What's holding you back from thriving?

Whatever's got you stumped, let's get laser-focused and help you break through that barrier.

This is for the online purpose-driven entrepreneurial woman who needs support with something specific, like...

 - Clearing a specific hurdle or mindset block

 - Creating a package, product or service and packaging it so that it lights you up and sells

 - Revamping your messaging and content strategy

 - Designing your content plan for the next 3 months

 - Revamping your schedule so that your self care, high energy, and streamlined business results all flow a bit more easily

Focus Intensives
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This is for you if you're READY to deal with your biggest hurdle, and you desire support in the process.

This Intensive can be completed all in one 3-hour Skype sesison, or split into 2 x 90-minute Sessions. Your choice.

Are you ready to overcome that thing that's got you stuck, and have a thought partner and guidance to help you get clear and confident?

Investment: $275 US*

*Price is only available for the first 5 people who purchase, and then the price will rise to $550 US.

*Only 3-5 available per month, and on a case-by-case basis.

Where could you be if you got unstuck and focused today?

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