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New Start! IWW In Business

Infinitely wise woman in business


I’m in! sign me up


New Start! IWW In Business

Infinitely wise woman in business


I’m in! sign me up

Tap into your secret weapon to create a conscious business and lit up life…

Your Intuition.


You Know you’re meant for more,

but you’re not sure What, yet.

  • You might have a bigger vision for your life - you know that thing you keep seeing yourself doing everyday - but it seems like it’s 20 years and $9M away.

  • You’ve been thinking about starting a business or really taking your creativity to the next level, but you don’t know how.

  • Maybe everything you’ve been trying out hasn’t worked so well, but you know there’s a bigger reason you’re doing all of this!

  • You’re seeking answers, guidance, something or someone to give you the solutions… but you can’t find it. (Hint; it’s not out there!)

  • You’re a wise woman, and you Know you have amazing ideas, messages, answers - intuitive instincts. There are things that just come to you, like Knowing you’re meant to start a business that allows you time and financial freedom (without completely losing your mind)… but you’ve been taught not to trust that inner voice, those visions, those inklings. You doubt yourself, and shove your intuition aside, or maybe you only get pieces and you need MORE.

  • Maybe you know what will light you up and make you feel FULFILLED when your head hits the pillow at night, but your fears, your schedule, your lack of guidance or grounding stops you.


Listen. You have the answers.

We are all afraid that we’ll fuck up or get it wrong, because we’ve been taught for years that we’re being graded, judged, measured. But that’s total BS. We are free, wild, wonderful, and wise. We make the rules, and we decide who we will become in this lifetime.

There is no wrong way.

The only wrong you could ever do is to ignore yourself, your happiness, your love for life because a LIT UP woman shares her high energy with everyone she meets!

You are wise, intuitive and ready.

And you’re right on time, and ready for the next step.


tap into your intuition and use it to grow you business without burnout - sign up by January 13, 2019!

Conscious creation comes from Intuition, and Action.

this is more than just a business strategy program,

and more than a spiritual development course.

It combines spiritual development, intuitive guidance, sisterhood, and business strategy.

In this community and experience-driven program that mixes spirituality with structure, and intuition with intentional action, we’ll help you

  1. Tap into your soul’s blueprint and vision for your business using your own intuition and spiritual guidance

  2. Stop questioning your own inner Knowing, your calling, and your own intuitive insights

  3. Begin to lead with love as you create and captivate online and in person

  4. Bring the first offerings and creations of your business to life from soul and service, in your own unique and high vibe way

  5. Trust and ACT on your intuitively guided and strategic next steps

  6. Know where to go, what to do, what to say, and to whom

  7. Magnetically attract and intuitively tune into the clients, collaborators, support, opportunities, ideas and more that will help you sustainably and consciously create and grow in that business

  8. Help you lead your life and creations in a way that lights you up AND helps others (with the help of other women who GET YOU)

  9. Rise and thrive without burning yourself out or breaking the bank because intuition + strategy = sustainable growth, magnetic energy, conscious creativity, and time efficiency!

It’s all about marrying soul with strategy, intuition and intention.

IF you were waiting for a sign, this is it.

P.S. Early Bird discount of $500 US off ends December 29, 2018 at 10pm ET, and spots in the VIP Retreat are limited!


What's Possible for You?

What’s Possible For you?

What's Possible for You?

What’s Possible For you?

this experience will support you to the fullest with

Spirituality, Flow State, Structure and Strategy.

Plus, there’s a VIP Retreat to help you connect, collaborate, and bring your soulful vision to life!

Scroll down to read more.


what’s possible for you?

You’ll learn how to trust and develop your intuition - just like many women in the previous rounds of IWW did! But this time, you’ll learn how to use it to create a conscious and flourishing business.

This is some of what my clients have experienced by working together in IWW in the past, during retreats, or privately in programs or coaching…

  • Felt more flow, ease, and faith on the journey (instead of force, energy drain, and confusion)

  • Navigated tough losses and break-ups while keeping their connection to spirit, and using their LOVE to fuel their creative process

  • Evolved their business offerings and strategy so they’re more ALIGNED and full of soul

  • Speak their TRUTHS out in the world

  • Written books and started SUCCESSFUL podcasts

  • Identified their Soul Purpose and true calling, and started profitable, conscious and FUN businesses because of it

  • Attracted and Aligned with loving soulmate clients (and lovers) that they deeply care about

  • Doubled their income in a matter of weeks, and used it to treat themselves or meet their unique financial goals

  • Set intentions and goals and ACHIEVED THEM Lost weight and healed their physical bodies after years of holding onto trauma from childhood abuse or loss in their cells causing illness, pain and cancer.

  • Contributed to causes close to their hearts

  • Tripled and quadrupled their email lists and community numbers within months

  • Launched facebook groups and tight communities... and even closed down old ones that were draining them

  • Connected with SPIRITUAL GUIDES, with SOURCE, with their own INNER LIGHT and INTUITION

  • Heightened their intuition and begun to HEAR, SEE, FEEL, and KNOW guidance as it arrives

  • Feel more LIT UP and IN LOVE with life because they love themselves more

  • Begun to trust themselves + their little nudges more and more

  • Open up their clairs and communicate with spirit in a way that is loving and fun, rather than scary or overwhelming

  • Overcome massive breakdowns, break-ups, and break throughs

  • Opened up to receive in EVERY way using NEW energetic + spiritual principles

  • Begun to set boundaries, without creating barriers to love, connection, or creativity… and go with the flow

  • Managed their time and energy better instead of doing alllll the things

  • Developed boundaries without closing their hearts

  • Met amazing new sisters who GET THEM and the spiritual entrepreneur parts of life in my previous IWW programs

if you’re thinking…

“Wow, I want more of that!

This is the program for you!

don’t forget to check out the VIP Accelerate and Ascend Retreat below!

Sign up below before December 29, 2018 for Early Bird Pricing of $500 US OFF!

We’re here to support you as you step out of fear, and into conscious creation.

2018-06-10 20.46.17.jpg

What are we covering in IWW in Biz?

What are we covering in IWW in Biz?

Intuitive Wisdom Meets Structure + Strategy

What are we covering in IWW in Biz?

What are we covering in IWW in Biz?

Intuitive Wisdom Meets Structure + Strategy


Intuitive Wisdom Meets Structure + Strategy

Bringing Love and Co-Creation into Your Business Will Help You Grow Without Burnout

Feminine Meets Masculine :: Soul Meets business strategy

Bi-Weekly lessons/discussions, and weekly module delivery, starts in January, 2019 and will cover the below topics in depth with some room for flow and expansion.

Scroll up for more info on how we will apply the below and more at the IWW In Business RETREAT in Spring, 2019!



The inner spiritual work, intuiting, feeling, flowing, receiving, knowing, being, trusting.


1.Lead With Love & trust that you got this!

Loving the self, loving life, loving the process, loving people, loving business… it’s all about LOVE. Intending to think, live, lead, and act with LOVE is square #1.

I wish I’d learned this first when I was starting my own business. When we are in LOVE with everything, we are highly creative and open, in flow, intuitive, and able to even make clear connection with spirit AND future predictions more accurately.

“Businesses owners don’t have business problems; they have personal problems that affect their businesses.”


2.Tap Into Your Intuition, Receive spiritual Guidance, + channel on command

Know where to go, what to do, what to say, and to whom with tangible ways to develop and experiment with your own intuitive nudges and divine downloads!

You’ll also learn how to channel your guides and higher self, and how to know what’s a message and what’s intuition versus imagination.

3. Energy and Frequency Elevation + Alignment

Learn how to elevate your frequency for heightened intuition and flow. Tap in and tune in through MEDITATION, BREATHWORK, MINDFULNESS, CHANNELING and AUTO-WRITING (and other techniques) as you strengthen your trust in the messages, guidance, visions, and signs that you receive…

woman on water ountains fall.jpg

5. stay in Flow for Freedom + ease

(Faster Success Without Working Yourself To Death)

We’ll say buh-bye to outdated beliefs in struggle and sacrifice that keep you small and insecure, and enter new powerful paradigms of play and purpose.

Identify your #1 energy-elevating activity (hint: it’s in the SELF LOVE and SELF CARE realm), so your spiritually aligned business is prosperous without burning you out.

conscious relationships as an intuitive entrepreneur - part of the inifintely wise woman in business experience!

6. Conscious Relationships:

Growing In Love + Partnership as an intuitive Entrepreneur

Lead with love and trust when your gifts open up, and as you start your business. One of the primary concerns of many men and women when they start businesses is - will this affect my relationship? What will my hubby/boyfriend think of my gifts, of me going out on my own? How do I talk with him/her about all of this?

Let’s jam out about it in a MONTH completely devoted to conscious communication, trust, and leading with love as a spiritual, intuitive, and conscious business owner and creator.




The outer business structure and strategy, grounding, action, creation, doing.


2018-06-10 20.45.42.jpg
  1. Clarify Your Vision, and Create Your Roadmap

P.S. We will go over this in more depth during the IWW in Biz VIP Accelerator RETREAT! (Scroll down to learn more!)

Create your own vision, mission and life roadmap - from divine downloads, into tangible form for your business and the lifestyle you want to embody on earth.

With my unique business roadmap strategy that MANY people have used and loved, you’ll take the ideas you’ve got and actually put them into action over the course of a year.


2. Become A Magnet! {heart marketing}

Use Energetics and StrategIC ACTION to attract aligned clients, community members + collaborators

Magnetically attract the soulmate clients, aligned audience, and amazing collaborators or co-creators that you are meant to work with.

Identify who you’re here to serve, why it matters to you, how to energetically align with them, and how you’d like to serve them AND yourself.


3. Create Intuitive + Aligned Offerings That Serve + Soar

You know what you can DO, but what do you DO with it?

Let us help you find out what your unique genius is and how to create offerings or services in your business that make you happy and fulfilled while serving a purpose for those who enjoy working with you or through your offerings.

4. Channel Your Copy and Creations from Soul

Channel every aspect of your business and calling so you can work with spirit to create soul-centered copy, videos, podcasts, or anything else that calls to you!

You’ll learn how to know what idea and what strategy is best and highest for you and for all to create, and WHEN to do so


5. Expand Your Impact & Grow Your Community (without burning out!)

Work in a way that aligns with your time, energy, focus, and flow! No need to spend hours online, or spread yourself thin doing #allofthethings. Cause let’s be honest; you have other important things and peeps in your life! (Single mom here; I get it!)

6. Attract Soulmate Clients, & Extending Conscious Invitations

Ever been pressured on a date to go a little farther than you wanted? It didn’t feel good, right? Well, this is what everyone is afraid of, so we’ll talk about conscious and intuitive alignment, conversations, and how to bring spiritual practice into your communication.

Is this calling to you?

It’s Time To Take the Next Step.

Still have a few questions?

Scroll down to learn more about the structure of the program, and the VIP Retreat details!


What's Included - IWW In Business


What's Included - IWW In Business



With Love, Soul + Strategy

don’t forget to grab your spot at the 5-day vip accelerator Retreat!

*Actual program kicks off the week of January 7, 2019 and sessions are going to rotate from week to week (likely to be Wed PM and AM), with some flexibility here and there. There will be recordings if you have to miss a live call!


bi-weekly Wise Woman In Business Live Trainings

Each call covers the framework (sometimes with visuals) to help you in creating and launching your business quickly and easily:

Part 1: The Feminine - Intuition, Channeling, Mindset and Co-Creation

Part 2: The Masculine - Business Framework + Soul Strategy


A Private Soul Strategy Session

Stuck? Use your 30-minute private support session with me to have some massive breakthroughs.

P.S. If you join the VIP Accelerater and Ascend Experience, you get MORE 1:1 sessions AND a 5-day Retreat! Scroll down to read more!


IWW In Biz Private Community

  • Bi-Weekly Q+A Livestreams with The A Team

Everyone needs a safe space to share their journey, ask questions, and support each other. This is your container where you can meet the other Wise Women and it’s perfect for you if you want more than just a Lone Wolf mentality.

We go farther together!


Wise Women KNOW what’s meant for them.

If this is calling out as your next step, sign up now to get early bird pricing.

Interested, but have a few Qs?

Scroll down cause there’s way more info below!

Unless you’re ready to dive in!

Marina - Intuitive Coaching Client
Mariah - Infinitely Wise Women Testimonial

VIP Experience IWW in Biz



VIP Experience IWW in Biz




accelerate + ascend

Extra support for the woman on a mission!

Limited Spots Available


Includes EVERYTHING mentioned BELOW in the 3-month Regular Level program, PLUS…

  • IWW in Business Sisterhood RETREAT! Hug humans and accelerate your soulful business growth for 5 days in February 2019 in a beautiful, high-vibe mountain town! (Details below)

  • 3 ADDITIONAL x 1-Hour Private Soul and Strategy Sessions + Readings (sign on before the program starts, and you can use one of your sessions as a kick off!)

  • Session with a Human Design expert (plus in-person HD Live Teaching and Readings at the Retreat!)

  • My eyeballs on Everything! Including… your new offering, messaging, content, etc via email or messenger

infinitely wise women retreat in breckenridge colorado


Transformation and Acceleration Happen w/Humans

stay up laughing all night, embrace adventure, and bring your vision to life with support, spirit, and strategy.

WHERE: Breckenridge, Colorado

WHEN: March 2019

** Retreat is 5 days, 4 nights. Exact dates will be voted on once all VIP members have signed up, so we pick ONLY what works for everyone.

Picture It…

You wake up daily in a beautiful, high-vibe, energy center in the mountains of Colorado, in a warm bed - sun just beginning to shine.

You feel supported, loved, nourished, and lit up about the day ahead.

The house is welcoming, light, and serene with snow falling in the mountains. You walk downstairs, enjoy some time to yourself, making coffee, having a light breakfast, and then the day begins.

Each woman is supported and guided with soul and strategy.

You’ll expand out of your comfort zone through sharing, discussion, and adventure activities - like winter ziplining, snowshoeing and fireside chats.


We’ll kick off the day with meditation, solo time, and then breakfast and coffee!

Each morning will be filled with our Vision Mapping sessions; I’ll help you tap into your vision so you can download your next steps for the next 6-12 months. These days will include clear guidance to help you bring out the key steps to bring it to life through defining your offerings, your launches, your MOVEMENTS and your message.

We’ll also enjoy group morning yoga, guided meditations, channelings, group discussions and a human design expert session!

Each afternoon, we’ll go on an adventure and play. Winter ziplining, snowshoeing, walking around town chatting with friends, and/or solo time.

keystone gondola.jpg

Image - taking scenic gondola ride up through the beautiful, snow-capped mountains to hang up at the upper mountain lodge, have a warm drink and some snacks by the fire, and enjoy the local culture.

breck christmas 2018.jpg

Each evening, we’ll have dinner in town or you can hang solo. This is your time. You can shop, turn in early, sit by the fire with a good book, or hang with the girls and have some fun in town and enjoy a night cap! You’ll have your pick of amazing restaurants and bars around Breckenridge in a variety of price ranges.

It’s totally up to you.


AS your head hits the pillow,


Hell yes to that!

There’s something special that happens when women join together to tune into their visions, mapping out their plans, and beginning to bring it to life…. IN PERSON.

It’s like there’s a magic in the air - the energy elevates and clarity comes. Being in person heightens your intuition and opens your clairs more, so we will use that to consciously lead and grow your business… without burning you out on the way.

Best part? You know you’ll be able to carry this clarity, this wisdom, these relationships, and all of the next steps Home with you.

Sound like just what you want? Is this giving you the HELL YES! I want that feeling?!

breck at night.jpg



  1. Accommodations


5-Days (4 nights) in beautiful mountain home in Breckenridge, Colorado

(Home of Breckenridge and Tiger Run Ski Resorts, and yes you’ll have time to ski or snowboard, or ride the gondola and explore a bit if you’d like!)


2. Coaching & Channeling Sessions

bring your vision to life, and

outline the next steps from soul

Photo taken in Breckenridge, Colorado!

Photo taken in Breckenridge, Colorado!

Everyday from 9am - 1pm we’ll bring your big vision to life and map out your next steps for internal and external growth while aligning you with the highest and best path and choices for you!

PLUS, we’ll enjoy a Human Design Expert Session and Individual Charts!

Details to come. See above :)


3. Adventures + Activities

Afternoon adventures after the morning sessions + lunch are over.

The activities alone are valued at over $800, but you’ll get access to everything in the retreat for way less than that. You’re not required to participate, if you need some open space to create or decompress :)


Winter Zipline Tour

Bhava yoga breckenridge.jpg

Morning Group Yoga


group Meditation and Gratitude Sessions


group Snowshoeing + gondola ride

4. Food

Breakfast, Lunch + house snacks are included in the investment. We will have dinner in town daily if you’d like to join, but dinner meal is NOT included.

  • Why is this? Some people wind down early and want to have dinner alone, and some want to head out and have a meal out. It’s up to you, so dinner and drinks (and getting to/from there to the house) are on you daily.


Are you ready to do this, wise woman?!

this is an investment in your growth and elevation.

sign up below!

Early Bird Pricing with $500 US OFF ENDS DECEMBER 29, 2018 @10PM ET!

Still got Questions? Read more by scrolling down, or book a call using the button below.

**Flights and transportation to/from the airport, Alcohol, shopping, Extras, Ubers/cabs etc around town are NOT included in the investment.


Read more Love Notes about previous Infinitely Wise Women programs, experiences at Allie’s Retreats, or readings with Allie here!

2018-05-03 18.40.50.jpg

What Would Life Be Like IF You Did This?

 Infinitely Wise Woman

you’re ready to start this!

What Would Life Be Like IF You Did This?

 Infinitely Wise Woman

you’re ready to start this!

Can You Imagine?

You’re consistently evolving, and today you’re going to do something different without doubting or judging yourself. Finally!

It’s all because you’re using your natural talents and gifts for good. You’re excited to get to work every day. You’re creating consciously, and living in a constant state of love. It all makes you happy and at peace. You know that this is just the beginning.

It’s easy to move forward; everything is in flow all day.

Showing up is easy. Speaking is easy. Everything in life feels more and more in flow everyday, like you’re finally floating downstream instead of struggling.

Words, ideas, next steps, spiritual guidance flows through you easily.

You take care of you, and every afternoon is spent hangin with your guy on the beach or hiking in the woods together. Then you make dinner or head out for a bite and a glass of wine. There’s no rush, just flow.

You get to do this; it’s all in the energy of Love!

And as you wrap up each day, you feel grateful.

You get out of bed feeling excited and happy. You know where to go, what to do, what to say, and to whom. It’s like a strong, clear, loving force guides your every move.

There’s no rushing or stressing. You feel in flow and at ease because you trust yourself and your own inner calling.

Every moment is filled with gratitude as you get ready, meditate, have your coffee, and enjoy your morning.

You greet your lover with openness. You feel safe, loved, happy, trusting together.

You have your own business and you create with heart and soul everyday… and people just COME to you! They love your creations, and you LOVE to create what calls you. You know it supports the growth or healing of others. They just seem to come to you, and you enjoy and embrace them because your energy bucket is SO FULL.

You are secure - there’s some structure and reliability in your life now, and that supports your intuitive spontaneous guidance and creative energy. Your bills are paid and then some. You have savings and it’s growing. You can work from anywhere, whenever you want… but you don’t feel the pressure to be “on” 24/7. In fact, you have plenty of free time to hang with your guy, play with your dog, and see the girls… in fact, you always have fun!


There’s nothing but joy when you head hits the pillow at night.

You KNOW, this is just eh beginning of a very good life.

You feel free, at Home wherever you go, in love with your life, and yourself. And all you can say as you lay down next to your love is…

Thank you.


This is what’s possible

when you practice the art of allowing and loving.

In Infinitely Wise Woman in Business we’ll help you learn to trust your own inner wisdom and intuition, while growing your conscious business with soulful structure and strategy.

You’ll be guided by mission, vision, purpose, and passion… by love itself.

And every moment feels like it’s meant to be!

this is just the start of your journey!

Let’s do it together.

“If you want to go big, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.”







Putting the Cherry On Top!

download these BONUSES

These savvy, intuitive business bonuses will help you out as you create from your heart’s calling.

The Bonuses ALONE have a combined value of about $2350 US! But you get the IWW in Business experience for a fraction of that.

IWW 2 Journal.jpg
  1. Channelings From Spirit

  2. Meditations for Massive Momentum + Intuitive Income

  3. Infinitely Wise Woman Journal

  4. Business Basics Workbook + Checklist

  5. Creating a Killer Website

  6. Intuitive Income + Money Mentality Workbook, Audio, + Budget Sheets


You have the business building blocks to help you feel grounded,

and the Intuitive teachings and development to help YOU take the wheel and create with the Universe’s support.

Ready to use your gifts for good?

Join us! Early Bird Pricing ends December 19, 2018 @ 10pm ET!

The Bonuses ALONE have a combined value of about $2350 US! But you get the IWW in Business experience for a fraction of that!

Click the button below to see the pricing or sign up for generous payment plans.


Who's Teaching This Thing?

Who's Teaching This Thing?


Hey! I’m Allie!

Hello! I’m Allie Horner - the creator of Infinitely Wise Woman (the original program before this course), and it’s sister course, IWW In Business!

I’m a channel, psychic, intuitive coach, podcast host, and entrepreneur. I’m also a mom to an amazing 4yo and live in Colorado where I LOVE the outdoors and run my business in just 10 hours per week or less while still making FAR MORE than I ever earned in corporate.

In the several years I’ve been running my own business - I’ve seen ups and downs, and I’ve grown MASSIVELY because I’ve tried out new things, experimented, and adapted over and over again while learning from each experience.

This is how we grow. We test it out, we expand, we grow, we learn and we LOVE the journey.

I’ve also launched several programs, created a podcast (which you can still find on iTunes and Stitcher), and coached many women and men in business and intuitive development.

My primary goal with this was to support YOU in creating the business you know is inside of you - it’s more like a piece of art coming out of you.

The world needs more people who think differently - we are in a growth mindset when our intuition opens. We’re high vibration and poised for innovation - and the world is ready for more people who think outside of the box.

I also know how much I wanted to have connection, someone to help me create my business, and someone to help me with my spiritual gifts. And luckily, I’ve been trained and guided by some of the BEST mentors on earth (one of which trained me in marketing and business strategy who formerly for Nike, Polaris, Vail Resorts, and many other companies), and another who was one of my coaches created a multiple six figure business in 18 months, and is now wildly successful and a social entrepreneur.

I wanted to create something that supports the business accummen AND the intuitive side of us that is boldAF.

I want to tell you what I know, and let you decide what ways feel best for you to do this while also supporting you with strategy and solid framework to work from. This isn’t about cookie cutters - I want you to develop your own intuitively guided way. Cool?

I hope you’ll join me and if you need to chat and find out more about if it’s a fit for you, book a quick free coffee chat below. (This is NOT a reading; it’s a connection call to discuss the program and answer your questions.)



P.S. I know making an investment in yourself and in your growth is scary sometimes. I’ve made many investments in myself and in my business - from taking the time to read books, and hire mentors, to joining masterminds and heading to retreats. I’ve invested in tech areas and in spiritual mentorship… and overall I’ve invested probably well over $40K, and countless hours into myself, my wellbeing, and my spiritual development while also highly encouraging business development too.

Why? because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I wanted the SUPPORT spiritually and in my business; and my INTUITION guided me to DO IT NOW. Not later.

So something to remember…

***You might even make your investment back several times over by the end of the program. Just popping that very possible possibility into your head now.

Fear will kick you on your ass, but when you face it and hold yourself highly, you can overcome it and SOAR to new heights without holding back. And that’s why you’re really here right?

No more hiding. No more staying small. No more holding back.

Rise and Thrive, my love.



emily brown .jpg

Allie and her guides helped give me the faith and confidence I needed to let go of the things holding me back from taking those next steps in my life.

Over the last year I have received several readings from Allie in her Facebook group and they are always so insightful, comforting and really helpful. I’ve learned who some of my guides are and what areas of my life they support me in. I’ve received guidance on relationships, business and life in general. And the messages are always with love and lightness. Nothing ever scary or loom and doom.

More recently I booked a private reading with Allie for me and two of my closest friends for a fun girls night.

Having this more private small group reading with people I know allowed me to ask about things that I wouldn’t normally ask about during one of her live readings in her Facebook group that has a couple thousand other people.

Having this more intimate experience and feeling open to ask for readings about other more private areas of my life brought about pretty big ah-has and shifts within me. So much so that things I’ve been pushing off and making excuses for, finally clicked. Allie and her guides helped give me the faith and confidence I needed to let go of the things holding me back from taking those next steps in my life. I highly recommend the private or small group readings with Allie! It might just be what you need to help you move forward in your life, like it has for me.

Thank you Allie & A-Team!

Emily Brown

hot tub mountains.jpg


The investment


The investment


The Investment

Pick your payment plan as investment in yourself and your business growth.

The lessons, intuitive guidance, bonuses, and weekly workbooks are worth over $12,000 US.

But you’re getting access for a fraction of that!

Plus, spiritual sisterhood, and community with women who GET YOU?


IWW in Biz Regular Level

early bird pricing ends December 29, 2018 @ 10pm et!

(Regular Level Does NOT include VIP sessions or Retreat. Scroll down to see retreat pricing!)


$997 US in full

OR Choose a Payment Plan:

3 monthly payments of $350 US


4 monthly payments OF $275 US


8 monthly payments of $147 US

(limited quantity!)


Bhava yoga breckenridge.jpg

IWW in Biz VIP Level

Private 1:1 Accelerator Program + VIP member Retreat!



Early Bird Ends December 29, 2018 @ 10pm ET, and then the investment goes up by $500 US.


$2,997 US

VIP Level + Retreat Payment Plan Options

Choose any monthly payment plan. Each one starts with 1 (ONE) payment of $997 US, and then…

3 Monthly Payments of $850 US


4 Monthly Payments of $640 US


6 Monthly Payments of $440 US


8 payments of $275 US

(limited quantity)



    • 5 days, 4 nights in beautiful home in Breckenridge, CO

    • Dates will be voted on by VIP group members ASAP (likely to be in March, 2019) - will not pick dates that don’t work for everyone!

    • Transportation from the house around town for group outings

    • 2 meals/day (no dinner included)

    • Ziplining or other adventure activity (weather permitting), one morning of AM yoga, and snowshoeing (weather permitting)

    • Professional Photos of Yourself + The Group! (to use on your website, social media or elsewhere :))

    • Human Design Expert Sessions and Individual Charts

    • 3 private 1-hour sessions with me to use whenever you need to upon purchase, through end of the program

      NOTE: **Flights + transportation to/from airport to Breckenridge are NOT included*

  • Everything mentioned in the Regular Program level above (scroll up)

    • Bi-Weekly LIVE Zoom Video chat sessions, starting week of January 7, 2019 and ending April 14, 2019

    • All recordings of live calls as available

    • Workbooks + Group Discussions

    • Livestream Q+A Office Hours with me and The A-Team

    • A 30-minute 1:1 session with me (if you aren’t in VIP level)

    • Private Facebook Group for IWW in Biz women only

    • All Bonuses Mentioned above

Screenshot 2018-11-18 13.00.31.png

The Deets

The Deets


When does IWW IN BUSiness start, and how long is the course?

The LIVE teaching sessions kick off the week of January 7th, 2019 and culminates with our Send Off Wine + Woo Celebration Night on April 15th, 2019.

The Retreat is February 13-18, 2019 if you join the VIP Accelerate + Ascend arena.

Wanna Get Started Early? You CAN in the VIP Accelerator Experience! Sign up for that, and you’ll not only get to come to the retreat, but you’ll ALSO get to schedule your kick off call with me prior to the program starting. And, you can get your flights booked earlier :)

The first workbooks are ready for everyone to download starting the week PRIOR TO New Year’s 2019 so if you wanna get started before the course starts, you can and you’ll have time. :)

How does it work? How will you teach the material and lead the sessions?

The classes and discussions will be taught bi-weekly and will be hosted LIVE over Zoom video chat. You do NOT need to download any new tech or software to join. I’ll send you a link prior to the calls starting (it’ll be the same link each time unless the platform changes, which I’ll let you know about.) And all you have to do is hop on!

*Trainings will be live taught, with visuals and examples. You’ll get actual step-by-step lessons and more to support your business and your personal spiritual growth.

*Expect some meditations, techniques, tools, strategies, and more covering the topics mentioned.

*There will be Q+A time on each bi-weekly call, and I’ll also host live channelings with some office hours every other week in our Facebook Group so you can hop on and post comments or ask questions and I’ll answer them there.

*Our Live Bi-Weekly Calls will be recorded as long as my tech stays solid, so if you can’t make a call live you can join us next time and catch up on past lessons or re-watch the trainings.

Do I need to already have a business idea, to do this program?

And what if I already have a business… will this help me?

No you do not need to have your business started yet, and you don’t have to have a SOLID idea because we’ll help you formulate it… but i bet you’ve got something brewing ;)

Personally I think your’e in an AMAZING stage in your journey! Congratulations!!! Get ready for an amazing experience as a free woman!

I’m here to help you intuit and design your NEXT STEPS in your business from the beginning. So no matter where you are, I’ll meet you there! Expect to get tangible steps to help you intuit what’s best for you, and to create some offerings now that will jump start or catapult your business forward.

Remember that this is JUST the beginning for many of you - and that your business will totally evolve and grow over time meaning what you offer or create will as well! Consider this your first steps and foundation building so that you can take what you learn and apply it or use it over and over with every change you make later on :)

It’s meant to grow WITH YOU.

**If you already have a business but you’re stalled or stuck, this can absolutely support your growth!

Have more questions?

Book a call with me here for free - we’ll talk real quick and I’ll make a quick assessment of whether or not this program will be a fit for you.

A good way to know right now is…. DO I FEEL DRAWN TOWARD THIS? YES OR NO?

If you’re sort of a yes, go with your GUT. Your intuition knows best, and many of the investments I’ve made for my business (in time, in energy, in money from $200 to $18K) were INTUITIVELY GUIDED before I’d even made contact with the spiritual realms. Seriously. You can’t get it wrong.

What if I’m not psychic, or a healer, or “intuitive” or whatever.. is this right for me?

It’s still a great program for you! Listen, people don’t have a lack of strategy; they have a lack of TRUST in their own INTUITION and inner voice. That’s what really deters people away from doing what they love!

You will come up to the same obstacles and receive the guidance and strategic coaching that you need just like everyone else in the program. So no, you don’t need to be psychic or a healer or a shaman, etc to benefit from this course and group experience.

P.S. We are ALL intuitive!

I’m cool with it if you never align with that term, and if you want to build a different sort of business or movement, that’s amazing! That’s part of what we’ll design and discuss here - how to know what business type or model is right for you, and what you can CALL yourself out there in the world :)

It’s designed to help ANYONE tap into their inner guidance system so you’re solid and grounded, secure, and ready to rock and roll as you build your business and soar into freedom, ease, and flow.

I’m really struggling with knowing how to put myself out there, even though I KNOW what I want to sell or offer to the world…

is this right for me?

YES! Hell to the YEAH, we will talk about different ways to put yourself out there in the world in a way that feels GOOD for you.

This is all about invitation, warm, feminine energy that is open and in flow. It’s not about force or selling, sleaziness or icky feels.

We’re feeling into it and learning how to use intuition to align with the best way for YOU individually to work out in the world - meaning you can show up and be you with anyone…

And you will absolutely learn how to talk about your product or offering without feeling like a used car salesman.

Did that answer your Q? No? Book a call.

What’s the investment? Do you have payment plans?

To find the payment options for regular and VIP Accelerator membership in Infinitely Wise Woman in Business, click the button below.

YES There are payment plans!

Almost every time I’ve signed up for a coaching or training program, I’ve used payment plans. For those of us who KNOW it’s worth it but don’t have cash available immediately, or don’t have as much credit available on the spot, it’s a great way to make it accessible!

What’s included in Early Bird Pricing?


  1. Early Bird Pricing ($500 US off!)

  2. Access to the pre-recorded Bonus trainings/workshops/workbooks on Money Mindset + Wealth Consciousness prior to kick off

  3. Early Access to pre-recorded channelings with various spiritual business/artists and teachers like Napoleon Hill, Ghandi, Louise Hay and other totally amazing beings!

  4. If you do the VIP level, you get to reserve your spot in the house, book your flights early and use one of your VIP private sessions with me before the program begins, AND book in your Human Design reading session!

Interested, but have a few Qs? Feeling drawn to the VIP Retreat, and want to chat more?

Book a quick free coffee chat ONLY if you’re seriously interested.

**It is NOT a free reading. It’s a decision making call.