My first year in business, I was a little wee bit lonely.

I had mentors, but I wanted to have more REAL conversations with women I loved - you know make friends. It really only made sense to me to expand my friendships beyond Facebook.

Facebook ROCKS. I’ve met many of my soul sisters and brothers there.

But meeting people in-person, or via Skype, is just WAY more empowering, more fun, more fulfilling... you know, talking and discussing, brainstorming and sharing, empowering and up-leveling TOGETHER.

There are 5 Feel-Good Things You Need To Hit Your Income Goals for The Year, and one of which may (or may not) surprise you!

  • Mindset Mastery

  • Self Care/Wellness Non Negotiable

  • Streamlined Business Strategy

  • Massive Intuitive Action

  • Your Peeps

In the video below, I explain WHY. Plus, hear about…


Watch this video fully  on my Facebook Page !

Watch this video fully on my Facebook Page!

Being an Introvert, it surprised me how much I craved CONNECTION - with real humans who GOT me.

Often our families and friends and husbands, as well meaning as they are…. They just don’t get “this”. If you want to grow your business and increase your impact and income faster, get a mentor AND join a mastermind of women who can help you do it.

Joining a sisterhood, like the Rise and Thrive Mastermind can...

  1. Cultivate massive growth for your business … faster than you ever imagined (withOUT more hours or more sacrifice)
  2. Expand your audience, and impact more people via collaborations
  3. Accelerate your personal development and business growth (in a way that feels really GOOD)
  4. Help you become the HIGHEST, BEST YOU that you can be, by supporting you while you’re gettin’ real with yourself, your message, and your call to STEP UP
  5. Create better solutions, products, marketing strategies and business models
  6. Increase your income faster (we’re talking 6 figures and beyond) because you’ve got savvier strategies + ideas from people who know YOU and your business intimately
  7. Keep you CONNECTED to your soul family, feeling loved, and giving love while you support each other’s growth and happiness
  8. Help you FOLLOW THROUGH FULLY by keeping you motivated and accountable to your commitments to yourself and implement faster
  9. Empower you to take care of yourself, and to THRIVE in business and in your personal life
  10. Transform your mindset (imagine being around women who are expanding their income and impact in a sustainable way, being surrounded by women who decide, believe, commit and act!)

When I joined a mastermind, my business growth and my income and impact increased so quickly that it almost surprised me.

My mastermind sisters insisted on my growth, my impact, my strengths, my happiness, as much as I did for them. As a result I accomplished far more than I’d imagined I would… and I felt really GOOD doing it, because I did it in a way that lights me up.

You can do that, too.

Rise + Thrive Mastermind - For purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to expand their income and impact while LOVING your life!

You can rise and thrive as a purpose-driven, heart-centered entrepreneur, faster, with a sisterhood by your side.

You can accelerate your results, your impact, and your income. You can grow to over 6-figures in a way that’s sustainable and fulfilling.

You can finally do the things you’ve been afraid to do…

…. Speak on stage

…. Launch your podcast

…. Get featured in that magazine or blog

…. Sell out your signature program

…. Design a business that fits the lifestyle you crave

…. Put yourself and your happiness FIRST

…. Actually travel, attend events, take vacations on the beach (while your business grows)...

I see it for you, and i believe in you.

There’s no doubt in my mind that it is ALL possible for you.

Let’s create that dream and make it REAL faster… with a business and life coach and a tribe of women by your side who love you and GET YOU.

It’s only the best for you from here on up.