"After receiving an email from Allison for a FREE 45 minute one-on-one call, I was excited and nervous. However, Allison not only gave me over an hour of such insightful information about planning for a business, she also helped me identify how I (for my type of personality) should attempt planning.

She opened my eyes to things I didn't even realize I was doing and how to rethink things to help attempt a better business strategy and way of thinking for regular life. As an already ambitious person, I applied Allison's methods and within the first week, I had whipped through a long list without feeling overwhelmed. Thank you so much Allison! :)"

 - Rita G., Wedding Stationary Designer -


“When I wasn’t working with a business coach, like Allison, I was kind of lost. I didn’t realize that I was targeting too broadly with my consulting business, and I knew I was very ineffective in my efforts. Honestly, I was about to quit altogether… but then I applied to Allison's 1-on-1 coaching package. She has helped me so much! Now I’m more clear and inspired than ever. My marketing is better. I accomplish the right tasks in less time, and I even have my own assistant to help me out so I don’t feel so drained and have more time for myself. Best part is, new customers are coming out of the woodwork! I almost have a waitlist of my own!"

 - Jessica A., Health Coach - 


"If you haven't reached out to Allison yet, you're really, really need to if you are in search of a coach... I AM now moving full steam ahead SOLELY BECAUSE OF ALLISON! I got off the phone with her and had a renewed sense of what I COULD and WOULD accomplish. I DO have a damn good idea. I DO have a damn unique idea. Thanks to Allison's words that damn good idea is now a reality as my 44th birthday present to me!

If you want to know whether the ‪#‎confidencecatalyst‬ is or is not a reality, just look at me. 

Allison, YOU ROCK!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me believe again that my idea is one worth going after!"

- Kathryn H. -