Make More Moolah As A Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

With Money Mindset a la DDT's Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp


Streamlined Business Strategy a la Moi, your Business Sherpa

"Charge what you're worth."   "Mo' money, mo' problems."   "The rich get richer, the poor get poorer."

"They could charge that... but not ME."  "I could never make THAT much money..."  "It's wrong to make money by helping people."

My little guy, Finn!

My little guy, Finn!

You've probably heard messages and hold beliefs that prevent you from growing your wealth as a purpose-drive entrepreneur.

When I started my business, I had little time, little money, and a little baby at home to love on, and I didn't WANT to end up in the ER again from exhausting myself.

I didn't think I could earn more money than in my old corporate job, without being ON all the time... which left little time or energy for parenting my son. 

So I designed my OWN strategy to thrive and create more financial freedom as a heart-centered, save-the-world entrepreneur and mama... while always being #DoneBy1.

But I had some BIG lessons to learn in the beginning, and I'm still learning more!

What changed things for me?

It was a combination of things.

Better business strategy, clarity, and focus for one.

(Especially with my #Doneby1 schedule and being a proud mama bear.)

The other incredibly important thing? 


And you can, too.

Reading Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas transformed my ability to...

 - Charge more for my products + coaching services

 - Earn more because I opened myself up to earning creatively

 - Lead with HEART and the desire to create impact - a ripple effect - which of course, resulted in heart-centered sales

 - LOVE my business and the entire "sales" process (if you even want to call it that. I call it connecting with people I freaking LOVE.)

 - Do what I love, and create money from it which allows me to have more freedom to be with my little boy, to take vacations to Italy + Mexico, to LOVE on myself

It helped me permanently change my thinking from "survive mode" to "thrive mode".

I like to think of it as my secret weapon, if you will.

What You Believe About Money Matters

What I'd been taught about money, and what I told myself about money, work, time, my abilities, and what was required for success... was really effecting my impact and income. Negatively.

Sound familiar for you, too? If so, it's time to...

 - Clear your money blocks

 - Get real with your perception about money (I treated it like it was a bad boyfriend who'd never stick around, I mean, of COURSE it didn't after all that.)

 - Understand your financial health + be willing to be more responsible + clear with your finances

 - Set better goals so you can create a solid plan for earning the income you desire

 - Believe in yourself, your gifts, your business, and in your ability to help people

 - Address your money story so it will stop effecting your discovery calls, pricing, relationships, and pretty much EVERYTHING

I took the lessons Denise gave me, and I applied them to transform my mindset into one of wealth, believing now that ANYTHING is possible and that I can achieve it.

Now I have better results than ever, and I'm able to create more impact and income than I could previously... while always being #Doneby1.

In the past year I've done these things (and more) while being #doneby1...

 - Priced my packages and products the right way, and have sold my highest offers yet because I feel GOOD 

 - Invested in myself and in expanding my knowledge and expertise, and made my investments back many times over

 - Shared my knowledge and leadership trainings to help my clients grow their impacts and incomes as well

 - Taken care of myself fully and always am able to be business owner, innovator, creator, mom, wife, and MYSELF.

 - Launched 2 masterminds and created my biggest month in business yet

 - Made more money than I ever made in corporate

 - Spent every afternoon with my son because I'm always #Doneby1

 - Taken trips to Italy, Mexico, Breckenridge, CO, Chicago, and soon New York, Chicago, and many more!

 - Spent weekends hiking and skiing in the mountains of Colorado

You are ready to create more impact AND income, and as Denise would say...

"It's my time, and I'm ready for the next step."

She's launching her ever-popular Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp LIVE for the first time in 3 years, and if you join, you'll join thousands of women for the 6-week course with live calls, modules, and MORE to support your financial growth.

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Because you don't just need the money mindset support.

You need the streamlined business strategy, too.

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You're on this planet to enjoy your life.

You're here to make money doing what you love because you have passion, purpose and heart.

To love on your kids, create a better quality of life, and to feel fantastic in the process.

It's possible for you to LIVE that life + create more income in your business. 

Without feeling the pressure to #doallthethings.

Without investing sooooo much time and seeing lackluster results (ain't nobody got time for that!)

It's time to make more money doing what you love as a heart-centered, purpose-driven entrepreneur.

Join the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp with Denise Duffield Thomas.

And get BONUS Business Coaching to develop your own streamlined strategy + new mindset practices with ME.

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Mindset + Business Strategy?



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  - BONUS Pricing Strategy Workshop to help you get your pricing created in a feel-good way from the beginning

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I've also been known to drop in a few more bonuses here and there :)

Imagine where you'll be financially by Christmas.

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It's gonna be SO good.

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P.S. I am a proud affiliate for Denise's products because I BELIEVE in what she teaches, and I loved the light-hearted way she approaches such a difficult topic like money. I am happy to offer my coaching when you join her bootcamp.

I believe that combining business strategy WITH mindset WITH accountability in execution is essential to business success.

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