Purposefully Productive FREE Challenge

Welcome to the #PurposefullyProductiveChallenge happening Oct. 3-7, 2016! 

All week long you'll learn one crucial way that I've been able to learn how to grow my business, impact, and income while always being #DoneBy1... and how I've found more flow and fun while loving on myself, my family, and my LIFE.

1ST BONUS: FREE WEEKLY IMPACT TRACKING SHEET (to do on Fridays, don't worry, we'll talk about it during the challenge)

2ND BONUS: FREE TIME TRACKING SHEET (you'll need to download this and use it during the week)

Day 1 Video + Mission

Day 2 Mission

Day 3 Mission

Day 4 Mission

Day 5 Mission

This free challenge was only a snippet of insight into how you can really invest your time and energy even better to create greater impact and income faster.

Ready to learn how to simplify, focus and truly invest that 24 hours that you have into the RIGHT things every day?

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