Nice to Meet You

life is the greatest adventure.


Nice to Meet You

life is the greatest adventure.

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From burned out and broken down, to living + thriving with love + light.

I'm Allison Horner, woman on a mission to help visionary, enlightened women like you, evolve mind, body and soul so you can align with your Soul's Calling and change the world. 

I'm also an Intuitive + Transformational Coach, Energy Healer/Reiki Practitioner, doTERRA Essential Oils Consultant, Podcast Host, Adventure-Lover, Mama Bear of one...

Between coaching, healing, writing my books, and supporting my communities, my favorite things to do are to spend every afternoon with my little boy, playing outdoors, hiking, going to yoga, or snuggling up to color, read or watch Harry Potter.

Invite the best and most fun and fulfilling things into your life, and you will rise and thrive with far more ease, joy, and love than ever! 

You can mix the most true parts of yourself and bring them into your business, and into your life. This is leadership.

I love to chat with humans, to host meet-ups, retreats and more in Colorado and around the US, and I LOVE more than anything, to know that I'm giving back, and that I'm supporting women like YOU in creating the life you love, in the way you love...

To do it, you have to evolve mind body and soul.

You have to follow your breadcrumbs and stop denying your truth:

You are here for something BIGGER, something GREATER, something more powerful.

I know why you're really here.

Something is missing. Something is changing. You are transforming, and it's because it's time for you to grow, to serve, to lead... 

It's time for you to step into your highest calling and Soul Mission. But it's UNCOMFORTABLE, messy, and honestly? You're afraid. 


To feel like nothing is working anymore, yet KNOW that you are MEANT FOR MORE.

It's uncomfortable, messy, and stressful to undergo massive change. But if it's happening, you can handle it, because it was meant for YOU.

I've been there, too. 

I'm your secret weapon. I support enlightened, visionary, change-making women who want to have more impact by solving problems...  like you. As your Thought Partner I'll help you create bigger impact, income and EASE because I'll help you evolve as a woman and a leader - mind, body, and soul.

  • I'm that emotional wingwoman and healing force you can call on when you need it. 
  • I'm the person who can help you sort out your shit and come to terms with your purpose.
  • I'm your partner on the journey and the adventure of a LIFETIME.

If you want to get to know me better, there is far more below, but the best way, is to book a free call with me.


 - Knowing and accepting and loving yourself (through nurturing and expanding yourself, mind, body, and soul)

 - Courage, Compassion, and serious self trust that is easier to embrace when you have someone there to support you 

 - Continuous support + sisterhood relationships that last long beyond our time together 

 - Loving yourself and TRUSTING yourself enough to trust your INTUITION (which means often that you 

 - Doing the inner and outer work that's often uncomfortable, but wildly rewarding

 - Stepping forward into their Big Vision + Mission - their TRUE Soul's Calling ... while making the often difficult or uncomfortable changes WAY more fun, light, and easy to navigate

 - Business Growth + increased reach and impact (as you expand into your purpose, you will prosper. It's Universal law.)

 - Evolving Mind, Body, Soul (and that means understanding your emotions + your energy as well)

 - Leaving the emotional and energetic blocks behind to work WITH the Universe 

 - Allowing more ease, flow, and FUN into your personal and business evolution.

 - Newer or more loving relationships in their personal and professional lives 

 - LOVING the journey and embracing the adventure in every moment, rather than caving to the chaos

Being a leader to me isn't about the size of your business or your team. You could be a solo-preneur, an author, a speaker, or a barista in a coffee shop... and still be a leader.

Leaders create change by honoring what calls them and triggers them.

Leaders expand when they want to shrink.

They stand up and step up, when others might stand aside or look away.

Where your play and purpose intersect, is where your prosperity will expand. 

So get support from someone like me (or I'll help you find someone who may help you better) if you truly want to expand exponentially and you need support moving through the discomfort, the fear, the overwhelm and the desire to shrink back into your comfort zone.

Because we ALL need support - even me! 

I'll help you thrive as you begin to work from your happiest, most exhilarating, highest calling - that place that lights you UP so you can LIVE your life!

Together, we'll talk about your larger mission and vision, and how it feels best for YOU to bring it to life. It's not about MY WAY or my process; it's about helping you define your own as the leader in your life.

We'll ensure that you're taking the time to nurture yourself, to enjoy your everyday, to play and have fun, to have quality relationships with the people you love...

While you ignite your larger vision, and align with your Soul's Mission - having way more fun and flow on the journey!


.... And embracing the adventure and the expansion! 

Just 2 years ago, I was in the fast-paced marketing world, and the pressure was ON. I had been working 70+ hours per week for the past decade (yes, even in college, I put myself under crazy pressure), and I wanted to be perfect, to do it all, to be it all.

Pinterest Mom, Die-Hard Employee, "How Does She Do It All?" Superwoman who didn't need any help (and never asked for nor accepted it.)

Until I fainted at home, alone, with my 1-year-old baby boy. {Don't worry; I wasn't holding him, and he's totally okay.}

As I laid in the ER with a neck brace, I realized that I had a PROBLEM.

I had totally lost touch with who I was, and what I cared about most:


This was my wake-up call.

I was flying high in my business and feeling REALLY good about the way things were progressing. I worked with my clients in the morning, spent afternoons with my kiddo, and traveled, hiked and spent tons of time with family....

But then I found myself sick (physically, for months), creatively tapped out, emotionally overwhelmed, and not to mention... things just stopped working in my business, and in my life.

I even gained almost 10 pounds in 4 months, and saw my income totally plateau. 

It didn't make any freaking sense. Why weren't my tried and true strategies working for me anymore?! 


A Spiritual Awakening

It was a giant call to expand, and it was unlike anything else I'd ever experienced.

I was resisting the inevitable changes the universe had in store for me, even if they were exponentially BETTER for me and for all.

So I sought support. I dove outside my comfort zone to find my breadcrumbs...

And I knew that I was meant to support women undergoing this spiritual, emotional, raw, and exciting Spiritual Awakening, too.


(As if the deceased showing up in my house, and my evolved uncanny ability to just "know" things to come wasn't enough of a sign...)

It was exhausting. It totally blew my mind... But I couldn't deny that this expansion was exciting, too.

I KNOW what you're really going through when you feel unfulfilled, no matter how much money you make, or friends you have, or awards you win. 


The Universe's message was loud and clear:

Hey, Allison! It's time to start stepping into your Soul's Mission - to fulfill your reason for being here on Earth. It's not going to be easy everyday, but it will be SO much more rewarding... and if you let it, way more fun! Are you ready?

So I listened, and I followed the breadcrumbs to my truest and highest calling: to help enlightened women who were feeling a little lost, who knew they were meant for more, who want to THRIVE and serve and play at a Soul Level. I help women who are doing good in a whole new way, women who are undergoing the evolution inside and out.

I stepped up and out of that box, and things started to get GOOD.

 - My intuition soared (I began to sense, feel, hear, see and know things that other people don't.  I've made clear premonitions, like the Cubs' grand slam during the world series last summer, the conception of a friend's baby girl, and mostly - this has helped me REALLY "see" my clients and sense what's truly happening for them.)

 - I have had conversations with the deceased and communicated messages to the living... sometimes it comes within client sessions, sometimes in the line at Starbucks, sometimes when I'm helping my little guy potty train. You never know.

 - I began to channel messages from spirits, and am channeling a book for one of my Guides. I'll also have blog posts and soon, a YouTube channel coming. Look for more!

 - I developed heightened Empathic abilities (I often know what people are feeling or experiencing physically, emotionally, mentally, and otherwise - sometimes it's things they're not even aware of. If you're going through this yourself, I can help you create better boundaries so you're not taking on and processing everyone else's feelings for them anymore. That will definitely help your day-to-day productivity... and sanity!)

 - I became an Energy Healer + got Reiki certified via private mentorship + training with one of the BEST Reiki practitioners in Denver. (I've helped MANY clients with my 1:1 meditations and virtual healings to ease physical illness, clear blocks affecting abundance, trust, love, creativity, willpower, confidence, and more... And now I can feel and sense plant and planetary energy, which is HELLA cool.)

 - I stepped into Leadership + Life Coaching 100% to help other women create bigger impact on the world. (Helping women grow and expand into their highest calling from the inside-out is where the REAL impact happens.)

 - I started leading in my own life in far better ways that light me up - as a parent, a wife, a friend, a big ideas and outdoor loving human... and that meant more ME time, less time comparing or shrinking, and more energy invested in changing the world by doing what I love! 

 - I started to serve at my HIGHEST LEVEL (and I know it's only getting better from here!)  I wake up enthusiastic, I soar through every damn day (even when shit happens), and I am happier than ever when my head hit the pillow at night. Isn't that what we ALL want?

 - I got my damn GROOVE back! My creativity is ON FIRE, I'm more enthusiastic. My life FEELS like an epic adventure. I'm healthier, happier, and more in sync with my gut instincts and my heart and soul.

 - I'm living for myself and I'm very aware of what happens when we hit our Exit, and it doesn't scare me anymore. In fact, I know I'm living fully and presently because of it, and I want to help other people do the same.

Would you love to have this and more available to support YOU in your massive shifts? Apply for a free connection call below, and let's see if this is a good fit.



This is NEW territory for you, but that doesn't mean that it has to be so difficult. 

The Universe provides for us when we follow the breadcrumbs to our highest and truest calling.

I know because I went through the process - get triggered, expand, shift, stand up, shrink back... Get triggered AGAIN, expand out again, stand up and out, and feel the impulse to shrink back again...

It was time to challenge myself to evolve again...

Can you mix play, with purpose, and create prosperity?

Can you understand and live out your Soul's Mission?

Can you contribute to solving problems in the world, ?

Can you create a larger ripple effect and have it be FUN and FULFILLING in the process? 


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