Great leadership isn't just leading others - it's loving and leading yourself.

Great leaders...

  • Are Trusted and Trusting - of themselves, of others, of the lifeforce of the world, of their path.
  • Guided by their personal truth.
  • Living for personal fulfillment, while empowering others to experience growth and happiness as well.
  • Full of Integrity. They know themselves... and they act from alignment most of the time.
  • Imperfect. They make mistakes and also OWN those mistakes through love, humor and communication.
  • Communicative, Vulnerable, Compassionate, Courageous, and Strong. They KNOW that they're leading by example.
  • Willing to ask for help, and they give help just as readily.
  • Focused on People just as much as Profit (often, even moreso). Though, they're still smart and understand that money can help you contribute at a different level, if that is what you crave.
  • Trusting of their own calling and purpose - if they don't see themselves going BIG, then they don't compare themselves to people who do. If they know that taking a right at the fork is perfect, they follow that nudge.
  • Allowed to have fun, to be creative, to have FUN… and to still believe that they have Purpose as all beings do.
  • SupportIVE just as much as they allow themselves to be SupportED.
  • They Empower others just as much as they Empower Themselves.
  • They embody Magnetic Energy because they're beacons where the struggling or the lost can find their way home until they come home to themselves.
  • They're Gentle, yet Firm. Life-Giving.
  • These people are Solution and Growth Oriented, and they seek to improve, to enhance, to lead by example.
  • They're Strategic, full of vision and mission… and very Adaptable because they KNOW that it will be OKAY.
  • They can handle pressure, and they can handle curveballs. They believe in themselves, and they TRUST.
  • These enlightened leaders are empathetic, but they hold boundaries…
  • They are intentional with their energy, time, and money… and their actions support that.
  • And they're Up for a Challenge because they have a mission; they're here to create ripple effect, impact, influence...
  • NOT just for the sake of it.
  • They are here to make a difference, to change old paradigms and create new ways of doings things.
  • They want to support others and solve problems.
  • They ask, "Where does it hurt? How can I help?"
  • They are trusted because they TRUST and they don't have to know all the answers...
  • That's where their calm and ease comes from: they surrender to the not knowing and they adapt.
  • They're present, yet planning from the heart and the head.
  • And they KNOW that two heads are better than one when it comes to creating shift - whether that shift is embodied by serving 1:1 or through messages that reach masses.
  • They may feel the urge to shrink, but they don't... because they know their own FEARS are no match for the ELEVATION of FAITH that occurs when you empower others to rise with you.

Welcome to the rise of the enlightened entrepreneur.

This is SOUL work. This is LIFE GIVING.

This is purely created out of SERVICE and LOVE.

I've been dancing around hosting my 3rd mastermind for a while now, because there is NOTHING like having the support of a group AND a mentor, energy healer, and mindset master at the same time.

I love curating these spaces where great minds and wonderful souls can meet regularly - and discuss everything from business strategy to the little things in life, to the DEPTH and SOUL of their mission and vision.

I've been coaching for a while and have evolved my services a lot over the past few years - I know how to help YOU heal from the inside out, and it isn't by just immersing yourself in another pure business strategy.

Yes, strategy is GOOD and necessary, but you have to infuse it with energy, with fun, with faith, with soul, with spirit, with vision and mission, with your VALUES. Strategy that works comes from an amazing mind and intentional, intuitive actions. 

If you're going to create massive SHIFTS in the world in your own beautiful and unique way, you have to accept that ONLY having business strategy without the energy, the mindset, the faith, the serious self acceptance is truly going to have you out of alignment.

In this experience, you'll step into your HIGHEST calling: that person you become when you're more focused and intentional in ALL that you do, when you're embodying what's listed above...

When you're defining YOUR way of creating through play, purpose and prosperity.

You're here to create change in the world - to create ripple effect in only the way YOU can for people you care about and probably people or place or things that you haven't even touched or met yet.

In the Change-Makers Mastermind - a collective, an experience, a meeting space of love and total acceptance - you'll receive all of the support you need to evolve into that leader that you're most meant to be.

We're going beyond the traditional goals of signing on x clients or making $x per month. (Those are things we can talk about but note that this mastermind is for the woman who's ready to rise up for the causes she cares about. This is about creating movements and shifts - no matter how big or small.)

This is for the person who's ready to collaborate, contribute, grow, and face fears with a support system around her.

The mastermind will be highly curated with only 8 available seats, and it's really for you if you want to show up for others, in support of others, just as much as you want to show up for yourself.

This is for the enlightened woman who knows she needs and WANTS to be supported, to step up in a more fulfilling, more liberating, more life-giving way.

Starts: April 2017. Lasts through November 2017.
*Do not apply if you're not willing to make the commitment.*
8 seats total.
- 4 day retreat in California (in person is POWERFUL)
- Group Deep Dive Coaching: 2x/month
- 1:1 Coaching + Energy Healing Sessions: 1x/month

*opportunity to book an in-person intensive with me for 1/2 off to kick off your space :)*

AWESOME BONUSES! Like access to everything I've created so far. :)