The New Earth and Rise of the Change-Maker and Channeler

The Energy and Our Co-Creative Powers At Play

There is a loving inner light being shone by many of the awakening ones on our plane at this time. We are meant for more than simply to be in the world of material; we are meant to expand our inner intutive ideas, our knowing, our calling, our inspirations… we are meant to act now and being to bring a new earth into place. This is the call and the answer from Source into our spiritual plane and it’s our time to bring it forth.

This message came through me this week and I literally couldn’t stop it from coming out of me. It was meant to be shared with you, through me as the channel. There is a massive awakening afoot, and not only will women feel the call… more and more men will rise to meet us and bring out the love in themselves and the world with us.

We are change makers, channelers, guides, psychics, mediums, teachers and students. It’s time for us to rise and thrive.

If you listen to this message and feel the call - feel the light and energy rise up within you (like butterflies, a sense of excitement, a sense of calm, an inner CALLING, a HELL YES!, or an oh wow… I’ve thought of this before…”) please join me in creating the next wave of our evolution here on earth.

Lovingly guide yourself into leaving the old paradigms behind, and bring out your own unique genius here on earth.

I’m here if you would like to speak with me and discuss YOUR way of coming out and creating these changes. It starts within.


Allie + The A Team (my spiritual guides and teachers)