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JOIN us in the 7 Day Visibility Queens Challenge (Starting Nov. 9!), + Win Cool Stuff

Okay, so by now, I'm hoping you saw my previous post all about BEING THE SANTA CLAUS OF YOUR ADULTHOOD and believing in yourself. If not, go check it out because there are amazing tips AND a free worksheet in there just for you, because believing in yourself and trusting yourself is KEY in entrepreneurship.

If you LOVED that post, you've got to join in the 7 DAY VISIBILITY QUEENS CHALLENGE starting NEXT WEEK, MONDAY, NOV. 9, 2015! 

Being visible about my business was one of the HARDEST things for me at the beginning. I was terrified of putting myself out there, even though I knew it was ESSENTIAL to getting clients, being seen and getting content on my website... and therefore actually serving others with their business needs. And it's also one of the biggest needs of my current clients and many entrepreneurs out there. But how will you get clients or customers if you aren't out there being seen, lady? 

So let me help you with that. When you join this challenge you'll get SO many great ideas and tips, plus I'll tell you exactly how to get your contest entries every day during the challenge (without spamming or feeling that ick-factor.) This is all about showing off YOU, YOUR voice, YOUR business, YOUR purpose and attracting the right peeps to you. 

I'll give you all that you need to help you start breaking down your visibility issues and turn you into a visibility queen - because we ALL struggle with putting ourselves out there, right? So I'm here to help with that. It's free. You could WIN prizes. SIGN UP, ladybosses! 

You could win awesome prizes, like... 

  • A copy of one of my favorite books, Choose Yourself, by James Altucher
  • A copy of another of my faves, The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance, by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay
  • A copy of my FREE ebook, The Freedom Formula: Build Your Business, Love Your Life - a guide for entrepreneurial women, like you! (worth $50 US)
  • A beautiful piece of inspirational wall art for your home or office (worth up to $50 US)
  • A FREE 1-Hour Business Clarity Call with me (worth $250 US)

The 7-Day Visibility Queen Challenge is all about helping you get past your visibility issues so you can become a Visibility Queen. #visibilityqueens

It's time to start leading and building your business with courage by showing up. All of the success, all of of the purpose waiting on the other side of your fear is SO worth it. It’s time to start showing up for your business and yourself so you can have the success you desire, be seen and heard by your clients, and become more financially abundant as a result.

IMPORTANT! HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET? If not you won't be entered for the contest or get the daily challenge prompts, so get on that, ladyboss! 

You ready to REALLY start believing in yourself and showing up for your business? YES?! SIGN UP for the 7 DAY VISIBILITY QUEENS CHALLENGE!