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The Experience Will Elevate You


The Mastermind + Retreat Experience In Feminine Leadership + Expression

Kicks off February 2019



The Experience Will Elevate You


The Mastermind + Retreat Experience In Feminine Leadership + Expression

Kicks off February 2019


become a magnet

through conscious communication, clear messaging, intuitive action and a supportive sisterhood and retreat experience!

We're ready for the rise of the feminine leader.

One who stands tall without standing on anyone.

One who speaks her Truth, without emasculating or dominating.

One who hears, listens, asks and receives the wisdom and guidance of her soul and the entire collective.

We are ready for the elevation and creation

of the conscious and fully expressed woman.

But we'll need to dive deeper, support each other, and enjoy the journey as we let go of years of conditioning and begin to RISE into our voice, our choice, our message, and our magical presence will catalyze others into amazing love and evolution.

Yeah, it's that cool!

Yeah, you can have THAT impact.

Yeah, you can do it EASILY, without burn out.

Yeah, you'll want to have sisters by your side, who love and support you as you begin to consciously…

  1. create,

  2. communicate, and

  3. cultivate,

  4. while you CAPTIVATE.

If you're ready to rise as a visionary, thought leader, free thinker, and lovingly creative woman, this is the sisterhood and retreat experience for you! It kicks off in February 2019 so don't delay.

Learn more and Book a free no-pressure call to find out if it's right for you.

But if it's calling you? Listen to that intuition and jump on it ;)

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We’re so excited to invite you into the sisterhood!

Listen, you likely see things you'd like to change in the world, and you're ready to do the internal work to create external change.

You want to speak up about things in your life, and in the world, but maybe when it comes time to do so, you feel stalled. The words don’t come out, or you wonder who’s going to care or listen. Maybe people have supported you, but you need MORE in order to rise and thrive. 

Maybe taking those next steps toward feeling fully expressed, toward bringing your bigger vision to life, they feel a bit scary - right? There's a lot to consider, and a lot of fears and old programming will pop in and tell you to stay safe, to hold back, to be passive, to stay silent and wait until this or that happens... 

We KNOW how you feel, because we’ve gone through it.

Gone are the days of nice, quiet, pretty, passive women.

Emerging leaders will come through the feminine.

but not in a dominating or controlling way.

We all know, that doesn’t work.

The leaders of tomorrow, will be the fully expressed but consciously creative women. The woman who has a bigger vision, for herself, and for all.

But it’s incredibly important that you not only have the vision…


This can be scary, but it also can liberate you…

And have a massive and incredibly amazing impact on those people who need YOU to show up and speak your truth.

Is that something that lights you up, even if it’s a little scary?

The Sisterhood and Retreat are the perfect container for you to expand, to express, to explore, and to elevate yourself, your mission, vision, purpose and presence in this life.

Book a call with us and we’ll discuss if this might be a good fit for you!

(The sisterhood Experience kicks off in February 2019 and includes a 5-day Retreat, so don’t delay!)

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Why is this sisterhood perfect for you?

We’re redefining leadership from the ground up.

Why is this sisterhood perfect for you?

We’re redefining leadership from the ground up.

Why is this sisterhood and retreat experience different?

We’ve identified a gap in the leadership and coaching arenas: there are so many women who WANT to be more, to do more, to consciously create a better world…

But they’re stuck in the online bubble, in their fears of being seen and heard because of years of conditional programming in society, and in their own heads. This keeps them disconnected from their hearts, and it can really be easily changed.

We think there's a bigger and better way to lead as  a woman,

without standing on anyone else.

You can have more full expression, more love and compassion, while also giving others the chance to be seen and heard too. 

This is a great opportunity for you, if you're ready to…

  • love life more and more everyday

  • expand into writing books, creating podcasts, creating community events or meet-ups, or elevate your business in some way

  • consciously communicate in every area of your life - in relationships, with your kids, with your clients/customers/co-workers…

  • lead with your own self trust and intuition more and more so you feel in FLOW

  • elevate yourself AND others on your journey because you know that YOUR happiness allows others more happiness, too.

  • share your stories and your perspectives in empowering and conscious ways in a safe container of non-judgment and support

  • practice conscious communication and self-expression

You are ALLOWED to BE YOU.

Being YOU, is a GIFT to everyone.

Women who allow themselves to RISE and THRIVE,

elevate others at the same time by their very presence.

This is a beautiful and open experience for your if you're ready to experience support while you bring your big vision to life in the way that works best for YOU. We're here to help you not only tap into and FEEL that vision, but articulate it and break it down into bite-size pieces and easy steps born from your own soul and intuitive wisdom.

Allie and Jackie are both Intuitive and Strategic. We lead with soul and build with solid structure. We know that rising leaders like you need support to create courageously and consciously communicate in every way you show up in your life and business. 

Whether your vision includes community work, book writing, podcasting, speaking, coaching, teaching, non-profit work, or another medium, we're here for you.

This mastermind is here to transform you in an incredibly loving and exciting way. You're going to be supported mind, body, soul while you do the things that your soul is calling you to finally do.

Don't do it alone when we're stronger and go farther together! Every woman needs other women who get her, and in this sisterhood you'll be supported inside + out.

We trust you will KNOW if this is meant for you just by the vibe you've got right now, but in the meantime, deets are below.

Let's consciously and intuitively bring your bigger vision to life with ease, flow and a little loving guidance from women who want it for you too.

Allie and Jackie  

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Feminine Leadership Matters

Feminine Leadership Matters

 Self Expression is The Antidote to Repression

There is a real NEED for women to own their voice.

This first means we must own our calling, our pleasure, our joy, our desires.

How can we express and create change, if we haven’t even OWNED what we want or need first?

We're ready for a new form of leadership to come forward - and it's not about being pushy, masculine, demanding, or commanding.

It's about compassion, wisdom, heart, and humanity.

So many women struggle with balancing it all and showing up for themselves in every area - business, career, community, marriage/partnership, parenthood, physically, spiritually. We saw women wanting to share their bigger visions, their ideas and deeper thoughts, their needs and wants with the world and the people around them, but so many of them were holding back out of fear. And yet, so many could be SERVED by us sharing our message, owning our desires and ideas, and inviting people into our loving worlds! 

There is just SO MUCH, and if you're feeling stuck and silenced in one area it affects them all. And then it has a trickle down affect. 

Have you felt that way too?

We realized that ONE AREA was affecting ALL AREAS:


It's time for women like you to share your message and yourself with the world so that you can rise and thrive.. And so can everyone else. 

WE know you have bold, innovative ideas and thoughts inside of you. We know you feel a deep calling to connect with your own inner creative source... We know you desire that SOMETHING MORE.

You know that you're meant to lead, but our model of leadership is evolving. You know there's evolution happening within YOU, too.

If this is resonating... keep reading.

This is your chance to overcome your fears, express yourself authentically, finally bring your bigger vision to life, and completely transform the way you show up in every area of your life...

From your business.... to the bedroom! 

IT's time to rise and THRIVE.

2018-02-07 17.04.23.jpg

What will we focus on?

What will we focus on?

Your Ideas + Expression Are Healing + Powerful.

This experience and retreat is designed to support you with

internal work, tools and wisdom to last a lifetime.

Over 6 beautiful months, we will focus on different areas to support your growth:

- Getting into FLOW. We are all connected, and this will be about reading the energy between people and knowing how to respond in a caring and loving way, while also holding your own needs and wants sacred through self expression.

- Reading the Connection with your own Inner GPS - your intuition and allowing that to light your way forward

- Consciously Communicating with passion, purpose, and HEARTFELT LISTENING in every situation (business, relationships, career, community, at home, in the boardroom, in the bedroom, on a podcast, in a book, etc)

- Self Expressing and Putting your Mission, Vision and MESSAGE out there in a powerful way that is unique to you (with all of the fears that come with it too!)

- Having courageous conversations with techniques for listening, reading energy, intuitively knowing what someone is experiencing and feeling, and FEELING and responding with compassion, wit, wisdom and love when the heat is ON

- Taking aligned and intuitive action over pushing and showing your way into the world

 - Self Love, Self Trust, Self Awareness FIRST AND FOREMOST (because self expression comes from this first!)

- Developing your own BRAND of Feminine Leadership, and loving the way YOU show up and impact your life, family, friends, and your community (online and in person).

- Heightening your own connection with your creativity, pleasure, desires, power, and potential as the leading lady in your life

- Making the world a better place by being your authentic and aligned self, by honoring and loving who you are first.

- Overcoming fears around being YOU loud and proud!

- Owning your feelings, thoughts, your inner world, your message, your way of being and showing up in your career, at home, in the bedroom, in your business

- Feminine Expression and Masculine Creativity - because our expression of desires, our ownership and self love… is HEALING for all.

- Mastering Your Energy, because what you put out, you get back! Your happiness, pleasure, and peacefulness is FELT or KNOWN in your endeavors! We'll get you into your heart and out of your head so you are attracting more, working less, and feeling the flow.


When you allow yourself to be supported, to expand, to speak, to heal…

you become a MAGNET for courageous experiences, for new opportunities, for connections and collabs…

The Universe’s radiance and abundance of amazing experiences come to you!

Does that sound like something you want?


Where will this help me?

Where will this help me?

When You Speak, You create freedom.

This experience will elevate every area of your life!

  • In the bedroom

  • In the boardroom

  • In business or your career

  • In your relationships

  • In your family 

  • In anywhere you feel called to show up: a book, podcast, speaking gig, livestream, etc.

  • In your spiritual practice and connection to your inner truth

  • In your everyday life - you know, when you meet that super cool new bestie at the coffee shop, and you just KNOW what to say and end up talking for hours? Yeah... that is the good stuff.


Conscious communication and self-expression WILL ELEVATE EVERYONE.

We'll be here to support you in EXACTLY the areas you need in this sisterhood!

But it doesn’t happen overnight.

We know that you want safety, support, and self-love on the journey.

If you have specific areas where self expression is a struggle... This is the space for you to come. 

If you've ever felt unseen and unheard, unsafe and unwelcomed in the world.... This is your space to feel at home.

If you're ready for a communication upgrade, to learn how to lead and love with every aspect of your being in your home and in the world.... This is your space.

This is your time, and you’re ready for the next step.

No more lone wolfing, no more hiding, no more leaving love off the table.

Let’s go farther, together.

Do it all with women by your side, who GET YOU.


The Rise + Thrive Retreat

The Rise + Thrive Retreat

 The Rise + Thrive Retreat

Hugs are Healing!

5-Day Retreat in Southern California or Tahoe (we will vote on location)

May-June (dates, to be voted on)

** Retreat is included in the Mastermind Investment for Everyone! **

There's something magical that happens when people come together in person. The energy expands and more love is exchanged. You just can't get that kind of depth and clarity from online! 

We’ve hosted retreats and masterminds in the past, and we’ve been attendees at different retreats… and we know the truth:

When women get together in person, the energy is expansive, and transformation happens as we all begin to nurture, love on, laugh with and TRUST EACH OTHER.

Let’s heal the girl wound.

Yah, I said it. You know that wound that sits there so deep from the times you felt left out, bullied, silenced, and alone?

Let this experience be the undoing of the old

and the welcoming of the new sisterhood as we support each other.

Rise + Thrive Retreat - Doors Close in February 2019! Book a Call now

Sometimes, we need deeper nourishment in our busy lives!

that's what happens in a retreat.

You have 5 immersive and expansive days full of DEPTH and a lot of grounding into the work we will have done over 6 months together. 

This will also be a culmination of our time toward the end of the mastermind so it'll be beautiful to be wrapping up the mastermind at the end with in person hugs, campfires, beach or lake time, and lots of laughs late at night! 

The Retreat experience will help you uncover your bigger vision, mission and values and identify the way you'd love to bring them to life over the next year or two! This will help set the intention and help you focus on what matters MOST to you during your time in the mastermind. 

The retreat and all of the below is included in your mastermind investment!

  • Accommodations in a beautiful home are included.

  • 2 meals/day and house snacks will be included.

  • Activities will be planned but with plenty of solo time for meditation, integration, naps, and PLAY!

  • We'll have a focused daily session in the morning, and solo time or activities in the afternoon!

  • Evenings will be for dinner, circling up and enjoying the sunset together.

Full itinerary will be announced closer to the date that we will begin!

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What's included in the R + T Mastermind

What's included in the R + T Mastermind

 What’s Included In The Sisterhood?

The Rise + Thrive Experience is truly a heart-opening experience.

It’s part strategy, steps, and conscious creation, and lots of loving flow, intuition, and group discussion.


- 6-month Experience of conscious creators and collaborators 
- Virtual Kick Off Party/Retreat is in early February (will vote on dates/times with the group)
- We begin voting on the 5-DAY CALIFORNIA RETREAT DATES (likely in June) so you can book flights ASAP 
(accommodations, food and activities are included in investment; flights and transportation to/from airport are not)
- Sisterhood Group Coaching Calls are 2x/month
- Super Small Group Break-Outs are 1x/month and will rotate every other month
- Enjoy three 1:1 sessions each with Allie and Jackie to use whenever you need to 
- Experience culminates in mid-June 2019 with a final group Wine + Wisdom Night


All Are included in Regular Level Investment, if desired.

- Guest expert from time to time (surprise guests catered to the group's needs and areas of focus)
- Participation in Jackie's 3-month Neuro-Marketing Mastermind (focused on understanding your audience + messaging)
- Membership in Allie's Intuitive Soul Collective membership community for 6 months (loaded with videos, channelings, book clubs and more)
- Access to Allie's Meditations for Massive Momentum and Intuitive Income (perfect for speaking your truth and owning your creative process!)

All of the above is included in the Regular Rise + Thrive Level Mastermind.

Pay $9K in full, or choose a payment plan.



Need a little more 1:1 support?

Join the Vip experience!

(Limited Spots available)

The VIP level of Rise + Thrive includes a bit more private support where you need it most. It includes…

- Everything mentioned above for the retreat and regular mastermind, PLUS…
- Unlimited access to Jackie and Allie (mon-thurs 11am ET-7pm ET)
- An additional FULL VIP DAY + NIGHT at the California Retreat! Arrive a day early with other VIP members for in-person small group coaching and some fun activities, dinner and snacks. Plus first dibs on rooms at the house! 
 - Jackie's eyeballs on everything (copy, marketing strategy, pitches, posts, etc!)
- Access to Allie's The One Thing program reserved for IWW VIP members and private clients 

The VIP Investment is $12K paid in full, or choose a payment plan.


Need to chat more and see if it’s a fit?

If you’re feeling a BIG TIME YES, but you still have a question or two, book a free call.

No pressure. No obligation. Just show up as your best self, heart-open, and we’ll talk and see if it’s a genuine fit for you!

But if you’re feeling the YES now? It probably is ;)


About Jackie + Allie - Your Hosts and Coaches

About Jackie + Allie - Your Hosts and Coaches

Meet Your Hosts!

Both Jackie and Allie have supported conscious change-makers - people who are here for more than just money or accolades; they want to have a positive ripple effect. Through coaching and being mentored, they've creatively found ways to consciously self-express and begin creating a positive impact in simple, effective ways.

We trust intuition, and are here to support you as feminine leaders on the rise! Intuition and trust is important to Jackie and Allie and they're here to support you on your journey.

allie horner

Allie Horner is an Intuitive Soul Meets Strategy Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host who's helped many women begin to own their own love for life through conscious communication. They have grown to know, love and trust themselves and lead with their own inner wisdom and intuition again in every area.

She's worked with many entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, podcasters and creators, and she loves to help people express themselves consciously and authentically.

Learn more about Allie: adventureknocks.com 


Jackie Yvette is a Business Strategist and Coach, Podcast Host, Product Line Creator.

She's worked with many entrepreneurs and creators who wanted to create more impact and change. Her messaging strategy and neuro-marketing approach are going to blow your mind but most of all - she is here to help you grow in your expression in many ways.

Jackie also understands multi-passionate people who want greater expression, because she has been through a lot!