I've been procrastinating on something seemingly insignificant but which has meaning far beyond what I've realized previously.

We have lived in our new rental home since December of this past year - about 8 months now.

But we haven't hung artwork or bought much furniture.

The Odd Thing I've Been Procrastinating On At Home That Totally Effects My Business #adventureknocks blog, by Business Success Coach + Productivity Coach, Allison Horner #productive #entrepreneur

We keep saying it's isn't important. That we probably won't have a place like this long, that we need the money for other things.

Without getting into all of the implications underneath that having to do with money (there are plenty!) let's talk about the realization and root of this mentality.

We haven't hung artwork because we are afraid we won't be here long.

This says so much about my business. I kept telling myself I'm investing it in other things or I'm being smart. 

But it's not that. 

It's that we are afraid to be committed to this home long-term.

We don't want to invest in our home because it's a rental and we are afraid that we'll move soon. 

The artwork being avoided is just sillyness though!

I always envisioned my self in a simple and beautiful home. Sketching cozy a don slightly eclectic be mostly inspiring, with nooks to create  and find solace. To read or to write.

This home doesn't feel like ours and it lacks inspiration - we were afraid to let it inspire us. We have been afraid of losing it.

But this lack of faith is about myself not my business or Carson's job. It's about me.
I'm ready to forgive myself for this and move on. 

It's time to buy the artwork. To create a space where my son will love his home. I am ready to open myself up to receive all that we need in order to access this creative outlet.

I begin a new journey in my business this week and I'm ready for this to be reality. In fact it already is.

I am ready to have symbols of love and not fear everywhere. Faith at all times. Constant reminders of our purpose of simply being happy. 

I welcome this, and I'm ready! 

Who else is ready for change?!