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How Harry Helped Me Get Over My Fear of Public Speaking

When I was young I hated reading aloud in class. I dreaded when my teacher would tell us we were going to do Popcorn Reading. While I actually could read and write very, very well, when I had to read aloud in front of anyone I would stutter, blush and sound like I couldn't read at all.

Queue: EYE ROLL.

Really, I had a terrible fear of speaking in front of the class or any strangers (in large or small groups) for a very long time.

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I couldn't talk to a boy without my face fully blushing until I graduated college.


Reading Harry Potter changed all of that. While I had always devoured books silently, often reading through the night, JK Rowling's works really had me thoroughly enjoying every second. I was, and am, in awe of her ability to be so creative. It still stuns me.

When I had Finn, I knew exactly what I would read aloud to him. He's only 14 months old and already I have so much fun using all different voices and accents to tell him the story so that it's truly entertaining. This did a tremendous thing for me... without me realizing it; it helped me get over my fear of public speaking.

You're told over and over again how you'll "grow out of things" or that it'll "get easier". And for new parents, you're constantly told "having a baby changes everything." [EYE ROLL.] This was one thing that changed for me, that I grew out of, that got easier. It may not be a room full of people who I'm reading aloud to, but at least it's a start.