Holy Shift!

Heart Healing, big breakthroughs, clarity, direction...

Pop the top on your biggest transformation with a half-day private intensive.

We can work together virtually OR face-to-face in the big city closest to you, with a half day experience that is all catered to what YOU need, and how you like to work.

With each Half-Day (3-4 hour) Intensive booked and paid for in advance, you'll receive these gifts...

1. The intensive itself - focused on exactly what you need to work through that day.

Intensives can included coaching, energy healing, meditation, activity, journaling... each are unique to YOUR needs for your best results.

2. Lunch or Brunch, experience, coaching, and accommodations included in your cost (prices vary based on location and accommodation, and activity)

3. A walk, hike, picnic or whatever calls YOU as we work together outdoors for part of the intensive as we get grounded and get moving (physical movement and grounding is VERY important when you're working through big breakthroughs). 

**outdoor activity will be catered to YOU. Weather permitting.**

4. A welcome packet + complimentary 30-minute kick off call to be completed at least 1 week prior to the In-Person Intensive. (Virtual intensive does NOT include 30-minute complimentary call.)

5. Unlimited access to me on Voxer and via email for 30 days

6. Access to my Meditations for Intuitive Income + Massive Momentum Bundle (10 meditations, 4 instructional videos, and extras!) valued at $297

This is the #1 way to work with me in 2017. 

Each session is uniquely catered to YOU. This is about YOUR breakthroughs and YOUR evolution, and an intensive is a WONDERFUL place to kick off a new project, a transformation, or a major life shift. 


All Intensive Clients have the fabulous option to combine your Half-Day Intensive with a longer 1:1 Leadership + Life Coaching Package (for continued support and/or reduced price on the longer program.)