Allison is not your average channeler and speaker.

SHE WORKS WITH CHANGE-MAKERS, those who are Awakening, and people in the middle of massive pivots.

Oh and did I mention…

she’s an intuitive coach, channeler, and psychic-medium.

Allie Horner - leading and co-facilitating a retreat while channeling wisdom from the spiritual guides on conspiracy theories and everything fun!

There's nothing like a live session with Allie. As someone who thinks differently, you'll find her perspectives massively eye opening compared to the majority of the self help and spirituality areas; she tends to challenge the norm. 

She's very practiced in sharing her insights and wisdom, as well as leading and facilitating retreats, discussions and masterminds. Her community meet-ups are in session, and her ability to create impact and change in person is profound. You'll find her words of wisdom to be light hearted, funny at times, and incredibly "potent" as many of her clients have said.

Allie often speaks to small groups, livestreams, and hosts podcasts as well - you can find more of her channelings and teachings online to get a glimpse of what she's capable of. 

Her wit blends with sincerity, driving home a message perfectly tailored to your audience, because she's more tuned into their needs and meets people where they are while also knowing where they need to go. 


Her speciality is channeling, and facilitating conversations, openness, wonder, and adventures through her unique delivery methods of channeling and intuitively building toward collective unity.

Holding a space for many people is easy for her, and she enjoys speaking to women and men about love, relationships (to all), adventure, fear and faith, being who you are, loving the life you're in, and how to break through in business without burning yourself out.

Her ability to listen, intuitive, channel wisdom and break molds will challenge and empower your audiences to remember the wise, wild, wonderful, and grounded human beings they are within.

Often, after speaking, Allison will also offer a few VIP private sessions during the event, meeting or retreat weekend to support your members in a more personal and immersive way. She also hosts round table discussions, group readings, and can conduct small community meet-ups. Her work and involvement allow for more spaciousness and growth for your clients or team members who care a lot about their investment in the event.


Book a call with her to learn a little more! 

*The investment in Allison's speaking arrangements varies between various events and retreats. She is extremely intentional in which projects she takes on, and if things aren't a fit, she will recommend someone who may be a great asset to your event for you.