Clarity, Direction, Expansion, Expression

It's what we all want and that’s what I provide.

My specialty areas:

Love Life, Business Breakthroughs, Passion + Purpose

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Who's Chatting With You In A Reading?


I’m Allie, your INTUITIONIST - meaning I mix intuitive guidance, psychic readings, mediumship, and strategic life or business support ALLLL in one!

People hire me to support them in many personal areas - mostly creating the life they want.

I’ve found that what people really need, is to step out of force, and into FLOW.

This means trusting their own intuition, and leading their lives from a place of easy trust and action.

Naturally, I work with many entrepreneurs - creative, inventive, visionary, people with big desires and massive life changes happening.

The area that they often come to me about is business and relationship, but what I find they need the most support with, is TRUST.

Trusting the flow of life is what helps us maintain peace and happiness. It’s key to everything. But how to do that, is very individually based.

If you’re wanting a breakthrough in your business or life direction, a spark of creativity, some intuitive guidance, a little bit of momentum and solid next steps, book an INTUITIVE BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH SESSION BELOW.

People often say things like…

- “How did you KNOW that without me telling you?”

- “You always seem to know exactly what I need to hear, and sometimes… not what I want, but really what I need!”

- “You always have a deeper perspective on what’s going on with me and my husband.”

- “I feel like you just GET me and you push me and challenge me a little bit at the same time…”

You can ask me anything!

I’m non-judgmental and have heard it all, and I LOVE doing this work!

I’m also an intuitive teacher and coach providing very intuitive guidance to my clients, through private sessions and group sessions. I LOVE to teach people how to open their gifts and create thriving businesses! Intuition is your greatest superpower and we ALL have it.

I'm also a mama and outdoor junkie - I love to hike, ski, play, and to make this FUN! So expect laughs and smiles even when we have serious moments. 

What Might Happen In A Session?

allie horner

 - You can come with specific questions, or open to receive any info. You can come with an intention to talk about one area - like getting a business reading, or relationship reading. Whatever is for your best and highest will come through.

 - You do NOT have to share any info with me before our session. If you want to, great! However, I don't need any information prior to the session to have messages come through. I trust you and your spiritual teams and loved ones :)


The only way to know, is to experience one for yourself!

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This is an EXPANSIVE opportunity to change your life and to THRIVE.

It can take you to amazing places IF you are ready to do so! 

*I am not responsible for any actions you take (or don't take) as a result of the reading. The responsibility is yours. This is not a replacement for medical or psychological or any other advice. I'm not a medical professional and will NOT answer medical questions. 


Note: readings and sessions are not a replacement for medical or psychological professional advice or care from a licensed physician, or a lawyer or accountant or therapist, etc. If you are in immediate need of help or care, or if there is an emergency, please dial 911 immediately. 




"I’m so thankful for our chat! If it’s ok with you I’m going to share some of your info, and my experience in my online reiki class tonight. 
And I have a feeling that I will be speaking with you in the near future about classes!"
- Mariah M - 


"I have been binging on your channeling messages lately. I love them!!"
 - Kate C. -

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