Energy Work Sessions

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If you’re going to create from calling, live a life you love, and enjoy the journey as you begin to pivot with passion…

Energy work can greatly support you.

Energy work heightens intuition, helps you get into flow, promotes peacefulness, and incites healing on all levels. It’s an amazing way to open up energy channels and allow yourself more peace and creative attunement as you become more of a conscious creator in your life.

I’m a certified Level II Reiki Practitioner and have healed various ailments in myself and others. I use multiple forms of energy work - working with your soul’s desires for the energy to flow exactly where it needs to.

I can work with mental physical emotional and spiritual planes across all time space and reality. I work with many people - often for physical needs, and also for relationship energy flow, business energy flow, and other areas.

That said, I often ask that you come to the session with an intention simply to receive the energy - without agenda. Your soul will know how it wants to work with the energy given and will do exactly as it needs to through me.

*Sessions are available in person or virtually. There is an additional charge for in-person sessions as they require travel and take more time out of my schedule to go to-from the location.

**Sessions may come with a follow up message from me of what I found when working with your energy along with messages that come through. I love to record audios as well for people as they can be very activating and healing for others.

These sessions should be booked only with the highest of intentions and are not meant to replace professional medical, psychiatric or any other type of care.