Create consciously for the highest and best for yourself and all

in this intuitive incubator experience.

Get access to private and group readings AND intuitive development classes, with Allie Horner, Intuitionist, life + business coach, teacher, and psychic-medium.

Save over $150 US when you sign up for 3 months now!


Welcome to the Intuitive Idea Incubator

Where women come to consciously create in life and business.

Join with monthly payments, sign up or jump out at any time.

this is perfect for you, if you…

  • Are a creator, business owner, entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, author, marketing pro, team lead, or otherwise and you’re driven to create new innovate ideas and downloads on the regular

  • CARE about the impact you’re making on the world and want to create consciously

  • Know it’s important to you that everything you create at work, in business, or in your life is done in a way that is fun, light, easy, and altruistic

  • Want to leave the world better than when you came into it

  • Care about the world in a way that other people may not understand, and you want to be in a group that DOES care

  • Have a WE mindset as much as a ME mindset

  • Are ready to have a coach, psychic, and strategist who can support you in aligned, INTUITIVE ACTION

  • Are craving more creativity, more innovation, more ideas flowing AND… Clarity to KNOW which ones to GO WITH

  • Want to bring the RIGHT vision to life, at the right time without second guessing, stopping, or doubting yourself

  • Crave Intuitive support outlining or following through on the perfectly aligned next steps for you

  • Want to step into FLOW instead of FORCE in your work, in your creative process, and in your life

  • Want to develop your INTUITION clearly and creatively, so you can tap into and turn it on at any time

  • Enjoy new experiences and adventures and want to try something different. (If you have big goals, this intuitive idea incubator is PERFECT for you!)

  • Know it is important and powerful to be surrounded by other people who are aligned with the highest and best of themselves

  • Want to live an amazing LIFE filled with love, laughs, creativity, joy, wonder, and FREEDOM


Learn how to tap into your intuition, trust it, and act from it.

Plus get regular guidance from an intuitive channeler, coach and psychic!

First group call is in April!

Jump in or out of this monthly incubator at any time. Save over $150 if you sign up for 3 months at a time.

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Your soul knows exactly what to do!

let’s start CREATING in a way that…

  1. Feels good and is led by SOUL and STRATEGY

  2. Lights you up and makes you feel ALIVE with excitement everyday

  3. Affects your income, and the impact you’re making in a really positive way

  4. Is highly energetically efficient and doesn’t have you burned out OR bored

  5. Is Intuitively Guided so you drive the car down the right path right away, instead of having to hit the breaks or back track

  6. Keeps you flowing and growing as you move through your life more easily and creatively

  7. Elevates your energy, time, money and creativity in the process

It’s time for you to enjoy creating a sustainable, conscious business or purpose-driven lifestyle.

One that lights you up and makes you feel ALIVE.

So you can LIVE a life that makes you excited to jump out of bed in the morning!

Alex Covucci Testimonial - Allie Horner Intuitionist


what’s included?

Experiencing this monthly Conscious Business Idea Incubator Includes ALL of this for a total VALUE of over $1,300...

 - 1-Hour Private Coaching/Reading Call per month with Allie Horner (Value: $699)

 - 1 Group Coaching/Reading Call per month (calls will be voted on by the group to ensure the call time works for everyone) (Value: $400)

 - Access to a Monthly Facebook Group + Private Email List for ONLY the Incubator Peeps (Value: $200/mo)

 - Group-Only Intuitive and Idea Incubator Printable PDF Journal (Value: $27)


why this experience?

- We download the intuitive insights together, the ideas flow and innovation increases because we use specific steps and ways that change your BRAIN, your PHYSIOLOGY and your INTUITION flows

- We also do good coaching and align with higher insight and wisdom to help you ACT on your INTUITION

- We’ll focus on Adventures and Experiments aligned with your highest and next best steps to help you LEAP FORWARD

- There will be guided meditations, tools and practices to support you in creating your own unique intuitive flow

- The group keeps everything confidential and leans into each other for support and guidance, so you get the chance to be a leader and co-creator with other people

- You’re working with an Intuitive Idea Innovator - an INTUITIONIST who trains you and helps you INTUITIVE GUIDE YOURSELF

- You also get readings and intuitive guidance on your specific next steps and bigger vision from Allie privately AND on group calls

- You develop your own intuition at the same time as moving forward with your business or creative life

- We BALANCE your personal life and professional life at the same time by finding the newest ideas that will keep you energetically tapped in and elevated instead of burnt out and overwhelmed

- We use HUMAN DESIGN to help you align with your own intuitive flow and energy type, as well as show you where you might need support or guidance


the incubator STARTs IN APRIL!

Jump in or out of this monthly incubator at any time. Save over $150 if you sign up for 3 months at a time.

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Q. When will the calls start?

A. Calls start in April. However, this is a month to month experience, kind of like a membership. You can jump in or out at any time. So if you’d rather join in May or June, you can.

Q. Are the calls recorded? What if I want to go back and watch it again to gather more info I may have missed?

A. Absolutely! All calls will be recorded - technology willing! I’ll do my best to ensure my tech cooperates, so that you can watch replays and continue jotting down notes, etc.

Q. How do we access the online membership group? Will it be private? How do I ensure I get to ask questions there?

A. The online membership platform will be on SLACK - which is free to sign up for. Once you sign up, I’ll send links to help you join it. It’s very easy and fun to use for group calls, discussions and more.

You can ask questions in there and other members will be able to tune in and practice intuitively guiding you, and you for them. It will be private so ONLY members of the incubator have access to our specific Slack Group (called a “channel”).

Q. So… I’m not obligated to stay in the incubator for a set amount of time?

A. You’re only obligated to do what’s feeling best for YOU in this intuitive incubator experience.

NOTE: If you sign up for 3 months at a time, you are able to leave the experience at any time, but know that you’ll only receive back money from what you did NOT participate in. So if you paid for 3 months, and you were part of the group for 2 out of the 3 months, then you would only get 1 payment equal to it back. Got it? So you may as well stay in and enjoy that last month, babe.

Q. What if I can’t make a call. Can I get a refund? Is there a recording?

A. No, you won’t be refunded.

YES, calls will be recorded for you to watch and learn from later. You’ll have access to all of them for a year.

If you sign up, you have agreed to show up for yourself and participate for the best and highest of the group. This is a WE experience.

PLUS, even if you cannot make a call, you’ll still have access to the membership group online even if you can’t make a call, and you’ll get PLENTY of intuitive guidance, development experiments, and support there.

That’s why no refund. If you’re signing up, I’d like you to do so out of dedication to yourself and the group experience.

Q. What if I don’t want to participate every month? Can I end my membership, and maybe come back later?

A. I would highly recommend you do the monthly payment option, and if you want to jump out prior to the next month’s membership fee hitting, you can. Just make sure that you let me know so I can cancel your subscription.

Also, All calls are recorded. So anything you miss, you can watch later.

PLUS, I highly recommend you stay active in our membership group online because you’ll get PLENTY of intuitive guidance, development experiments, and support there.

Q. How many calls are included in this?

A. There are TWO (2) Monthly Calls. One is a private session with Allie, and the other is a group call.

Q. What else do I have access to in the group?

A. Some great extras to support YOU.

 - Online Membership Group + Private Email List for ONLY the Incubator Peeps (Value: $200/mo)

 - Members-Only Intuitive and Idea Incubator Printable PDF Journal (Value: $27)


Questions? Email Allie Horner, Founder of Intuitive Soul Collective, LLC ( and Adventure Knocks (,  at