Adventure Days

Ready to explore, evolve, and create what you finally are ready for? 

Heart Healing, big breakthroughs, clarity, direction, FUN in the sun (or snow), travel...

Pop the top on your biggest transformation and new big idea through a personal or small group adventure day.


Magic is about to happen!

This ideation session and adventure day is all about creation, integration and relaxation.

  • Ready to kick off your new business direction, career change, NEW YOU... and need some guidance and deeper perspective?
  • Got a giant fear or bad habit that keeps holding you back from loving your life, taking action or changing things up?
  • Stuck and needing massive support on your emotional and Spiritual Journey, because you know that you've completely transformed... and you're ready for more support while you hit the highs of that ideation?
  • Ready for some spiritual support, loving guidance, and real adventure?

This is your opportunity to have a massive breakthrough, to transform the way you think about yourself and those around you...

And it can be done in a day.

But only if you show up 100% ready to dive deep, have fun, and EXPLORE.

Working through it can be fun and even... exciting!

Intensives - Private Clients


*Think of it like a mini-retreat!*

We meet face-to-face in Denver or the mountains nearby (think: Vail, Breckenridge, etc)... or dreamy location we agree to meet in, with a full day experience that is all catered to what YOU need, and how you like to work, and what you love to do most.

I'm offering 1:1 and small group adventure days in the mountains and in California this Fall - Spring, and I'm not sure how many I'll offer up, but I know they'll be epic.


These are perfect for you if you....

- Want to set aside a day or two to break down your big ideas and roadmap HOW you'll bring them to life
- You area ready to break through internal barriers to success allowing you to love fully, create courageously, and speak authentically
- You love spiritual and strategy BLENDED together - and you want to build out a new way of living and working for yourself in your business or your creative endeavors (you do NOT need to be a business owner or entrepreneur to benefit from these!)
- You need help clarifying and discerning what you need to create and when. And you'd like to bring a bigger vision to life quickly without burning out.
- You know you've got a deeper calling and you are afraid to go out there and LIVE according to that calling because it will cause a lot of things in your life to change and transform quickly.... and I'm no stranger to that, so I'm here for you.


We'll do it through day of adventure and fun in the sun (or snow!), depending on when you book your date.

PICTURE IT: We'll spend time in our cozy house or at a hotel or local hang out to move through your inner work and strategic ideation session.

Then we'll enjoy an adventure in the afternoon that matches your choosing... and a bit of my wild woman nature, so you'll completely be surprised too! The adventure portion will help you grow and exit your norms while entering the new frame of mind of adaptability and wonder, curiosity and grace that you desperately want to live and thrive in everyday.

Adventure may include things like... hiking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, bungee jumping, kayaking or snorkeling, surfing or ziplining on a high ropes course... and more! The sky is the limit (insert happy dance!)

Book a call to talk about it more and see if it's a fit for you, but only if you're FEELING IT already in your bones. We'll cater the day and times to you so it works best for you!


With each Adventure Session, you'll receive these gifts...

1. A day full of MAGIC, exploration, transformation and adventure catered to you!

We focus on exactly what you need to work through, run your ideation session for the first half of the day, and spend the second half of the day exploring and busting fears to cultivate a mindset of growth, fun, transformation and resilience on our ADVENTURE DAY! 

2. FOOD. NOM. Lunch or Brunch, happy hour, dinner, with me. As requested. (If you need solo time, take it.) 


A surfing session, adventure trip, kayaking, intuitively guided time, walk, hike, picnic, day of sightseeing and exploring, or whatever calls YOU as we work together outdoors for part of the intensive as we get grounded and get moving.

**Activity will be catered to YOU. Weather permitting.**

4. KICK OFF. 30-minute kick off call done at least 1 week prior to the In-Person Intensive. 

5. 1 Month of Support. Unlimited access to me on Voxer, FB Messenger, and via email for 30 days following the adventure day.

6. MEDITATION BUNDLE. Access to my Meditations for Intuitive Income + Massive Momentum Bundle (10 meditations, 4 instructional videos, and extras!) valued at $297

7. ISC. Access to 1 month in the Intuitive Soul Collective Membership platform.


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This is just for YOU.

Each session is uniquely catered to YOU. This is about YOUR breakthroughs and YOUR evolution, and an intensive is a WONDERFUL place to kick off a new project, a transformation, or a major life shift. 

Think of it as a day, an adventure, an experience...

Filled with support, fun, freedom, and deeper discussions...

Just for you.


All Intensive Clients have the fabulous option to combine your Intensive with a longer 1:1 Intuitive Business, Spiritual + Life Coaching Package (for continued support and/or reduced price on the longer program.) 

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