Do you find that you log onto Facebook with the intention of checking a few messages... only to realize that a whole hour has gone by and you've accomplished NOTHING?

Do you feel pressured to be on Facebook all day every day because, hey, so many people are getting clients there! Even though you haven't gotten a client from FB yet?

Do you feel constantly crunched for time, scatter-brained, and like your lacking focus?

Do you have a knot in your stomach when you haven't logged onto the Black Hole of Death (I mean, Facebook) for 4 hours?

This is your INTERVENTION!

AUDIO: Is Facebook Your Big Time-Suck? Find out how to use it responsibly for your business. Read More:

Real Talk. You're just not going to make more money or get more clients if you aren't focused on money-making activities.

If you've been sitting on FB for the past few weeks (or months...) and NOTHING has come of it, then you need to do some math for me. Let's prove that this isn't where you need to spend every waking hour.

Calculate the following: your hourly rate / avg # hours you spend on FB per day x total $ you bring in from Facebook 

So... how much are you paying yourself to sit on Facebook all day with little-to-no results? One of my clients did this exercise and realized she was making $4/hour. FOUR DOLLARS. Because she'd sold one tiny little thing that she could track back to Facebook.

One of the major things that my fellow entrepreneurs say they want more of is time, energy and focus. When asked, they said their biggest time-suck was - can you guess?


FACEBOOK. Above all other forms of social media. {cringe}

Facebook is a huge black hole time-sucking machine, right?! It's all their fault! That Mark, he designed it to be addicting! What a jerk!

WRONG. Facebook is NOT the problem, ladios. Mark is not the problem.

Your decision to focus on Facebook instead of on income-generating activities is the problem. Luckily, you can totally re-wire your focus to engage in tasks that make you money and light you up inside on a larger scale. 

No more relying on and getting distracted by the little FB notification button, or feeling bad when no one Likes your post. No more relying on that shell of instant gratification. Guess what? 

LIKES do NOT = $$.

Break your co-dependent Facebook Relationship NOW with these tips.

AUDIO: Is Facebook Your Big Time-Suck? Find out how to use it responsibly for your business. Read More:

 - Know your OBJECTIVES! What's your end game? Do you want to... Engage? Build community? Be known as an expert? Build your email list? Just know what you want to accomplish before you log on, do exactly what is on your task list, and then get off of Facebook!

 - Check your MESSAGES (including that little "filtered requests" area in the Other folder!) I've found inquiries about my services or people wanting to interview or collaborate with me hiding here.  Note: Genuinely helpful, generous 2-way convo should be your #1 Priority with Facebook.

 - KNOW where your audience is, what they want/need, and how you'll tie in YOUR authentic message and brand in every post.

 - Have a larger PLAN & STRATEGY for social media as well as a Content Calendar. Don't fight it: this will increase your Focus and results with far more ease than going all willy-nilly. When do you want to promote a piece of free content, or a paid offering? When will you give tips, ask questions or just show of your glimmering sense of humor?

 - Set a timer for Facebook. Get on, accomplish what you need to accomplish, and GET OFF. You really need 30 minutes maximum per day. 

 - Schedule it! Use Buffer or HootSuite to schedule your posts ahead of time. Try scheduling all of them on Sundays for the week ahead.

 - Create your images + bitly links ahead of time so they're all ready for your scheduled posts!

 - Know your Groups! Where do you need to be? How often? Where are your ideal clients/target audience? Go there, post, engage for a minute, and head the heck out!

COMMENT BELOW and tell me:

 :: What questions do you have?
 :: How do you plan your social media out ahead of time? 
 :: What trips you up and sucks your time and energy away? 

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