An 8-week small group experience starting the week of January 8, 2018 for Intuitively Wise Women who want to create change inside and out.

Deepen your trust, tap into your intuition, and take massive, inspired action.

When you're in flow and trust what you Know...

That's when things get GOOD.


You are an infinitely wise and intuitive being.

But, maybe you second guess yourself... A Lot.

Your Higher Self, your SOUL, is making every effort to contact you, but you keep over-thinking and over-analyzing which exhausts you and leaves you frustrated as f*ck. 

Even though you KNOW that you've got the answers within you, that you're receiving messages and seeing synchronicity... maybe you find yourself...

  • Doubting yourself, and wuestioning what you know or feel.
  • Seeing signs, knowing things, smelling or hearing things... but writing them off as coincidence. 
  • Feeling like your permanently intuitively and creatively constipated... which definitely blocks your money flow.
  • Knowing you have SO much to offer the world, that you're meant for more, but not knowing what that really IS.
  • Getting those tingle down the spine divine downloads and mega cool ideas... but doing nothing about them.
  • Feeling like a Slave to your thoughts and fears, instead of feeling LIT UP by your imagination, creativity, and spiritual side! 
  • Wondering where the hell your spiritual support system is! "Hello, can I get a little help please!"
  • Knowing you've got a deeper purpose, and bigger dreams - but feeling unsure of it. 
  • Questioning your own intuition and wisdom, to the point where the things you want to bring out into the world, stay in your head.

It's not because you aren't intuitive, aren't smart, aren't worthy, aren't "spiritual enough".

It's not because you aren't receiving the downloads or right ideas.

You don't need one more tarot card pull, energy healing, woo-woo book to read, or trip down the rabbit hole of Google.

You need to Trust Yourself.

Look within. The answers are right there waiting for you.

You have everything you need within you right now, to tune into your inner divine wisdom, allowing you to create greater impact, and greater change inside and out.


That's what I'm here to help you learn how to do.

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*Payment plans as low as $197/mo for 4 months are available.*


YOU are not here by chance.

YOU are meant for more.


Let's brave the wilderness together.

You'll come out of this 8-week adventure knowing more about you than ever before, because we're going to GO DEEP to help you access your own Intuition and apply it to your everyday life and business.

In this experience, you may even find yourself... 

 - Opening your ability to channel and receive messages more easily, without fear or worry that you "got it wrong"

 - Taking intuitive action, and finding that things are "easier", take less time, less work, and less struggle

 - Knowing what to do, when to do it, and how you will feel best doing it, for the best and highest for yourself and all

 - Being in the right place at the right time way more often

 - Creating change with your gifts while also being financially supported by doing what you love and are a natural at

 - Developing and Activating your own Intuition and Infinite Wisdom... and applying it where you're failing to apply it now

 - Sharing your truths, saying what you know is in your heart, and knowing you're divinely supported.

 - Feeling empowered, enlightened, inspired, and driven to create from your own passions

 - Saying things like "ohhhh HELL YEAH! I got this!" or "Wow! That happened fast!"

 - Making decisions faster, and having that feeling of "just KNOWING" what feels right

 - Finding yourself feeling more confident in the messages and signs you receive, and actually passing on more wisdom

 - Growing a higher impact and more fulfilling business based on intuitive calling and higher purpose

 - Creating purpose and prosperity from Play because you're doing what YOU love everyday


Wouldn't it be fantastic to operate from joy, passion, and purpose? 

Because YOU doing the INNER work, is what creates Change, inside and out.

Using your gifts for good, will only serve you and everyone around you!

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"I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome class. I’m learning so much! I can’t wait for IWW in January!"

- Brittany N.


"Your channeling and trusting class was great! I loved the intimate group setting and took away some great tips on trusting myself more and different exercises to try to help open up more. I also really enjoyed the practice exercises we did together during the class! Thank you!"

 - Samantha C.


"I’ve known I had these “gifts” my whole life, but was told that they were “bad” and we “don’t talk about things like that”.

In the few months I’ve known Allie, she has not only shown me that these gifts are wonderful but I can use them to make the world a better place.

This class answered a lot of questions I had and even some I didn’t think to ask. Allie and her team and talents are making my journey out of the spiritual closet much easier. Thank you Allie for helping this girl own her awesomeness!"

 - Jennifer B.


"I love that we got to PRACTICE! I loved the more personal support doing this event! This really helped me understand where to begin in this new journey and has definitely taught me some valuable things I would not learn anywhere else."

- Cassandra S.

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Emily B Testimonial
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This is an 8-week long SMALL group experience catered to the woman who is ready to tap into and TRUST her intuition and the Infinitely Wise Woman within, to create change in the world, and make major transformation in her life.

  • 8 weekly LIVE group calls - part training with me teaching you how to access your own intuition via channeling, opening the claires, energetic + mindset related strategies and actual spiritual practices.  On each call, we'll have a LIVE Q+A so you can ask any burning questions you have. (Expect calls to be between 1 hour - 90 minutes tops)
  •  8 weekly Facebook Livestreams by me in our private FB Group (where you can hop on and ask questions if desired), and many opportunities to ask questions and get them answered LIVE with me. AND you can also Livestream and post in the group if you'd like to chat. :)
  • LIVE + Pre-Recorded Guided Meditations to help you learn how to TUNE IN and TAP INTO your Teams + Inner Wisdom
  • FUN PRACTICE SESSIONS filled with laughs, tears, and lots of love. The Team and your sisters in the group will join us, so you can practice using your different clairs
  • One 45-minute 1:1 Call with me, so you get private support when you need it 
  • Access to my Meditations for Massive Momentum + Intuitive Income Bundle with 10+ guided meditations!
  • Personal Infinitely Wise Woman Partner if desired (a buddy to sync up with and chat with regularly on your journey)
  •  Access to the private Facebook Group for members of The Infinitely Wise Woman program 
  • ACTION + ACCOUNTABILITY to keep you strengthening your trust and intuitive muscles, by taking action on the guidance you receive. 


What is being "taught" in this epic experience over the 8 weeks, starting in January 2018?

  1. Deeper mindset + soul work, to work on overcoming fears and old belief, and remove any perceived blocks to accessing your divine intuition. (Fear is the biggest block to opening your intuition and natural gifts.)
  2. Energetic techniques + practices to support you while you begin to open up and go within, creating a solid foundation to work from. Specific practices to be revealed... plus I'll help you create your own! 
  3. Learn How to channel... anything. Most importantly? Your higher self, Source, and her infinite wisdom.
  4. Opening your claires naturally and comfortably, by creating trust, boundaries, and having FUN with it. (The team will help you practice and may even pay you a visit :))
  5. Taking action on the answers you receive from your own natural intuition and abilities, to grow your business, and transform your life.

Get Ready for Massive Expansion!

Everything above is valued at OVER $5,500 US... BUT you get to join us for way less.  

Because I want everyone and anyone to be able to learn from me, and from each other. 



Includes a Private 3-Hour in-person Intensive with me, PLUS Everything mentioned above.

Valued at $5,500.

Pay in Full: $1,797 US

2 Monthly Payments: $850 US



Includes all of the above (Minus the 3-Hour Private Intensive)

Valued at $3,000.

Pay in Full (Save $70+)

$650 US

4 Monthly Payments:

$197 US

We need more Leaders and Empowered in the world.

AND that will come from us accessing our own intuition + infinite wisdom...

And ACTING from our own inner compass.



It's an Activation. It's Transformative.

The Infinitely Wise Woman is an opportunity to TRANSFORM - to overcome that place inside of yourself that feels empty lost and stuck.


And ACTIVATE the empowered, enlightened, badass woman and spiritual business owner and creative force waiting within.


The women I work with change their lives quickly, and in ways that even they didn't anticipate.

Because they Trust Themselves.

They know to go within, to hear the divine messages and say HELL YEAH! to their own inner calling.

All because their intuitive skills are Activated.


Accessed on a deeper level.

We are the true Revolutionaries, the movement makers, the truth-tellers, the visionaries, and the creators...

And YOU are ready to remember that within yourself.

Because you know that it all starts with You.

That's why this program is different.

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Includes a Private 3-Hour in-person Intensive with me

PLUS Everything mentioned above in the "what's included?" section for this 8 week experience.

Pay in Full: $1,797 US

OR 3 Monthly Payments: $675 US



Includes all of the above (Minus the 3-Hour Private Intensive)

Pay in Full:

$650 US

OR 4 Monthly Payments:

$197 US



You want to have larger reach, larger impact, and greater access to the divine answers that you seem to seek outside of yourself alll the time.

Those answers are within you, and only within you.

Because you are The One to change your life from the inside out. 

This is the place to do it.

With a mentor and sisters by your side who get you. 

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Who am I really and why am I creating this experience?

I'm Allie Horner, and I'm not your typical mentor, or business coach, or teacher.

I'm not here to teach you the same BS every other course will.

I'm a Teacher and Activator of Infinite Wisdom and Divinity. I help you remember who you are, activating and accessing the infinitely wise woman within you, so that you can find your own truths, your way, your inner badass.


I'm an Activator, Intuitive, and Guide.

A spirituality-loving yet grounded, and fun-loving human.


I have learned how to access and trust the Infinite Wisdom, Intuition, and KNOWINGNESS within myself more and more everyday. That is what I want for all of us. 

I KNOW how it feels to be alone in this spiritual evolution, while running a business, AND... I'm a mom on top of it!

It can feel like shit when you try to go it alone. What helped me most, was trusting and talking to mentors while giving myself permission to invest in my highest and most enjoyable purpose and calling:

Deepening my skills and gifts!

I'm creating this for YOU: you'll have deep discussions, teachings and trainings, and create lasting friendships.

Get ready for massive transformation.

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Need more info? Frequently asked questions are below, or book a free 30-minute call with me to learn more.



Q: When does the 8-week group adventure start?

A: Be ready to join us the week of January 8, 2018 for our virtual weekly group call! Don't worry; all calls are recorded, BUT try to make as many as possible as the Team will help you tune in, and practice with them!


Q: When will the weekly training calls be?  What happens if I can't make it to one of them?

A: They are happening Monday nights @ 8pm ET and should last about an hour - 90 minutes.

NOTE: if you cannot attend one of the calls, don't worry. I record ALL of the calls and will have replays posted for you!

IF you miss a call, just know that I will ALSO be doing LIVE Q+A Livestreams in our own private facebook group so you'll have another chance to get questions answered on another day, plus you can always post in the group and ask me. 


Q: How do the group calls and trainings work? Are they online?

A: You'll be welcomed to join myself and the rest of the group for LIVE trainings and Q+A calls via live video chat.

I use Zoom, but you won't need to download or purchase anything in order to join this program or the calls... You just need to pay to book your spot in the program. 

*If you do not want to be on live video, Zoom allows you to dial in from a phone instead, or you can video chat with your video off :)

Though,I highly recommend you come and show your face so we can get to know you! 


Q: What's included in the program? 

A: Scroll on up to the "what's included" part and you can read allll about it there. 

P.S. If you join the VIP level of the experience, you ALSO get a bonus 3-hour intensive with me, which is valued at $3K on its own! 


Q: If I join the program, what can I expect as a result?

A: I don't promise any specific result for my clients ever because everyone will have their own journey, and their own results! Why box you in by saying "expect X" when you may blow that out of the water and end up experiencing growth and transformation above and beyond it anyway?!

You CAN expect me to show up for YOU, 110% on our weekly calls, in our group livestream trainings, and that I'll answer your questions and requests for support or guidance with ALL of my own being and infinite wisdom.

You CAN expect me to challenge you to think differently, to feel into the 'right' answer for you in any moment, to empower YOU to trust yourself.

You CAN always expect me to meet you where you are. I do not expect you to be "further" and I'm not gonna grade you on your progress. You decide what's right for you and when.

You CAN expect me to answer your questions quickly and to the best of my ability.

You CAN expect me to hold a high standard for the group that we are all civil and supportive of each other: this is a SISTERHOOD experience.

You CAN expect me to teach and to share, to have optional homework and fun experiments assigned... but everything is up to YOU. I'm not gonna check if you completed anything. 


Q: What's the investment? Are there payment plans? 

A: Scroll up just a bit to check out the investment options and generous payment plans. And YES, this is an investment... in YOURSELF! What you put IN comes back to you tenfold in ways you cannot even imagine. Be open to it ALL.


Q: What if I feel I want MORE than this - more private support from you, or support for longer? Do you do private coaching?

A: I do offer private coaching, AND you can speak with me privately at any time to explore that as an option. 

Want that? Book a private 30 minute call with me here to explore it. 




Q: Do you give refunds or discounts?

A: I do not provide refunds. The payment plans are very generous, and payments must be made on time in order to continue on with the program.

You are co-creating and choose this experience. Commit to this investment in yourself and you will welcome so many gifts and so much growth, by choosing to follow your passion and joy. 

Please read the terms and conditions before you sign up.


Q: I want to make sure this is a fit for me... Can I talk to you beforehand? How do I know this will "work" for me?

A: Always. Grab a spot on my calendar here and we will chat for a few minutes (for free) to see if it's the right fit. I want to make sure YOU feel good about it too.


P.S. EVERYTHING IS WORKING FOR YOU. Sometimes, the results we experience aren't what we expected, BUT they are exactly what we need to experience and receive at that time. This is about TRUST. Trust is key, and luckily in this program... you'll be deepening your trust in yourself which will ripple across your business and catalyze major self transformation.

Need more info? Frequently asked questions are below, or book a free 30-minute call with me to learn more.