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Private Intuitive Coaching

I’m here to help you grow where you need it most.

It’s like having it all in your back pocket!

  • intuitive coach

  • business strategist

  • emotional wingwoman

  • psychic-medium

Welcome to your own private, on-call support system to help you get alignedAF on your journey into being a conscious co-creator, movement starter, and change-maker.

ways to work with me! intuitive coaching by Allie Horner

Your life is an amazing adventure!

So why does it feel like something's missing?

  • You feel called to change things, to contribute to greater change, to dive outside your comfort zone…. but you’re a wee bit scared and overwhelmed.

  • You're "waking up" spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, and you're a little intimidated about the process (I can help with that!)

  • Maybe you're finding that it's time to grow and expand... and you want support loving and trusting YOURSELF because at some point, you stopped doing that innately.

  • You’ve got people around you who don’t really get you the way that someone like me might get you, and you’re ready for more loving guidance from women who love you.

  • Your biggest, scariest vision is to change the world and to have a positive ripple effect... and you want to have FUN and feel FREE doing so. Not burned out, broke, and overwhelmed.

  • You have a business or vision you want to bring to life, and you want to OWN YOUR GIFTS. But your fears hold you back and actually doing the next step that is going to give you the most momentum is hard to discern.



You need to grow and get more support.

I’m your very own Soulful Intuitionist, Teacher, Life + Conscious Business Coach.

plus, I make a pretty darn good Emotional Wingwoman.

I’ve led countless women and men through intuitive development programs, and various forms of coaching catered to them. I’ve also seen the transformations taking place as they happened. This is work I LOVE doing!

Screenshot 2018-12-02 16.54.49.png

You wanna know the secret to mixing play, with purpose, with passion, to have the LIFE and the expansive experience you dream of (babies and business and big LOVE too)?


Let's Work together to…

  • Elevate Your Energy,

  • Begin to Trust Your Intuition and

  • Take the Lead in your life

  • Start rising and thriving the way you know you’re meant to!

When you've tuned in, tapped in, turned on to the TRUTH of who you are, you begin to....

- Have amazing RELATIONSHIPS in love, with your kids, with your peers, with your collaborators

 - Embark on the spiritual evolutionary journey that you are already on with more sense of SELF and SECURITY

 - Change your life from the inside-out (and you’re so satisfied internally that externally it only feels BETTER while you’re creating what you’re called to in the world!)

 - Upgrade your communication with compassion, love, trust, and authenticity WHILE holding space for the other people in the room (which by the way, is the #1 way to be a MAGNET for all that you desire)

 - Harness your BEST and MOST PLEASURABLE and PROFITABLE ideas and turn them into the exact offerings that you need to give... and receive in the world

 - Open up to spiritual guidance, to support from others here, to connect deeply with that Something Bigger which creates better flow and high energy and less force and burnout

- Trust your intuition and the guidance you receive, allowing you to ACT FASTER more and more

- Attract everything in love and in life that seemed too big, too far away, like it would take so much time… but…

- You do it faster, with more grace, more ease, and far more FUN! (i.e. STOP THE STRUGGLE)

 - Love yourself so fully and unconditionally that it becomes EASY to walk into any room anywhere, and be exactly who you fucking are

- Experience far more FUN, flow, and ease as you begin to create change in your life


If you're feeling stuck, burned out, tired, sick, or like your intuition is switched off...

You can bet that you're out of alignment with love.


All it means, is it’s time for change.

Spiritual support + Consistent coaching to heighten your connection to your own intuition can up your game quickly.

Don't waste time, energy, or tears when you can start to shift and move through this now.

how we work together


Here’s The Roadmap Of Our Time Together…

  1. We map out your larger VISION for yourself, your daily life, your family, and/or your business if you have one. (Who do I want to BE; what do I want to FEEL everyday, DO everyday, HAVE everyday, what do I want to experience and WHY does it matter? What gives me life and purpose? This is all about SELF TRUST, FREEDOM, INTUITION and LOVE as your solid foundations for all other aspects of your life and your evolution.)

  2. We’ll pour the foundations based on that VISION; what do you NEED most to thrive and rise? How do I create this vision and bring it to LIFE so that I’m wildly fulfilled and satisfied, mind/body/soul?

  3. We create the frame and start building the house. We outline your next steps for the next several months - one year. What pieces go where? How do I have some solid goals and ideas… without judging it if things have to change? (This is about adaptability, fulfillment and knowing you’re always guided and supported; not about being rigid, controlling, convinced of only one way to do things.)

  4. We start designing the details of your house. We begin to bring that VISION to life through daily action, overcoming fear and resistance to CHANGING things and CHOOSING what you know you want most, and navigate the things that arise that keep you from creating it.

  5. We decorate! Every day, you choose the way you see yourself and the way you see and think about the world around you. Your life is a free creation and a reflection of YOU. Your head and heart have to be in every second of the journey.

  6. We CELEBRATE and LIVE in that creation while allowing it to thrive. Day to day life is all about ADVENTURE. There’s always a solid foundation of TRUST and OWNERSHIP, but you’ll truly be happy, healthy, and internally (and maybe externally!) wealthy if you are in LOVE with life at all times, regardless of external experiences, etc.


I'm here to help you evolve in the way that feels right for you.

I'll be your wing-woman through this transformation.

my clients have experienced

amazing transformations!

  • Doubled their income in a matter of weeks, and used it to treat themselves or meet their unique financial goals

  • Speaking their TRUTHS out in the world, and in the places they matter most - in your day-to-day relationships with your hubby, your guy, your team, your kids, your boss, or your MIL who tends to drive you a little crazy…

  • Live with more COMPASSION and FAITH and FREEDOM because they’ve shifted their PERCEPTION while holding loving space

  • Moved through grief and loss while still living life fully and keeping their hearts open to love, allowing them to welcome in new family members and soulmates

  • Set intentions and goals and ACHIEVED THEM in record time

  • Contributed to causes close to their hearts

  • Written books that are epically important

  • Gotten that confirmation, that clarity, to GO FOR IT, and the support to take massive action (FINALLY)

  • Tripled and quadrupled their email lists and community numbers within months

  • Launched facebook groups and tight communities... and even closed down old ones that were draining them

  • Signed on more private clients without working themselves to death or feeling like they had to follow cookie cutter approaches

  • Received book publishing deals (like WHOA!)

  • Started having INSIDE OUT Transformation

  • Connected with SPIRITUAL GUIDES, with SOURCE, with their own INNER LIGHT and INTUITION

  • Begun to trust themselves more and more, allowing for faster change because they’re taking ACTION on their aligned ideas

  • Started to create foundational self care practices that allowed them to live a life more fulfilled and enriching for all they come across

  • Open up their clairs and communicate with spirit in a way that is loving and fun, rather than scary or overwhelming

  • Become more of Themselves than ever before because they are Loving and Accepting themselves more than ever

  • Overcome massive breakdowns, break-ups, divorces, and break throughs... with me by their sides

  • Worked through Marital issues, divorces, separations, ADULTERY and AFFAIRS that could have wrecked their self love with ease, and grace

  • Opened up to receive in EVERY way using NEW energetic + spiritual principles

  • Begun to set boundaries, without creating barriers to love, connection, or creativity… and go with the flow

  • Managed their time and energy better instead of doing alllll the things for everyone but themselves

  • Designed + sold their own retreats

  • Lost weight and improved their health after years of holding onto stress and sickness in their cells


These courageous women I work with experience Internal Evolution.

They Expand + Attract, becoming Magnets for everything they want.

Because we focus on SELF over strategy in everything we do.

I'm Allie Horner. and I partner with spiritually evolved and courageous women who want to rise and thrive in vibration and intention... and help them transform and feel totally in love with LIFE.

It starts from the inside out.


When I went through my own metamorphosis, I knew I needed a mentor by my side…

someone who could help me create and cultivate the change and momentum I KNEW I was capable of... but wasn't yet doing.

I was flying high in my business and feeling REALLY good about the way things were progressing. I worked with my clients in the morning, spent afternoons with my kiddo, and traveled, hiked and spent tons of time with family....

But about 2 years into my entrepreneurial journey, I found myself creatively tapped out, overwhelmed, and not to mention... things just stopped working in my business, and in my life.

It was like I was Blocked. Completely. I even gained almost 10 pounds in 4 months, and saw my income totally plateau. 

It didn't make any freaking sense. Why weren't my tried and true strategies working for me anymore?! 

I was resisting the inevitable changes the universe had in store for me. I was terrified of the changes ahead, even if they were exponentially BETTER for me and for all.

So I sought support. I dove outside my comfort zone to find my breadcrumbs...


The message was loud and clear:

It's time to expand into your Highest Calling, to serve your highest purpose, to be wildly happy.

Don't you feel like the Universe is whispering that to you right now?! 

Testimonial For Coaching + Energy Work. Click here to work with Allison!


Why not have support to smooth out the journey? 



*Contracts range from 3 - 6 months, OR you can hire me on retainer for the year :) I include the option to add an in-person intensive with energy work, fun adventures, food, and more in the city nearest to you.

By Application Only.

As I support my clients so fully and energetically through many modalities (intuitive coaching + guidance, guided meditation, healing work, spiritual and energetic mentorship and metamorphosis, and more), I like to chat with you first.