For The Adventure Knocks Family Only

(aka lovely customers and clients of Allison Horner. Please do NOT share with anyone as this is Copyrighted material.)

* Bonus 1: Private Facebook Community only for my Business Roadmap + One Thing Coursework Students. WHY do this alone when you could have me + your peeps there to support you?

 - Click the link above and request access to the group OR email me to have me add you at

 - Do NOT add any other members without permission. This private space is ONLY for purchasers of Allison's programs + killer courses.

 - Read the group rules before posting :) 


* Bonus 2: Create Your Dream Schedule for Play, Profit, and Purposeful Living with my Plug + Play Template plus a quick and easy Video Training to walk you through it.

If you know me, you know that I’m #doneby1 and about work 3 days per week while running my business, hiking, traveling, and playing with my 2year old son. You CAN do LESS better, and I’m here to help you do so.


* Bonus 3: 3 x Guided Meditations to help you Stress Less, Focus More, and Get Crystal Clear on Your Daily High-Impact Actions.

 >> Easing Anxiety in times of stress (this one was HUGE during the recent Election and can be helpful in your everyday life... because #life!)

 >> Meet Your Future Self  (This is one that people RAVE about! It has helped SO many people. Listen to it when you're felt lost, or you need to reconnect with who YOU are. Your HIGHEST SELF always knows what's best, and she'll guide you with pure wisdom and belief.)

 >> Evaporate Overwhelm + Always Know What To Do (a recent addition! Leave feedback here.)


* Bonus 4: Printable Daily Designer to help you Kick Start and Wrap Your Day. These will help you create a daily container of ease, intention, focus, and FUN for every day of your life’s adventure. These take no more than 5 minutes per day because ain’t nobody got time or headspace for five hours of journaling.


* Bonus 5: Essential Daily Affirmations to Activate Your ENERGY. Empower yourself to show up for YOU and your dreams. These will help you feel more Focus, Ease, Grace, and FUN as you live your life. In a gorgeous printable sheet that you can hang by your bed or in your office.