Here's what we'll cover during the 8-weeks of the program, From Invisible to In-Demand!


Learn to Lead With Your Specialty + Get Paid for You Passions (As Every Person Should!)

  • Figure out what your unique gifts are for the world
  • Choose what you'll lead with that feels great and serves a huge purpose
  • Understand how to make a business just by being YOU inside and out
  • Dive into your unique branding and what will make you stand out from the crowd
  • Install more beliefs about building your empire and being unabashedly yourself
  • Create Your Branding + Business Vision Board
  • Begin to develop your story and experiences that set you apart


Adopt the Attitude + Beliefs of A High-Earning Ladyboss + Discover What Makes Your Business Beautiful

  • Overcome worry, self doubt, and fear and instead, attract clients to you with the attitude and beliefs of a badass ladyboss with dedicated coaching
  • Speak like a Boss by installing words and phrases that will support and fuel your growth
  • Install the essential Growth Mindset that will help you progress, lead and thrive no matter what the situation
  • Get past that sad Money Story and those limiting Money Beliefs so that you're poised to receive
  • Discover what makes you and your business UNIQUE and valuable, and use it to attract your ideal clients + build clout
  • Outline and lead with your core beliefs and purpose


Identify Your Target Market And Get to Know Them Inside and Out So You Can Get Laser Focused!

  • Break down those worries about targeting narrowly and being laser focused in your efforts and messaging
  • Learn how to identify who your target market/ideal client/customer IS and why you should care
  • Feel crystal clear and more productive in ALL of your marketing and business efforts because you're laser focused
  • Learn how the Pros find out what their ideal customers want and need
  • Better anticipate what problems challenges they have... and be known for helping them overcome those challenges


Craft Irresistible Messaging that Attracts Your Ideal Customers (in HALF the time!)

  • Lead with your WHY, your mission, your story, and your unique voice to create your CORE message and write authentically
  • Ideal Client Mastery Workbook: Get to know your ideal client so well that it becomes easy to write killer copy that speaks to her soul
  • Find out the Messaging Mastery Formula I use that finally got peeps to start paying attention to my offerings... and helped me book 18 Discovery Calls in under 2 weeks
  • Write copy in half the time and with more ease than ever
  • Receive individual copy review for your social media posts, lead magnets and sales pages as needed


Get Shit Done + Prevent Overwhelm With Bangin' Business + Content Plans

  • Learn my secrets to keeping your personal life as the priority while building your business... without working yourself to death
  • Set achievable success goals, design your biz strategy, and finish projects so you can make your biggest month yet!
  • Build confidence and self trust by planning and actually finishing your projects
  • Design an Action Plan to help you reach your business goals and financial goals in a way that feels best for you
  • Learn how I help clients keep their eye on the ball!
  • Get access to extras like the Energy Check! Activity Chart, the Building Biz Without Burnout Guide, and the coveted 90-Day Craft Your Beautiful Business Plan Workbook + Chart


Design Unique, Irresistible Products, Packages and Offers That Feel Good and Make You Money

  • Declare your value, passion, skills and expertise, and showcase them in your own unique offering 
  • Craft your irrisisteble offers, packages + products so that your ideal client says, "I need that!" with my secret sauce, the Design Your Killer Offer Workbook + Step-By-Step Guide
  • Create amazing solutions to your ideal client's problems while making a consistent income (and THEN some!)
  • Build the confidence to price your services + offers appropriately, and watch your bosslady bank account grow... instead of struggling to get by
  • Set up your packages and products so that they're authentic to your own systems


Craft Follow Up Sequences to Get Your Peeps Saying, "Yes! I need that!"

  • Learn about sexy sales funnels (meee-OW!), aka follow up sequences - inside and out, beginning to end
  • Get insider access to the Follow Up Sequences that help me book consistent Discovery Calls (that can be applied to any entrepreneurial business or product really!)
  • Figure out what actions you'd like your customer/clients to take and craft your funnel so that it works for you
  • Get the exact Follow Up Sequence I use which helped me book 18 Discovery Calls in under 2 weeks + sign on THREE new clients
  • Get expert advice and review of your sales funnels and everything else that you need during the last week of the course


Design + Create Killer Lead Magnets + Content that Position You As An Expert + CONVERTS!

  • Learn how to turn strangers into leads into customers!
  • Get my Content Queens Toolkit + Timeline to help you finish your content + actually get it out there
  • Sweet Relief! Find out what pieces to create and how to design them... without pulling your hair out trying figuring it all out alone!
  • Design a Content Strategy + Plan that feels good, will attract quality clients + leads, and will position you as an expert
  • Identify which channels to use to get your beautifully crafted pieces out into the world
  • Design + Create a Fantastic Lead Magnet to attract your ideal clients + position you as an expert
  • Create your streamlined content in less time because you know you ideal client inside and out

So, how much more time, energy and money are you going to throw away trying to cobble all of these essential pieces to your business on your own, when you could learn them all within 8 WEEKS and have your biggest month yet?!

Hell, you could have your biggest YEAR yet, if you apply everything you've learned on an ongoing basis after the program ends.

Best part: you get access to this course for LIFE - including any new upgrades and modules, and you'll have access to me in the Facebook group, too.

Get in on the Fast-Action Bonuses only for the women who join the crew early!

And maybe you'll even get access to a few high-impact free trainings, bonus 1on1 sessions, extra free resources, and more!