Can I be real with you? The Holiday season is my FAVORITE time of year, but I haven't been able to think about it much because I've been in a growth period in my business.

It's been messy, logistically nuts, frustrating, exciting, wildly transformative.

All around me, there have been messages or signs of what I'm really meant to BE, DO, HAVE.

I know what I'm meant to create, and it's already growing inside of me.

Because what I'm creating as I grow my business and walk my path is ME.

So there's no coincidence that this magical time is the same time that the Cubs won the World Series.

(I know, taking a weird turn... I promise there's a beautiful message here for YOU to apply to your life + business. Keep reading.)

The Cubs were tied as they went into extra innings. They'd been losing momentum, watching the Indians slowly catch up. 

These are grown-ass men who spent the first half of the season walking into Wrigley Field wearing superhero capes and loving every moment of it. Led by a manager who insisted they wear superhero costumes and have fun.

They worked hard and trained for this moment. From the start, they were here to have fun playing for the Cubs. 

But here they were, in the World Series, game 7, final innings... and they were discouraged.

Yet, when they walked back out for the 10th inning, everything had shifted. Their faces, their body language, their spirit... everything was lighter, infused with faith.

And then they WON the World Series. 

After the game, someone asked what had happened that turned it all around. Turns out, Jason Heyward had given the team a simple locker room speech.

"I told them to remember who they are."

The Cubs LOVE what they do. They play baseball because they LOVE it, with no back up plan. They're here to have fun.

This is their lifeblood.

This is who they're here to BE. They had to BELIEVE in themselves again to make this happen.

The Cubs brought belief, commitment, joy, and passion to the plate in every moment.

They FOCUSED on what they KNEW they were meant to do.

They became who they're here to BE.

I wondered... am I being who I need to be in every moment, every day? 

Am I lighting the way? 

Am I acting in faith? 

Have I believed in myself, let the truth come out about who I am and what I want to do?

Have I been clear, powerful, open about my mission?

Have I been lighting the way, being brave enough?

What about you?

Who do you need to be? What do you want to create in the world?

Let's be the women walking into the stadium with capes on.

Will you do this with me?

Can we light the way together? 

Are you ready to be a beacon?

Let's be our own SuperHeros.

Let's light the way. 

That's why I'm here. 

What about YOU?

What do you need to focus on, and who do you need to be to end 2016 in a way that feels great and creates growth faster?

Let's strip away all of the complication, the pressure, the overwhelm.

Strip away all of the crap, the distraction, the fear, the shoulds, the can'ts.

Make it simple for the rest of the year and swing for the damn fences. Do it in the way that feels best for YOU, and show up as YOU every damn day.

1. Be clear about what you want and why. Make this your only path.
2. Treat yourself with gratitude, fill your cup, bring energy into every second.
3. Pick the ONE ROUTE that you want to go.
4. Commit to it, and act consistently and persistently through the end of the year.
5. Start planning and creating your Roadmap for 2017 with the free challenge happening this week!

Are you having fun?  Got your Wonder Woman cape on?  Are you ready to LOVE every moment we have left in 2016?

Need a little more? WATCH this Video all about streamlining for success as you enter the Holiday season. 

It'll help you get ready to give and receive, ready to grow and accelerate your impact and income... and loving that you get to hang with your family!

P.S. Let's make your Ideal 2017 come to life with more faith, fabulous energy, and flow! 

Next week in my FREE 5-Day Challenge, I'll teach you how to bring your own, unique 2017 Roadmap to life so you can...

 - Get clear and focused on your Vision for 2017
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 - Master the mindset of the most successful women
 - Know which opportunities to say HELL YES to... and remove the HELL NOs
 - Create a freedom-giving flexible plan that feels great for YOU and the way you like to work



Whatever your goals are, creating a roadmap can help you hit them faster.