

A: Everyone's experience with energy healing is different because everyone's needs, desires, thoughts, and situations are totally unique.

That said, some things you may experience after Reiki could be...

 - A sensation of calmness, a deep state of peace, and many people experience a meditative "in the zone" feeling afterward

 - Lower stress, blood pressure, less anxiety and a state of peace

 - Different dreams than normal 

 - Heightened intuition (this was my experience almost immediately after my first treatment)

 - Healing faster from bodily ailments (After my first treatment, I was completely healed from a cold that had just began. While I don't promise any specific result, it is possible to use Reiki to complement any medicinal or therapeutic treatment you're undergoing with the approval of your physician or other doctors.)


Q: What is Reiki? 

A: REIKI (also known as "Usui Reiki Ryoho") ...

  • is a natural method of energy balancing for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation. It can involve "the laying on of hands" although this is not required for Reiki to be effective. 

  • while it can be used entirely on it's own, it is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment.  In fact it can readily compliment other forms of therapy. 

  • practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional, unless they have received training in such a licensed professional practice that supports this.  (This type of skill is not a part of a normal certified Reiki training program). 

  • should not compete with or replace medical doctors and their treatments. 

  • can be used together with any other form of medical, natural or alternative therapy in order to compliment it.

Note: It is recommended you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.


Q: How does Reiki differ from other forms of Energy Healing/Energy Work?

A: It is a specific modality or form/tradition of energy work, but it is a truly powerful one. There are many formal modalities, and many ways of practicing energy healing that are less formal. Whatever you choose, I recommend choosing someone who is certified like me and formally trained. 

Reiki and energy work does NOT require physical touch to be effective, which is why it's so wonderful! 


Q: How long are sessions? 

A: Private sessions are 30 - 60 minutes if done over skype or zoom, or if completed in person.


Q: How does Virtual energy work happen? Is it still effective?

A: Yes, it is TOTALLY effective! My private virtual sessions happen via Skype or Zoom. However, you do NOT need to be on the phone for the energy to work. Energy is energy. It works based on the intention of you and I, and of Source itself. It's not dependent on location, physical touch, or anything else. 


Q: Do you do small Group Energy Work (in person or virtually?)

A: Of course. To book a small group energy healing session, please contact me by booking a call to discuss first and ensure it's a fit. 


Q: what are some situations in which I might want energy work or Reiki?

A: There are MANY situations and reasons to have energy work done, but mostly, I would say that if you're here, it may be beneficial for you! Follow those breadcrumbs and trust your intuition.

Sometimes people have a specific need - like to support them during life shifts, to help them access their intuition, to help them manage stress and relax, to release physical pain, to focus more mentally, to open creativity, to feel BETTER, or to help them through a big expansive shift happening in their lives. 

I also offer Coaching which can be very powerful when paired with energy work - I offer this to my private Coaching clients. 

Let's discuss on a free call, and find out if it feels right for you.


Q: Can I hire you to support myself and my team? 

A: Of course! Please contact me by booking a call to discuss first and ensure it's a fit. 

Note: know that all participants must be willing to receive the energy healing for it to be effective. I will know instantly if a person's energy is not open to healing work at that time.

To give you an idea of ways we can work together to support your team, I am available to do energy work in-person + virtually through these formats:

 - At an in-person private or small group intensive (We can discuss prior to.)

 - For your clients at retreats, conferences, etc (Consider using me as part of your team support during the launch and planning as well.)

 - For your team during a launch, during an event, or even on retainer (virtual or in person)



Q: What happens during and after a session? 

A: Each session is different, and each person is different and unique, with unique needs, wants, challenges, and desires. Often, I receive insights about people before and during the session, which guides me to understand if healing or energy work needs to occur in specific physical areas of the body, if we're healing something deeper that may be spiritual, emotional, or mental. I may also understand if someone is experiencing physical pain that can be cleared or supported through Reiki or energy work.

After a session, I'll email you with any insights on anything that I picked up intuitively from our work together, in an effort to support you in your further expansion.

NOTE: please consider Reiki and energy work an integrative and complementary approach to supporting your healing, not as a replacement for medical, psychological, or other medical doctors, therapists or diagnosis. 


Q: How many sessions can I book in advance?

A: You may book a single session, or several at a time, if you wish.

If you book more than 6 sessions and pay in full in advance, it costs less than paying month to month.

You can book as often as every other week, or less if desired. 


Q: What if something comes up before my session? Can I cancel?

A: I require 24 hour cancellation notice, which bars specific circumstances. I consider our time and sessions sacred and do much to prepare for them, and I ask that you respect our time as well. 


Q: Is energy healing or energy work as effective if done over Skype remotely? Or do we have to be in person?

A: Many of my clients are in completely different cities or states, and the healings are just as effective. What truly dictates the effect and power of Reiki is your BELIEF that it will support you and help you.


Q: What if I want to do coaching from you as well? Does energy healing / Reiki come with your coaching packages?

A: You BET! In my 1:1 coaching with my clients - reiki, other energy healing modalities, guided meditation, visualization, mindset coaching, emotional support, goal setting and more - is included to support you as you create more impact in the world. It takes courage to stand up and create change, and I'm here to support you on your journey. Coaching is catered to YOU and your needs, as well as any Intuitive insights I gather about what will best support you in the moment.