What I Wish I'd Been Told When I Started My Own Business - aka Entrepreneur Myths Revealed! Read more on the blog by Allison Horner, Business + Life Joyologist + Coach, Podcast Host + Author at adventureknocks.com/blog

I've spent a LOT of time talking to entrepreneurs in the first 2 years of their businesses, as well as many who are in the first 10 years in business. Many of them had attached all of these rules to things, to success, to creating income and impact. Most of all... so many people were WAITING.

So here is what I wish someone had told me when I started my business... 


- You can literally start, grow, and THRIVE in and out of your business NOW, as in, TODAY... Without investing $1 million or working 24/7.

I've seen it over and over again; it's possible, and when you have a great roadmap + follow through plan, probable.


And guess what? Most of us are still figuring it out as we go. What you do need to know, is what you envision for your life, your family, and your business. Grab my free worksheet to help you create your Business Roadmap in 4 Steps! 


You CAN start and grow a profitable business while you're in the 9-5, while you have kiddos, while you're injured, while you have xyz thing going on.

In fact, I kind of LOVE working with people who are in some sort of time constraint; use that to FUEL you and help you prioritize your daily actions, and use that desire to change the situation and live your purpose your LIFEBLOOD!

(P.S. that worksheet above will definitely help you streamline it!)

- You do not need to hang out on Facebook all day to "get clients", or do any particular thing that every other person says you HAVE to do. 




You know what you want, but you have to DO IT.

We sometimes get distracted by all of the programs, the systems, the rules, the shoulds, the formulas and blueprints that are sold to us... It can seriously fudge things up, and everyone is well meaning. But there is a time and place (and type of personality) that thrives in those formulas and step-by-step plans...

And that's not YOU.

You do not need to follow anyone's cookie-cutter plan or business blueprint to make money.... And in fact you probably shouldn't! 

- Building business can be EASIER... if you let it be.

Often, we make things really freaking hard on ourselves, because we are here to constantly learn. But the thing is, if we just didn't RESIST or get angry or resentful of the lessons, if we accepted them, and didn't make anything we did "wrong" or "off" or "not good enough", imagine how much faster and easier we'd move through all of it? Imagine how much quicker we'd learn? 

- Your business model, dreams, desires, visions, thoughts, products, and most importantly what you love and what you're good at… Is all completely unique to you.

Therefore your business strategy + the way you work and create should be totally unique to you as well! 

- YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WORK ALL THE TIME... But you don't have to be afraid to sell everyday. Actually you should be offering something daily! :)

TRUST what you feel called to offer to the world, and offer it. REGULARLY. It's a GIFT, and you will only serve more people by regularly reminding them that you're here and you've got something that can help them.

In fact, I'm creating a KILLER 30-Day Experience for visionaries like YOU who really truly want to grow your business, income and impact quickly... without working all day or doing #allofthethings!

CHECK IT OUT HERE because it's not going to be available for long :)

- F*ck the excuses.

Start working on your mindset shit NOW. Excuses are playing small. Be discerning and be free to say Yes or No as you need to... But screw the excuses. 

- On that note, you do not need to do or control allllll of the things... And you probably shouldn't. 

The day I let go of control was the day that I truly felt free. (And no one died. The world didn't end, and my business got WAY better!)

- Pay attention to and HONOR how you feel in all cases.

Always. Your heart knows what's best.

- Don't wait to do the big life stuff until xyz thing happens first!

The wedding, the vacas, the hikes or yoga sessions, drinks with friends or snuggles with your kids. That is the GOOD stuff (and you'll only recharge the batteries bringing more life into your business.)

- You do not need a huge team or to limit yourself by what you don't know how to do. 

- You don't need to give away the farm.

Also, your generosity, if given with no backend hope of return, WILL return.

- It's okay to not know where something is going sometimes.

That's part of the adventure, but if it's right for you... trust your gut, and go with your Intuition. Follow the feelings and the nudges.

My trick: I think about my vision for what I want in my life, who I want to be, what I want to do...

Then I ask myself, 'Is this nudge I'm getting right now matching that same feeling I have when I think about my big dreams, my big visions?"

If yes, I do what I'm feeling called to do.

If no, I scratch it. That's because the feeling is usually triggered by a low vibe emotion - fear, stress, anxiety - meaning that it's NOT going to take me closer to my plan. So I let it go and get refocused. 

- You can do the things NOW even if they feel totally imperfect! 

Imperfections are literally the KEY to perfection! This is what makes our worlds amazing and unique. It's why our souls come into so many physical bodies and lives; to learn. Without imperfection, how would you learn? how would you remember who you really are?

Also, fun story: Persian rug-makers stitch their rugs with an INTENTIONAL imperfect stitch hidden in the rug, with the purpose of highlighting the beauty in the imperfection of our reality. They intentionally "screw up".

Because the real beauty is in what makes each of us unique and yet, connects us all. Don't you know it?!

- You do not need to be everywhere online all at once. 

I kind of love reminding my clients of this. It totally liberates them from the pressure to be here and there and here and there and doing #somanythings... 

I'd rather see you do LESS but better, than try to do MORE and do it badly. 

It's way better on your sanity, too.

- You do not need to have a website before you can launch your group, your program, your xyz thing. 

I have a client who sold 8 coaching spots with NO website. And a friend who launched and sold a group program with no sales page, blog, or real content strategy...

Don't discount your purpose, your intention, your way of doing things. Is this the running theme or what?!

- You do not need to spend a million on branding in most cases.

I have seen a LOT of people drop major bucks on branding and design, without getting the other ducks in a row first.

Is the product needed? Do you love it and believe in it? Is it needed right now? Is your marketing strategy together otherwise?

What if you didn't need design... and you just sold through the way YOU do best? 

What if the VALUE was what mattered, not the prettiness of the site and all of that stuff?

Food for thought... remember, don't put unnecessary things in your way to making money.

- MAKE IT EASY to make money! 

You do not need to have fancy sales funnels OR a HUGE email list to get programs or products to sell. It actually should be what works for you. Let the complicated stuff come later if you get totally overwhelmed by it.

- You do not have to separate your personal stuff, your spirituality, your business or your babes (unless you want to).

Which is a lesson I've been learning over and over again lately! Just check out my recent podcast episode on letting the Universe + Your Business Plans play together to create major growth!

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- You can have a thriving business AND babies! (and be hugely successful and happy in all areas of your life).


I've got a 2 year old (almost 3yo - where has the time GONE!?) Let me tell you - having babies is GOOD FOR BUSINESS! When I started out, I only worked from 5-8am everyday. No joke, and I still was able to grow my impact and income more than enough to spend that next summer in Chicago with my parents, to take a 2 week trip to Italy for my 30th... To spend every.damn.day with my kiddo.

There's no motivation like having to take care of another human. Nothing like wanting another human to see you being happy, inspired, motivated, and successful.

There's nothing more motivating than that.
And creating global change... That, too ;)

- You DO NOT have to be chained to your laptop all the time... and in fact, releasing the shackles will help you build your biz faster! Promise! 

If you're like me, you're a dreamer, thought leader, deep thinker, creative type, idea machine... It's so important to give yourself SPACE to walk, to breathe, to do something fun and "not work related" so you can come back clear, refreshed and ready to focus.

It's key. That's why I help my clients with that all the time (and many of them work no more than a few hours per day while still signing on clients, receiving book publishing deals, filling their own programs, creating physical products, and more! 

- You need space to BREATHE and nature is where you'll get the clarity and major downloads you need to be productive, focused and in da flow!

I spend time outdoors everyday. How can you build that time in to your daily routine? Take calls on your walk? Be present and take photos? Listen to podcasts or just chill to some music? Dive into Active Meditation? 

You can do it. Nature can be your daily self love and FLOW-tivity! 

- You do not have to be a 1:1 coach starting out.

And in fact, many of my clients have started their businesses with products or programs or other offerings like group programs or books.

- You do not have to wait until you've had asked years in business to be SEEN or FEATURED online.

You do not need to have X years of expertise to get on stage or to write a book or start a podcast or to start really sharing your message and standing up for what you believe in.

There is no "requirement" for you to share your message, or to help people. Get out there with all of the love in your heart, and all of the great intentions that you have, and DO IT.

 - People constantly harp on people who like to LEARN and they tell you that it makes you slow.

Yes, you have to start actually DOING the stuff, taking the actions, selling at some point... But truly, you can seriously immerse yourself in learning constantly, and actually consider it all write-offs if it influences how you work or how you create income or impact. Really. Don't throw away the learning. The second you stop learning, you're done.

 - You can't fail. So just knock that BS out of your excuses and fears right now.

 - You'll have haters when you get really strong in your message. Not everyone will like you. It's okay. Keep going. 

 - You probably feel like no one "gets it" beyond Facebook, but you don't have to make this whole thing so freaking lonely!

In fact, don't! That's why I surround myself with business besties, and you should consider it, too! My upcoming Mastermind may be the perfect thing for you to get super tight and have all of the support and strategy YOU need while you grow your business.

Book a call here if you're curious about it! 

Most importantly, there's no right way but YOUR way.

This is all one big adventure!

Every second of your life! Your body, mind, heart, soul and purpose are all pieces of it.

Interested in learning more and building your Business in a way that feels good and works for you?
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