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What does Freedom mean to you? (+ FREE Freedom Formula Guide!)


What does Freedom mean to you? (+ FREE Freedom Formula Guide!)

When you hear the word "freedom" what do you think of?

Independence? The ability to live life on your own terms? Not having to ask permission to have the experiences you desire, or to spend time with people you love?

  • Would it mean being able to visit your brother or sister for a long weekend whenever you want?
  • Would it mean being able to work from Bali or France for a month?
  • Would it mean being able to take your son to the park in the middle of the day?
  • Would it mean being able to go to Spin Class at 1 in the afternoon without asking permission? 
  • Would it mean being able to go to all of your kid's hockey games without having to ask anyone if it was okay?
  • Would it mean being able to prioritize self care and personal needs above all else?
    Would it mean putting your own desires first?
  • Would it mean having enough money to feel at ease?
  • Having the confidence to step out into the world and build a legacy filled with purpose and vision and great energy... without overwhelm or burnout?
  • Would it mean being rid of worry and limiting beliefs?
  • Would it mean ending the struggle and beginning to thrive in your own business, with ease and confidence?
  • Would it mean trusting that you're making the right decisions, that you can control more about your own success and freedom than you ever imagined?

What would it mean to You to have Freedom?

Freedom is that thing that people desire, so I created this special FREE Guide for aspiring female entrepreneurs, like you, whose greatest wish is to build their legacy, have a thriving business, live a beautiful life, and to do it all with ease, confidence and wellbeing.

The biggest struggles that come up for my clients and many people I've interviewed, is overwhelm, worry, and "never having enough time ,or energy, or money". (Let's banish those lacking beliefs now, shall we?) The Freedom Formula Guide will help you with all of that.

I'm spilling my 8-Step Secret Sauce.


Stop Struggling.

Start Thriving.



Download The Guide by clicking on the image below and SIGNING UP. 

Then go ahead and PIN it or SHARE with your friends and family on social media!

This hugely awesome guide (more like a stellar Workbook) is packed with loads of tips, exercises and information to get you where you need to go in life and your new business. It's designed specifically for aspiring entrepreneurial women who want to thrive with more ease and less overwhelm.

Now YOU can SIGN UP by clicking the image above or the red button below. You'll get to download your copy, and SHARE with your friends and family and social networks.

So where is this all coming from?

This past month has been all about two things for me: Freedom and Family. Attracting Freedom, Peace and Ease is a large part of my daily practice manifesting process because they're some of my deepest desires. Things have been going so well that I've had to UP my manifesting and visualization game. In fact, desiring these things has come up with every one of my current clients, my family, my friends, and other entrepreneurial women in my coaching program (yep! I'm part of another high-level group program, and it feels SO good to be surrounded by more entrepreneurs like me.)

If I can help just 10 people through this guide - if I can help YOU find independence, freedom, success, abundance, ease, confidence... I'll be happy! I'll have done what I came here to do.

I'm sure you're thinking, "WHY does she care about this so much? What's the deal?" 

Don't you feel like you were meant for more?

My life just a year ago didn't look anything like this. Not even close. I'm so grateful for where I am now, and I know that there are other women out there who deeply desire to build a legacy and to grow through their own CEO, ladyboss, entrepreneurial business. My mission is to help women like You blaze the trail with ease, confidence and success. Because for us, it's not just about the ME in this equation. It's about our families, our friends... our children. It's about passing on the knowledge we gain and making a larger impact on the world.

There is more than enough success and abundance of love, energy, money, knowledge, and confidence to go around. 

Download the Freedom Formula Guide today, and please share with your friends and family.

BONUS: Once you've downloaded the Freedom Formula, please join my Facebook Group: Choose Your Own Adventure, for Smart, Bold Women. In the group there will be a corresponding CHALLENGE to help you implement the steps within the guide. I also actively participate in the group and will help you get any clarity or questions answered. 

I hope you find it impactful, clear and helpful for your business. As always, please email me, write a comment below this post, or share with us on social media!

With Love,



Expressing Gratitude


Expressing Gratitude


We have welcomed so many great opportunities and experiences into our lives over the past month that I felt it was super important to express how thankful I am. Now, I'm usually a little bit quirky, but I felt that today was a day to let the true serious, sincere side out for a minute. I'm thankful for the wonderful women I work with, thankful for my wonderful family for their support and hard work, thankful for my mentor and coach (we all have one, and if you don't, you should get one!) I'm thankful that I live in such a beautiful place and that we'll be traveling to stay with family again this month. I'm thankful that my son will grow up knowing his grandparents. I'm thankful that we have wonderful friends. 

I'm so very grateful that I'm able to do what I love, and work from wherever I want to, and that I am blessed with the opportunity to meet so many amazing people full of potential and drive. The women I work with come to me when they're stuck, sometimes desperate, sometimes sad, often afraid. Just the act of saying "I choose myself. I do this for myself. I choose to move forward and try something new." THAT is so inspirational to me! You all inspire me every day, in so many ways, by your dedication to yourselves, your families, your happiness, your success. Bravo YOU!

What are you most grateful for today? How will you express your gratitude? 


Summer of Travel: It's All Happening


Summer of Travel: It's All Happening

It has been a busy, beautiful few months in our household! My husband landed his dream job and I've been working with some wonderful people at Adventure Knocks! It's important to celebrate successes, big and small! We are filled with so much gratitude.

Remember me mentioning that one of my summer goals... okay more like #lifegoals, was to travel more? Well, it's all happening!

In the past two months, we've visited family in Chicago, we've spent a few glorious weekends in the mountains, and we also took a staycation in Denver and will be back in Chicago again soon. And, our flights to Italy this Fall are BOOKED!

Hiking in Breckenridge over 4th of July weekend.

Hiking in Breckenridge over 4th of July weekend.

While this may not sound super exciting to some, to us, it was awesome. This has been us listening to our desires and making it happen.

Do we have to financially plan for things? Yes. We do. We rent our home out on AirBnb to cover some of our costs, and it actually makes us get out of town and keeps us from falling back into the last-minute Saturday morning "What were we going to do today...?" rut. Having some balance between work and play is key to our happiness, so we made it happen!

We love visiting different places, spending time with people we miss, and showing our little guy new things. As adults, it can get easy to just stay where it's safe, where everything is exactly the same every day, where you know every one. But my husband and I know that we want to grow as people, and so we've decided to explore more.

And, not to mention, travel is good for your resume and your career growth!

As adults, we can sometimes lose our sense of wonder, too. Exploring a new place, or even seeing an old place through the eyes of a child, can open your eyes. No matter where we are, Finn is into everything: little blades of grass, the cat's whiskers, the pattern on a blanket, carpeting, rocks on the ground, a river running through the mountain, the way water pours from this cup into that silver, metal bucket. I swear I heard him say, "Ooooohhh, shiny!"

It made me think; when was the last time I really indulged my curiosity? When did I last sit and look at the world around me without being stuck in my own thoughts? Even in my time off, I don't do much of this, but I have been more and more! (Babies keep you bizay.)

So I want you to ask yourself: when was the last time I was truly curious about something? When was the last time I went outside and really watched and listened and let myself be filled with wonder? What can I do to explore more (at home or away)? What can I do to celebrate the little things and keep myself moving forward in my life and career today?