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{VIDEO} Simplicity Creates Wealth: My Top Simple Tips for Business Success

Let's get real.

We've all had that morning

The one where you struggle to get ready on time. You try on 18 outfits, change your hair twice, walk back and forth from the fridge to the pantry three times before you just decide on a latte because "it's easier",  and then you're totally frazzled by the time you get to at the coffee shop where you're faced with even more options... 

Do I order a latte, or cappuccino, wait make it non-fat... wait - is fat good now? Finally you sign on to your computer to work, but you can't decide what task to focus on first because your emails blow up instantly, and you don't have a to-do list from the night before helping you prioritize.

So instead you allow yourself to be dominated by your inbox, and you go on Facebook (and Twitter, and Pinterest, and Instagram, and OH! I just got a Periscope notification!)... where you just become more overwhelmed and end up in a black hole that sucks your productive time away.

By the end of the day, you don't feel as if you've accomplished anything - yet, you feel totally burned out.

VIDEO simplicity creates wealth for entrepreneurial business creates wealth and ease

Let me give you the loving, gentle smackdown: you're overwhelmed with options and information leading to indecision and lack of control and focus.

The worst end result... this all erodes your trust in yourself because you've lost your ability to follow through on your promises or to prioritize your own well being.

Do Not Fear. This is 100% FIXABLE. It's time to simplify your business and your home life. SUPER essential if you're an entrepreneur because your time is money and you need to conserve your time and energy for what you love and what will produce income in your business.

WATCH this quick video all about the benefits of simplifying everything in your life and how we simplify at home and in my business. Grab your pen and take some notes, ladyboss!

I hope you get a lot out of the free video. I'd love to hear your feedback and additional ideas!

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