• Adrienne Dorison - my new coach in my Mastermind Program. She gives away amazing challenges and goodies! adriennedorison.com, or join her FB Group here: 

  • Mel Pharr - my Underearner to Unforgettable group program coach who inspired me to finally get my face on video. Check her out on Periscope; periscope.tv/pharrmelissa

  • Courtney Parkinson - A bright star in the coaching community! Check out her Group the Six Figure Sirens, she highlights other women ALL of the time, courtneyparkinson.com 

  • Britny West - my mastermind partner of over 6 months now, and also a fantastic mindset coach and the creator of the Lady Boss Lounge FB Group. britnywest.com + Join her Facebook Group here

  • Jessica Caver Lindholm - Freedom and Success Coach who gives away the farm in good vibes, free meditations, live trainings and more. jessicacaver.com 

  • Lauren Vanessa Zink - a fabulous copywriter from what I’ve heard. She reached 3K members in her facebook group and to celebrate, invited others to join her Kiva.org Team. That alone speaks volumes of her, doesn't it? Join the Brave Entrepreneurs Facebook Group

  • Marie Forleo - I mean, c'mon, who DOESN’T love Marie and how authentic and giving she is through Marie TV, her donations to Pencils of Promise, and everything else she does that is amazing?

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