You were meant to be an entrepreneur.

You believe in what you’re creating. You’re insanely passionate and inspired. You’re going to change the world and make millions.

When you’re creating, innovating, and striving for success - the way that we are - your brain doesn’t shut down. You have so many ideas, so much to create, so much to get done.


You can’t sleep because you’re so excited!... And stressed.

You feel so inspired!... And overwhelmed.

You’re finally seeing demand!... And zero time for yourself, your family or your friends.

You can’t WAIT to make millions!... But right now, you’re stuck in feast or famine.


And you’re starting to feel the effects.


Headaches. Tension. Your pants won’t button, or maybe they’re falling off your bones.

Your Significant Other is tired of you always working, or talking about work.

You just think, “The eye-roll is strong with this one today.”


Let’s get real: you’re trying to “beat” the Burnout. You think it’s just part of the job.


You’re running as fast as you can to do “all of the things” before it catches you. It’s inching closer. You feel it at the back of your neck, and now your stomach hurts.


Take a deep breath. You’re in entrepreneur breakdown. Accept it and move forward.


The good news: This “always on” existence is not the only way to do things. Burnout, exhaustion, overwhelm and long hours are not the only way to “find success”. You can have the life you love AND the business you love, too.

Are you open to the possibility that there is a much better way to feel like you’re gaining momentum, while still having time, energy, capacity to do all the things you love, with the people you love? Or to just take some time for yourself?

Here we go.


So how do we then allow ourselves to take a damn break, when we’re so flipping inspired?


1. Make YOURSELF the priority.

What does your ideal day look like? 

What lights you up? What energizes and inspires you?

Who do you want to be with?

What do you need in terms of self care in order to feel good and perform at your best?


A. ACTION: List out those things. Now Block off time for them in your calendar FIRST.

After that, comes business.

I can feel you rolling your eyes. You can be successful in LESS time, if you focus on the right tasks.

Busy = Broke.

Know your worth as an entrepreneur. Make yourself the #1 priority. If you burnout… so will your business.

B. ACTION: Maintain and believe that taking care of yourself will only fuel your success as a business owner. Yep, Mindset work, ladies.

Note: there is no universal right work/life mix. Gary Vaynerchuk recently talked about how his work/life mix looks like a lot of work right now to some people, but that works for him. He’s feeling good, and his family is feeling good, and his business feels good. That’s what matters.

I’m not successful on Gary V or Marie Forleo-level status, but I feel pretty damn good with my work-life flow.

I designed my business from the start so that I would only work in the mornings, because that’s how I wanted it to be. So I’m Done by 1pm. Latest. 85% of the time.

I’m a morning person, so in the morning, I’m on FIRE. Lit up, inspired, a better creator and coach.

In the afternoon, I need to be outside, playing, decompressing, getting inspired. And I need to be with my 2-year-old. He naps, I get to chill out a bit and watch a documentary, do yoga, or have a beer on the porch with a book or listen to a podcast. There’s usually a 6 mile run or hike, and then playtime at the park or at the house.

It’s MY time though.  That’s what works for me, and I’ve sold out my coaching 2x because of it. I’m actually focusing on scaling my business right now and being cool with having half of the client load that I used to take one. More on that later.


(I always have a pen and notebook just in case, you know, inspiration hits. We often find inspiration, “in the cracks” or “in the spaces” as Chris Lee says. I probably butchered that. Sorry, Chris!)


THINK ON IT: What do you need to do to be creative, to feel inspired, to feel productive, or to feel Intuitive and aligned? What lights you up?


What does your perfect day look like?
What do you want MORE of in your life?
How can you adjust your schedule accordingly?

2. Give yourself deadlines and FOCUS on the right tasks.


Yes, if you prioritize self care and mindset work, and if you know that you want more time with the people you love… then you’ll probably have less hours to work on your business.

Focus that time by working in your Zone of Genius and doing only things that will generate income.

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Your time is FAR more valuable than your income. Respect your time. Focus on having massive impact with the time that you’re working on your business, and the money will follow.


ACTION: Pick 1-3 essential tasks for each day (sometimes, it’s just 1 for me.) List them out. Put them on the wall. Dedicate yourself to those tasks ONLY.

No distractions. No procrastinating. Get them done.


If you can’t get yourself out of the “but I NEED MORE HOURS or I will have a heart attack!” Belief, it’s time for you to do some mindset work.

Try this.

3a. Scrub out your disempowering beliefs of what “success” must look like.

Were you sent the message that you didn’t deserve to make money or enjoy a life of freedom and flexibility... if you didn’t work long hours, or do something noble, like save babies?

My mom is a neonatal nurse. She literally saves babies.

I didn’t believe anything I wanted to do - writing, teaching, coaching, being creative in any form - was worthy of making money, because I wasn't saving babies. I literally used to think I’d live in a cardboard box one day when the bottom dropped out from me chasing my dreams. 

Try scrubbing years of that shit out of your head. 

I went to work on that old belief that I wasn't worthy of making money, unless I literally saved someone's life in the process.

And honestly, part of what helped me, was THIS forgive and let live exercise.

(Truthfully, it still comes up sometimes, but there are a lot of exercises here you can use to help you move past them.)

3b. Next, Install new beliefs about how self care, self love, and enjoying your time on Earth will actually FUEL your business success.

“Every time I go for a run, I come up with a new idea, or solution, or connection.” I used to say that to myself while I was running. I’m pretty sure that’s how I’m able to run 6-8 miles regularly when just months ago, I was only finishing 2 in a hot, sweaty mess.

3c. Choose your own beliefs - repeat them. Put the on sticky notes and hang them up around your house.

If you’re on the verge of burnout, can you honestly afford NOT to do this for yourself?

Sidenote: anything else that is essential that you don’t love or know how to do well? Outsource. If you can. At some point, your time must become more valuable than your money. And there are experts who could crunch essential tasks out faster than you could. Think on that.

4. Be where you are.


If you’re working on your business, be there fully.

On the phone with a client, be present. Give them your full attention. Listen. Be IN that conversation and serve them.

Sitting on the couch with your SO? Be there 100%. You wanna have great relationships? BE THERE.

On a walk? Be there. Notice all of the little things around you. Engage all 5 senses. Notice how you feel.


Nothing will feel as good, as fulfilling, or as wonderful if you aren't there 100%.

BTW, we’re human beings, not machines. I get caught up in “inspired” mode sometimes, too. Again, it’s that amazing space you give yourself that will propel you to success. Not the other way around.

Work on loving yourself and your life just as much as your business, and you and your business will only thrive because of it.

How do you ensure you take care of yourself? What results have you seen in your business? What do you plan to do more of to fuel your success?

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