I’m writing this to you from the Starbucks Patio, where I’m sitting in the sun and enjoying some Cold Brew coffee! I love coffee, but I don’t typically fuel up with anything this strong, so I’m a little bit bouncy today... it's a LOT of energy for this gal.

I was chatting with my guides today, and after seeing even more inspiration to talk about this from the universe, I just had to do it. (Finally).

Do you have celebrities, authors, singers, artists, etc that you just WORSHIP? Maybe you look at them and adore what they create, how they talk, how they lead, the part they play in the world…?

But you don’t KNOW them - like the inside-out behind the scenes, BFF KNOWING of their lives.


Yet, you WANT to (kind of). You want to break off a piece of their Wonder Bread and develop some of those amazing skills, or killer life situations that they have.

Maybe you wish you had their money, their looks, their ability to create, to live the way they do, or to have certain characteristics that they do…

And it makes you feel… bad. Less than. Not enough. Lacking. Stuck. Unmotivated.... or maybe motivated to "catch up."


Maybe you think everything is just "easy" for them. They just popped out of the womb with natural magical talent, skills, looks, situations, experiences, access, resources, family, support...

They're “special”... that’s why they can create or lead or live or act in a certain way that is bolder, freer, happier (at least on the surface). That's why they have more money, greater success, zero typos in their facebook posts, and consistently perfect hair...

But we don't see behind the scenes at all of their humanness, their struggles, emotions, bad days, and growing pains.

We don't see into their souls, their missions, their hearts, when we put other people on a pedestal.

I’ve been noticing a pattern for a while now, ever since I joined the entrepreneurial world: 

We have our own form of Celebrity Worship in our world. There are a few entrepreneurs we put up on pedestals just like we do celebrities.

The only difference is that we don’t follow them around with cameras or jump out from behind bushes to snap them in their bathing suits at the beach….Yet.

When we put others up “above” ourselves, we do a few things that affect us and them and everyone around us….

  • We give our power away to them, and what we BELIEVE them to be from our limited view of them. You are WAY too powerful to sit in that energy of feeling “not enough”, to compare yourself to others.

  • When we feel powerless/less than/not enough, it's easy to sit in inaction or feel "stuck" or "behind". Then, we don’t do what we dream of to the degree we’d like to, or the energy around our actions is that of “well, I’ll still never be [name]...”

  • We end up feeling heavier, more pressured, less motivated, and less inspired to take action often because we think it won’t ever be good enough.

  • We discount our own gifts - our unique creative ideas, skills, natural assets, and beautiful insides, and we serve no one by letting them hide in the shadows.

  • We take personal responsibility away from ourselves to feel good, to feel fulfilled, to change our lives, thoughts and circumstances… and we hand that pressure over to everyone else… which leaves us feeling even more powerless.

  • We compare (me vs. her), rather than empower/ appreciate (me + her = ONE). Comparisson = heavy energy, negative emotions that push away and keep us stuck. Empowerment/Appreciation = love, light energy that attracts and creates.

  • We place PRESSURE on them - to be perfect, to meet our expectations, to be prey to our judgements when they “mess up” or don’t do things the way we think they should. That energy you put out there will affect them, for sure… and you.


If you find yourself comparing, worshipping, craving for others, and judging, try this meditation for finding your own inner strengths, inner creativity, and for cutting the energetic cord with them instead.


NOTE: Sit silently in a space where you won’t be disturbed for a minute or two, OR do this while walking or hiking away from traffic.


Picture the person that you find yourself looking up to, wishing you were like, wishing you knew, wishing you had their skill, talent, characteristic, opportunities, etc or something that you believe they have that you don’t have.

See them standing in front of you, just as they are, as a soul having a human experience, with a cord connecting the two of you together.

Ask yourself: what is it about you that I desire or admire, that I find myself jealous of, or afraid to create within my own self?

Be totally OPEN to hearing the honest answer to this, as it will reveal what needs to be healed and created within you.

Take out your scissors, and cut the cord connecting you two. Embrace in a hug filled with love and light, and allow them to walk away with grace and appreciation radiating from you both. This releases them from your energy + attachment to them.

Give them a final blessing, wishing all the best for them, and that they are eternally happy and healthy.

Now that you are alone in this space, feeling love and lighter by not holding you both down, it’s time to elevate your state and bring your power out from within.

Rub your hands together momentarily to charge them with energy.

Place your hands out in front of your heart, as if you’re holding a soccer ball in front of you. This ball represents your inner power and energy.

Ask: what characteristics, natural abilities, gifts, hidden talents, do I have already living within?

Listen, and appreciate what comes up naturally.

(If nothing came up, ask yourself instead: what do others compliment me on regularly, or what do people often ask me for help with, even subtly?)

Receive the gifts and your awareness of them with love and light. See them entering the ball of light in front of you, making it a beautiful, vibrant color of your own choosing.

Ask: What is it that I see in this person’s lifestyle, that I wish to emulate? And why do I want that? What will it make me FEEL to emulate it?

Accept the answers coming from within.

Ask: Can I create that feeling or experience that feeling from my own creation? What can I do to  experience it NOW just as I am?

Accept that as it comes in, and allow yourself to be immersed in it.

Ask: what would I like to do, to be, to enhance or cultivate from within my own self, my own resources, my own situation, my own life, that will support me in feeling the way I wish to every day? How can I do this for myself?

Receive the answers with love and light.

Ask: What do I LOVE in my life right now?

Receive it, and appreciate it. What you appreciate, appreciates!

Now place your ball of light and love that is totally filled up with your personal truths and power into your heart, and watch it fill in your entire body and energetic field. Ask that field of abundance and personal power to expand out to the room you’re in, all the way past your home, city, state, country, past the world, into the center of the earth, and out into the entire universe.

This is an abundant energy that grows MORE magnetic and abundant when you share it and expand it outward to support others, and to receive.

Come back to yourself and the present moment.


How do you feel now that you’ve released this person?

How do you feel now that you’ve ignited your own personal power and elevated your state?!

What do you wish to DO next?!


This will help you tap into your own creativity and inner power, and start to take action with a beautiful elevated energy around your actions.

Your energy will be more infused with intention and belief, making your actions more intentional, intuitive, and aligned with your own deepest desires, truths, and personal needs. 

You are on your own purposeful path, and the humans you put up on that pedestal? They're just trying to have their own experience here on earth, too. Give them that space to do so, and you'll ignite and inspire more people to do the same.

That renewed energy and faith in yourself is like infusing yourself with beautiful, radiant, light energy full of love!

When you let others off the hook and start to take personal responsibility for what YOU want to create and be in the world, you’ll find yourself coming up with ideas, solutions, experiences, words and thoughts that are SO unique and unlike anyone else’s, because you were completely detached from emulating or pleasing anyone else.

You don’t need to be “the next [whoever you worship]”.

There is more than enough room here for us all to make an impact, help others, serve, and support as we lead our lives.

You are always enough.