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Change-Makers Mastermind will help you... 

  • Sell offerings that you believe in with confidence, and make more money doing it (without selling your soul)
  • Focus on the important missions everyday + see REAL results faster
  • Create positive energy and momentum without feeling lost or getting stuck in that over-analytical, insecure, indecisive headspace
  • Stand Out online in a way that feels GOOD and just your style
  • Silence your inner critic who tells you it has to be “perfect”
  • TAKE INSPIRED ACTION so you can see faster business growth and personal transformation
  • Grow your audience and impact, and therefore, your income… just by being YOU
  • Create and sell programs, products, services that you believe in and LOVE... with more ease and less pushy or salesy nonsense
  • Create 10x the connections you've created with people you adore

Get BONUSES that will help you accomplish even more in your business (value: $1,150 US).


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over...


What you’ve been doing hasn’t been working so far, or maybe not as quickly as you want.

It’s your time, and you’re ready to do things differently.

You’re ready to see more personal, business and financial growth.

This unique experience will help you DO THAT.



You’ll have 6 months to grow and create results in this totally innovative learning-meets-mentorship experience. Growth happens over time, and I want YOU to have support and to implement in a focused way that will create faster results and income growth.


MONTHS 1 - 2

(VALUE: $3,600 US)

  • Weekly virtual high-impact group Mastermind Coaching Calls - a unique brainstorming and small group coaching session facilitated by me. (Note: this is NOT just a Q+A. It's an actual coaching opportunity!)

  • Pre-recorded 30-45 minute lessons that you can do on your own time - delivered right to your inbox weekly. (Modules outlined below.)
  • Access to me and your sisters for extra feedback and support in the Private Mastermind Facebook Group.


At 8 weeks, the modules will be complete, but we aren’t done yet... We’re just getting started!

Often, people build momentum in online programs, and then the program ends… and they’re lost and lose steam because they don’t have personalized support to deal with overwhelm, keep them accountable, or help them deal with their mindset BS or biz conundrums.


MONTHS 3 - 6

(VALUE: $1,200 US)

  • Meet Monthly for a group Mastermind Coaching Call to help you accelerate and keep the momentum going! 

  • No modules = no information overwhelm. Just apply and tweak what you've learned to fit YOUR business and lifestyle.

  • Access to Facebook Group will still be available for you to connect with each other, get feedback and collaborate.

  • Accountability Partners will be matched up if needed to help you stay on track and growing.
  • Program Graduation will be at the end of Month 6… and I’ll have something extra special for you ladies who show up 100%!

You do not have to do this alone.

Are you ready for a high-impact, community-driven, unique experience designed to help you create results + growth faster?