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10 Ways To Make The Holidays A Breeze When You Run Your Own Business


10 Ways To Make The Holidays A Breeze When You Run Your Own Business

Go from frazzled, overwhelmed mess to calm, cool, collected, Holiday-loving business owner again! 

If you love the Holiday Season as much as I do, you probably want to actually enjoy it instead of working the entire time. I'll help you learn how to have your biz running smoothly so you can avoid that overwhelmed, frenzied state of mind and get into relaxation mode with these top 10 ways to make the Holidays a breeze. 

Plus, get a Downloadable, Printable Holiday Prep Checklist to will help you high-achieving businesswomen prep - whether you're a blogger, a coach, a consultant or any type of entrepreneur with little to no team around you to help you out.



JOIN us in the 7 Day Visibility Queens Challenge (Starting Nov. 9!), + Win Cool Stuff

Okay, so by now, I'm hoping you saw my previous post all about BEING THE SANTA CLAUS OF YOUR ADULTHOOD and believing in yourself. If not, go check it out because there are amazing tips AND a free worksheet in there just for you, because believing in yourself and trusting yourself is KEY in entrepreneurship.

If you LOVED that post, you've got to join in the 7 DAY VISIBILITY QUEENS CHALLENGE starting NEXT WEEK, MONDAY, NOV. 9, 2015! 

Being visible about my business was one of the HARDEST things for me at the beginning. I was terrified of putting myself out there, even though I knew it was ESSENTIAL to getting clients, being seen and getting content on my website... and therefore actually serving others with their business needs. And it's also one of the biggest needs of my current clients and many entrepreneurs out there. But how will you get clients or customers if you aren't out there being seen, lady? 

So let me help you with that. When you join this challenge you'll get SO many great ideas and tips, plus I'll tell you exactly how to get your contest entries every day during the challenge (without spamming or feeling that ick-factor.) This is all about showing off YOU, YOUR voice, YOUR business, YOUR purpose and attracting the right peeps to you. 

I'll give you all that you need to help you start breaking down your visibility issues and turn you into a visibility queen - because we ALL struggle with putting ourselves out there, right? So I'm here to help with that. It's free. You could WIN prizes. SIGN UP, ladybosses! 

You could win awesome prizes, like... 

  • A copy of one of my favorite books, Choose Yourself, by James Altucher
  • A copy of another of my faves, The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance, by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay
  • A copy of my FREE ebook, The Freedom Formula: Build Your Business, Love Your Life - a guide for entrepreneurial women, like you! (worth $50 US)
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The 7-Day Visibility Queen Challenge is all about helping you get past your visibility issues so you can become a Visibility Queen. #visibilityqueens

It's time to start leading and building your business with courage by showing up. All of the success, all of of the purpose waiting on the other side of your fear is SO worth it. It’s time to start showing up for your business and yourself so you can have the success you desire, be seen and heard by your clients, and become more financially abundant as a result.

IMPORTANT! HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET? If not you won't be entered for the contest or get the daily challenge prompts, so get on that, ladyboss! 

You ready to REALLY start believing in yourself and showing up for your business? YES?! SIGN UP for the 7 DAY VISIBILITY QUEENS CHALLENGE!


How You Can Be The Santa Of Your Adulthood


How You Can Be The Santa Of Your Adulthood

believing in yourself holidays santa

You get an amazing idea, and you're all "Holy Hell: this is going to be amazing." Maybe what you want to design is a new app, an e-course, a line of handmade kids clothes, a book, a company, a solution to someone's problem. So you start getting into this high. You begin formulating the plans to execute this idea. You're totally immersed in this brilliant idea and how it's going to flipping transform your life, and other people's lives... and then it hits. 

It's that voice. It's back again.

This is going to be so much work. What if you put all of this time, money and energy into this and it doesn't work? What if people hate it? You'll just embarrass yourself if you fail. Was this a stupid idea in the first place? Yeah, probably... I'll just let it go and go back to doing everything exactly the same. Why risk it? It's just easier to not think about it anymore.

Raise your hand if you've been here before. I know I have, over and over and over.



But then that voice comes back and tells you it's stupid. If you don't believe in yourself, you may end up squashing your brilliant ideas and solutions to the problems in the world before you even begin.

Did you know that you have the ability to choose your thoughts?”

You believed in Santa Claus for 8 years. You can't see Santa. You can't smell him. You have obviously never touched the real Santa (besides taking cute photos on one of his "helpers'" knees in the middle of the mall when you were 5.) You have doubtless heard many stories about him, and you believed in him so deeply and intently for a long time that there was no way he wasn't real. Remember that feeling of believing in someone you couldn't see?

You were able to do this - believe in this unseeable, un-feelable, intangible being - for years. 

So how do we cultivate that ability to have unwavering faith in something amazing, like ourselves?

You've got to be your own Santa Claus. 

Not the creepy Santa from the mall who smelled like cheese. I think we called him "Santa's Helper." 

You want to have this feeling with yourself... warm, fuzzy, trusting, believing, everything is right with the world type of goodness. 

Image:  Schmoes Know

You see and feel your own transformation internally every day. You know of your own countless amazing experiences, abilities, and life learnings. You know how far you've come in your life. So why aren't you able to believe in yourself, and in your own ability to have great ideas, to create things that matter, to learn and to improve the world?


So how do we do that? Some ideas that may help you begin to trust yourself and your own abilities again:

An example of one affirmation I have written down on a sticky note in my house. I also have this as an alarm on my phone for mid-afternoon, when my energy tends to dip.

An example of one affirmation I have written down on a sticky note in my house. I also have this as an alarm on my phone for mid-afternoon, when my energy tends to dip.

  • Connect with your WHY. Why is this idea in my head? Why is it important to me? What do I really desire to get from this at the heart of it all? What's the purpose
  • FOLLOW THROUGH on your projects and ideas that you are really excited about. Start small and then work your way up.
  • Split your bigger ideas into smaller goals.
  • Set a DATE for when you wish to accomplish for your big idea. Write it on a calendar and hang it on the wall. Put it in your phone. 
  • Flip the switch. Example: turn "You could never do this." into "I can totally do this!"
  • Stop giving away your time and energy like it's free candy. It's NOT free candy. It's precious. (This doesn't mean we are mean to people, or spiteful, or unhelpful in entirety. This simply means that we have boundaries and don't say YES to any requests when you mean NO. Just say No.)
  • Write down your affirmations (all of the thoughts you have that you must flip the switch on) on sticky notes and put them around the house. Having things visually available helps. Or you could even get some affirmations put on artwork, like this one.


  • Distance yourself from or put up your shield around people that aren't exactly helpful to you. (Note: the worriers, the skeptics, the people that make you feel bad when you talk about what you wish to accomplish. Yes this is difficult. YES, it matters.)
  • When you're ready to execute an idea, find a partner, or a coach, or join a group that can help you stay accountable. These partners can help you find new ways to execute on your idea and can encourage and inspire you when you're feeling stuck.
  • Find a way to take care of yourself. Eat better. Exercise. Meditate. Get outside. Get more sleep. Taking care of yourself allows you to trust and believe MORE in yourself. 
  • Create a home that fuels your success.
  • Read Choose Yourself, by James Altucher
  • Watch/listen to YouTube videos by Abraham Hicks (a favorite.)
  • Read this children's book called What Do You Do With An Idea?  It's one of my favorites! 

Lastly: believe in what you can't see, just as much as what you can see.

The more you do, the more awesome ideas will come to you, and you'll have more ability to follow through on those ideas. You'll begin to know what to go after and what not to, and you just may finally squash that freakin' pesky voice that told you it was stupid. The more you believe, the more you succeed, the more you feel amazingly full of faith in yourself... the more you'll create. 

So believe in yourself with unwavering faith just the way many of us believed in Santa Claus when we were younger! Believe in your truths, the power of your stories, the power of your presence, and what you STAND FOR.

And now that you believe in yourself, you can totally leave yourself some cookies and milk, Santa ;)

Believing in you!

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