EMPOWER YOURSELF to get support, to learn, to take action, to connect.

So many women hold themselves back out of fear of failure, rejection, and even fear of massive success. 

But, in this innovative mastermind experience, you’ll have support from me and the women participating so that you can THRIVE instead of survive. 

You CAN  have the life you dream of while helping people in a powerful way, and create an income doing what you love.

Attract your audience with ease, and you'll begin to thrive.

It’s YOUR time to...

  • Empower yourself to do what YOU love and make money from it

  • Expand your reach and audience of raving fans

  • Impact the people you care about and are meant to serve

  • Create change in the world in a way that feels fantastic

  • Grow your business and your income with less stress

Look at what Jasmine was able to accomplish after our FIRST call!

{In the past few months working together, Jasmine now has signed on several clients, went to Bali, is leading her own Facebook Group, has booked several events booked over the summer, AND has been published AND featured on a podcast!}

this doesn't have to be so hard.

Right now, you’re overwhelmed because it feels like there is so much to do.

You don’t know why what you’re doing isn’t working.

But imagine if you had a better and more personalized business strategy, unwavering faith, and massive action?

Step into the shoes of the woman you want to be. 

Be a Change-Maker, an evolved woman, ready to create more impact + income.

The Change-Maker Mastermind will help you become that woman. 

You’ll have long-term support, strategy, and sisterhood so you can grow your business more quickly than you could on your own.

You can do this.