DO you feel overwhelmed, unclear + invisible online?

  - Do you have Writer's Block every time you sit down to write a simple Facebook Post... and you KNOW that being visible is crucial to your success + impact as an entrepreneur?

  - Do you seem to get stuck in the "perfectionist's trap" every time you sit down to write a simple email... and you know that it's wasting precious time and energy that you should invest in other things instead?

  - Do you sometimes feel like you don't even SOUND like yourself... and you WISH your real personality came out?

  - Are you ready to empower people to take ACTION... but you're afraid of sounding salesey, pushy, sleazy... so you don't talk about your services at all?

  - Have you been struggling to attract new clients and customers because your messaging and visibility strategy well... suck?

Houston, we have a problem. Luckily, it's totally fixable!

Imagine if you could finally write clearly, and confidently... 

And if you could then convert leads into clients and customers with more ease? 

The Messaging Makeover maven Course is for you if you want to....

 - Stop feeling invisible online and be known, liked and trusted by your community

 - Create a community of raving fans who LOVE every word you say and can't wait to work with you

 - Have your ideal clients/customers seeking you out, because your unique messaging and training speak to their soul

 - To have your peers and idols reaching out to you - asking to INTERVIEW you, telling you that they "would love to work with you", or that they "love everything you stand for", and that they want to collaborate with you.

 - Finally put yourself out there boldly because you feel confident in your message and authenticity

 - To grow your business, promote your services, grow your email list (your money maker!) and create an engaged community just by being yourself + sharing your message in a powerful way... instead of hiding out, feeling unseen, unheard... and broke.

 - To write powerful copy every day from a place of bold inspiration.... in HALF the time!

 - To feel totally clear on what you need to say and when to say it.

You're ready to feel courageous, magnetic, and confident that your people get YOU and want to buy from you.

The Messaging Makeover Course can help you do that!

Hello Wonder Woman!

(That's the standard greeting for my entrepreneurial peeps!)

I'm so glad you're ready to level-up and create authentic, inspired, creative messaging that will attract clients and customers like nobody's business!

Messaging and Visibility are SO IMPORTANT for your brand and your business, and when I started MY business with little time, little budget, and a little baby boy to take care of... I knew I had to simplify and streamline everything. I needed to figure out what exactly to focus on so that my business could take off quickly.

The #1 Thing my peeps ask me is: How did you do it all so quickly? How are you always done by 1pm everyday? What did you focus on?

Messaging + Visibility, peeps!

Here are just a few reasons why (I could go on about this all day, but I won't!)

1.  BE KNOWN FOR BEING YOU. It's pretty hard to create a thriving business, to create an impact in the world, to bring value or help anyone, or to create programs, products and services that SELL… if no one knows who the heck you are, or what you have to offer, or what you stand for. Messaging can help your audience get to know you and love you quickly.

 2. Build Know, Like and Trust so that you can create connections and sell your services. People need to have consistent interactions with you so they can warm up to you. If they haven’t warmed up to you, and you pitch them a coaching package or a product, guess what… they consider that the premature marriage proposal. If someone proposed to you on the 1st or even the 3rd date, what would you think of them? Yeah... ewwww.

 3. It takes, on average, 7 touch points for someone to decide whether or not they decide to buy from or work with you. SEVEN. Make each of them meaningful, consistent, valuable interactions with your messaging, and you'll maximize your impact and their purchase.

 4. Things move quickly, and you need to stand out as an entrepreneur. Social media moves quickly. People ignore and delete their emails without reading them.... a LOT. You need to put your message out there 3x as often as you think you do, and you need to be strategic, powerful, and EVERYWHERE in order to have your ideal clients possibly see it, read it, digest it and take action on it.

The Messaging Makeover Maven Program is designed to give you creativity, clarity, confidence and connection, so that you can finally go out there and share your message for the world. Loud and Proud.

I believe in you. I believe you have an authentic voice, a killer story, and a fire within that makes you courageous, bold and unique. There's a reason you're here. Let's make you STAND OUT.

If you don't create powerful messaging or a name for yourself in the busy, fast-paced online world, you may not see the results you want to see as quickly as you'd like to see them.

I want YOU to get results and stand out faster with this support and confidence.

This program will help you dive into that so that you can finally create irresistible messaging that speaks to your ideal clients and customers, and that creates more business, more freedom, more sales, more wealth and traction for YOU.

Dream come true?

Allison Horner

What's Covered?

The Messaging Makeover Course includes 6 Training Modules at the Self Serve level to help you really get clear, inspired, persuasive and unapologetic with your messaging.

You can upgrade to get private 1:1 Messaging Makeover Sessions AND bonus guides.

In each module, you'll receive 1 WORKBOOK, and 1 detailed training VIDEO EACH (plus, a few bonuses!) Each module will be delivered weekly.

Training 4

Makeover Your Magical Connection - learn the magic of creating copy that serves, empowers and enrolls people into no-sleazy sales... which is SO much better than being pushy and icky!

Training 5

Makeover Your Commitment - develop a fantastic system + routine for getting clear and inspired, and learn how to harness your "on" moments to create killer messaging!

Training 6

Makeover Your Packages + Products - this is a fantastic training to help you create packages and products that SELL because of irresistible messaging!

*There are rarely any awful products, but there is awful packaging.

Training 1

Makeover Your Mind Prison Into A Mind Palace - Harness your inner messaging maven, get past the perfectionism, fears and doubts, and feel more confident when you sit down to draft copy

Training 2

Makeover Your Essential Foundations - reconnect with your ideal clients, understand your SuperHero Power, and use that knowledge to craft clear, irresistible messaging.

Training 3

Makeover Your Authenticity - dive into your purpose, highlight your desires, and harness the power of your STORY to create a fantastic connection with your peeps


Your messaging maven Options

Self Study Makeover - $77 US

Get all 6 weekly training modules (worksheets + simple, streamlined training videos). Makeover your Messaging on your own time with the modules delivered weekly via email for 6 weeks.

Wee Bit of Support Makeover - $297 US

  • 6 weekly training modules(worksheets + simple, streamlined training videos)
  • 3 bonus guides, AND
  • ADD 1 Private 90-Minute Messaging Makeover Session with me, to use within 6 weeks of purchase.

V.I.P. Makeover - $797 US

  • 6 weekly training modules (worksheets + simple, efficient training videos),
  • 3 bonus guides, AND
  • ADD 4 (FOUR) hour-long Private Messaging Makeover Sessions with me via Skype, + email support, to be used within 6 weeks from purchase


messaging makeover BONUSES, baby!

When you grab The Wee Bit of Support Makeover OR the V.I.P. Makeover, you'll receive 3 amazing bonus guides to help you REALLY propel your results...

  1. Messaging Maven Tools + Tech Guide the tools I use to streamline my copywriting and content process (plus my secret weapon!) (value, $50)
  2. Messaging Formulas Workbook: Headlines, Taglines and creating simple, easy copy (value, $150)
  3. Become a Visual Storytelling Master to build Know, Like, and Trust and add some color to your branding (value, $100)

These are designed and USED by me, and gifted to my private clients, because these can help you get incredible results when applied!

The Messaging Makeover can transform your business if you do the work.

Can you imagine where your business would be, if you could finally....

  - Increase sales and create communities of raving fans... without feeling too overwhelmed to be creative + inspired?

  - Have people reaching out to YOU to work with you or buy your program, or book you for a speaking gig, because your messaging is so powerful and on-point?

  - Finally create and write freely and from a place of total confidence and clarity?

  - Finally have EASE in your process... instead of that stuck, frustrated, defeating feeling that comes from procrastination, perfectionism, and inaction?

If you want clients and customers lined up around the block to work with you, grab your own Messaging Makeover Course now before they're gone!


Have questions for me about the program?

Feel free to email me at and I'll reply with 24 hours. Or, please book a quick (free) clarity call below, and we'll discuss which package might be best for you.


*Note: This program nor any programs by Allison or Adventure Knocks guarantees results. YOU are your only guarantee of success.