Q. What's the investment, and is there a payment plan available? 

A. You can pay in full OR pay via a 3-month payment plan. Whatever works best for YOU works for me.

Pay in Full:

$1,297 US


Payment Plan:

3 Monthly Payments of $450 US


Q. When will the Mastermind begin? 

A. You can begin scheduling your Early Bird Bonus 1:1 calls immediately IF you buy during EB pricing! 

Important Dates: 

 - You'll receive your Welcome Packet shortly after purchasing.  

 - Week of August 22: 1st BONUS LIVE Call for Change-Maker Members ONLY - Money Mindset Mastery 

   + Bonus Pricing Strategy Training Delivered to your inbox this week as well

 - Week of August 28: 1st Module Delivered + 1st Mastermind Call (We will vote on our schedule of dates for our Mastermind calls once we have everyone signed up!)


Q. Why are you offering coursework AND mastermind calls during the first 8 weeks of the program? 

A. In online courses and programs, often the material is too overwhelming, or we aren't sure how to apply it to specific business models, or to specific situations (because our businesses are all different!)... which leaves us stuck, frustrated, and not getting results. 

To make it STICK, you'll receive weekly lessons delivered to your inbox to complete on your own time, and you’ll have digestible video/audio trainings and workbooks.

You can do them on your own time, but I recommend keeping up with them week by week.


Q. How do I know if this program for me? 

A. If you're a coach or consultant, a teacher, or educator, an infopreneur, a service provider, someone who creates/dreams of creating many online programs, packages, digital products, offerings, courses, ebooks... with a primarily online business, it's perfect for you. 

Note: this is a wonderful group experience; be the woman who SHOWS UP CONSISTENTLY for her business, and her own joy. This is all about loving collaboration, loving this entrepreneurial adventure, loving life, loving creating results and connecting. If you don't want to do the mastermind calls, I may have a better offering for you in the future... but this experience isn't it.


Q. Do I have to purchase anything else (tools, resources, software, products, etc) after I join the program?

A. You definitely do NOT need to purchase anything else to participate. (That feels super icky to me to tell you that you need a specific TOOL, rather than to work on what really matters: mindset, self care, strategy, execution!) Can I get an AMEN?

So just bring your awesome self! :) 

P.S. There are many tools that I believe in using - paid, and free - and I will definitely share my honest and open experiences with them with YOU. Actually, you don't even need to join to know that I use the following: ActiveCampaign (email), Google Docs + Drive, Dropbox, LeadPages (freaking LOVE it), The Daily Greatness Biz Planner, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, 90 Day Year, SquareSpace.

I'm not an affiliate for any of those products outside of the Biz Planner, because it rocks. 


Q. What if I have questions about the material or something else not covered in the modules?

A. This is where the mastermind coaching calls will come in handy! 

You’ll get to join weekly mastermind calls where you’ll get to ask questions, discuss, share challenges and get feedback on anything that you’d like to talk about! Yes! If you have questions about something different, you can ask them! Huzzah!


Q. What exactly is a “mastermind”? Will this be just another huge program where I get to ask 1 question if there's time?

A. Masterminds often are positioned and run in differing formats, but Napolean Hill defines a mastermind as,

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."

Gorgeous! In this program, the group will be no more than 12 participants but we'll be split into smaller groups for our calls. The intention and purpose is the same.

Mastermind calls are focused on discussion and group coaching. Not just Q+A. You’ll get to ask about strategy, tactics, or mindset stuff that’s coming up. You won't wait on the line for an hour just to get 30 seconds to chat. Nope. You'll be expected to help each OTHER, and I'll be on the calls, coaching and facilitating discussion.


Q. Why are you offering 8 intense weeks with coursework, and THEN mastermind calls only for the next 4 months afterward?

A. I LOVE courses and group programs because I LOVE to learn! I want to grow quickly, and learning from a mentor makes that possible. 

Hey, I’ve got BIG things I wanna do, and so do YOU! Buuuuttt…

Often, people begin to build momentum in short-term online programs/courses, and then program ends.

They get lost and stuck all over again because they don’t have personalized support to continue applying and expanding upon what they learned.

This is NOT like that; I want to support you in creating more momentum and impact than you have before, because this really is about becoming an empowered change-maker in the world.  

You’ll have continued support on an ongoing basis so as you apply what you’ve learned or as you up-level, you can come back and ask questions, brainstorm and get feedback.

THAT is where real progress is seen. Community and connection facilitate growth. 


Q. Why did you create a mastermind experience, Allison?

A. I LOVE MASTERMINDS. I’m in 2 high-level masterminds, and I’m running a longer-term mastermind as well outside of this. 

Masterminds facilitate results. We need to be surrounded by other women who are here to create change, to create growth, and to expand their presence and results. 

Masterminds create community. They create connection. They bring together like-minded people.

Masterminds can accelerate results if you show up 100%. You’ll get what you put in this program… and pretty much everywhere in life. ;)


What else?

1. You can be a Change-Maker from ANYWHERE that you have internet - the beach, the park, the road, your bed.

We'll have our virtual mastermind coaching calls over Zoom meeting, and the weekly modules will be delivered to your inbox. Technology is a beautiful thing, no? 

2. You’ll have unlimited access to the weekly training modules, and access to your mastermind call recordings afterward. If you have an incredible breakthrough and think “I really wish I could listen to the replay of that call!”... you’ve got it!

3. You’ll have a support system to facilitate SUSTAINABLE GROWTH.


Are you ready to stop struggling and become a Change-Maker?