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3 Tips to Beat New Business Owner Overwhelm + Take Control of Your Time [+Free Guide!]

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Routine. Schedule. Daily System. 

Me-OW! Those are sexy words, aren't they? 

Have you barfed yet? Or do these words make you feel as if you've been snuggled in a warm, soothing blanket? 

If you're the former... you're more like me.

I fall a little bit more into the creative category. I used to think I was boring if I was "on a schedule".

Where's the spontaneity?

Where's the adventure?

How am I supposed to express myself fully if I'm totally stifled by schedules and plans?!

Why don't you understand me, oh plan-obsessed friends of mine?!

Yes, I was that person. But now I'm not.

Having a *flexible* schedule can actually be liberating creatively and can allow you more freedom. And... it's kind of essential if you're a work from home mom, like I am. 

Let me explain to you what I mean here, because I can sense you rolling your eyes. 

Before I had my son, I resisted setting a schedule in all ways possible. It's likely because I'm a freer soul that likes to explore, and as I've grown, I've learned the greatest gift we can give anyone is the ability to express themselves fully.

I still do feel a little bit schedule-resistant. It's why I still don't fit the 9-5 day job mold status quo. (Nothing wrong if you do.) I still want the flexibility to work where I want to work (Bali, anyone? Or check out our recent travels to Italy!)

This is my little guy, Finley, showing the camera his toes. This was about 12 seconds before he grabbed a chunk of my hair and started pulling. 

This is my little guy, Finley, showing the camera his toes. This was about 12 seconds before he grabbed a chunk of my hair and started pulling. 

I also have always known I would be a mom. (I now have an 18-month-old adorable little boy) AND a thriving online coaching business. It's what I'm good at, and I enjoy both things deeply - motherhood and having a fulfilling career where I can impact the world in two wonderful ways.

I want to live life on my terms - traveling, going for walks in the mornings, hiking in the mountains on a Tuesday morning, taking my son to mom and tot classes... I want all of that, AND my own successful business where I can change the world person by person.

And I have ALL of those things.

(You can, too, so don't even start those self-defeating thoughts.)


Once you have a baby, or work a full time job, AND start running your own business, it's mui importante to create a *flexible* and personalized schedule and routine... which I learned the hard way through trial and error.

The last thought you want is to have the "what do I do right NOW in this moment to build my business? What is THE #1 thing I should be doing?"

A few tips I've picked up from mentors and fab coaches on the way...

  • Consistency and Persistence lead to business success. (Anyone who's worked in marketing and sales knows this is a cornerstone, and my coach preaches this as well.)
  • Implement a schedule that serves your personal life as the priority (NOT work) so that you're better taken care of, you're better able to serve your clients, you're more available to listen to your intuition, and less available to overwhelm. You'll make the best decisions possible and do what you love with whom you love when you want to do it... because it comes first.
  • Don't waste time on the business activities that don't matter to you. Schedule only the activities that are income-generating for your business.
  • Stop being "busy" - the bad kind of busy that sucks your time and energy and leaves you feeling drained and all "what did I even get done today!?" Doesn't that feeling just suck?
  • Become fuller, more expansive in time and energy - instead of depleted, overwhelmed and stressed.

There is a saying in our industry that I have whole-heartedly adopted:

quote busy is bad for business banburnout

If you're too busy, working yourself to death, not having the freedom and adventure you desire in your life... then you're running your business wrong.

Ouch. I know. I have BEEN THERE and I too got the loving smackdown from my own coach a while back. 

Being that "busy" means you're likely spending a lot of time and energy on the wrong tasks, and you want to spend time only on what activities generate income or increase happiness and expand your energy.

(I know this income-generating part seems difficult to figure out in the beginning, but it really isn't super difficult, and it's one of those things I help my clients with.)

The Ban Burnout Fix?

Create a SCHEDULE for yourself and your family, and things may start to look up. It will take some tweaking, but you can get there, ladies! 

This will help you get all of the steps in place to create that schedule and everything else you need in your business.

Download my FREE Guide: The Freedom Formula to Stop Struggling and Start Thriving in life and business. There's an excellent exercise (plus more!) to help you really maximize your time and energy so you can live with more adventure and freedom... and less overwhelm and stress. 

Here are the top 3 tips for creating your bosslady, successful entrepreneur/ mompreneur schedule:

  1. Schedule in what you LOVE doing first, your personal life non-negotiables (family, friends, self care, wellness, leisure) and WHEN you'll be doing it. In pen. It's non-negotiable. Morning walk? You bet. Time for happy hour on Thursday? Absolutely. Barre? F*ck Yeah! Get it? Okay, your turn. What is non-negotiable makes your heart happy I want to do this all of the time in your life?
  2. Look at the time you have left over. That is the time that you can use for your business. Leave 5 hours in your business for your creative time. Schedule your other essential, income-generating business activities in then. Nothing else.
  3. Once you've scheduled in both, if you feel overwhelmed - pick the top 5 things you dislike the most out of those activities, and REMOVE THEM. No questions asked. No judgements made. You do NOT need permission to use your time and energy efficiently. Just do it. Liberate yourself! Your turn. Go. Don't feel bad. There are NO judgements here.

BONUS TIP: is there a LOT that you don't like doing or aren't good at falling into your schedule? It may be time to delegate and automate even more! Stay tuned for my next blog post where I'll talk more about that. (Plus, you'll get more updates and awesome tips from me when you sign up for my email list. I don't spam b/c, I hate spam and believe we should, obviously, maximize our time. Promise.)

So... how are you feeling after that? That was the short and sweet version of how I like to manage my time and how I finally created a great schedule that works for us.

Now you have your schedule. You have your opportunity to be consistent and persistent. You have your opportunity to bring your best self to the table because you're well taken care of. 

Share your schedule wins in the comments below!

P.S. Don't forget to download the FREE Guide: The Freedom Formula to Stop Struggling and Start Thriving in life and business. It will greatly help you out!


This Week In Italy (The Entrepreneur's Dream)


This Week In Italy (The Entrepreneur's Dream)

Today, I am feeling so EXCITED and GRATEFUL. I'm so grateful to get to talk with a few of my clients today - some insanely inspiring women! Seriously, these ladies are killing it! And after that...

We finish packing for ItalY!!

My husband, tot (Finn) and I leave tomorrow for a 2-week trip in Italy, and I feel like I could just pinch myself! I can't wait to get there.

While I am so grateful to be able to begin an adventure to my favorite place again, there was a lot of prep involved in taking this vacation. One of the primary goals in starting my own coaching practice, was that I wanted to be more in control of my time and energy and to do something that would serve other women.

Taking care of myself and prioritizing my needs is essential to me, so I had to prep in order to fully take these two weeks "off". I believe deeply in self care and putting personal wellness as high priorities for anyone, not just entrepreneurs. How can you serve your clients best, or take care of your family, or be super efficient at work, if you aren't taking excellent care of yourself?

You can download my FREE guide below to read more about how I prepped everything in my business so that I could fully immerse myself in the heaps of pasta I'll be eating in just a few short days.

Now... back to daydreaming about sweet, sweet Italy! Here's what I'm looking forward to:

  1. Visiting Florence, and Naples/Sorrento/Pompei/Amalfi Coast area, AND Cinque Terre. All places I've never been before.
  2. Taking in some sweet, sweet architecture and eating leisurely outdoor meals at the cafes or on our balcony.
  3. Train rides from city to city through the Italian countryside during Fall. I can't wait to see those leaves changing!
  4. Reliving my memories of that time I was in Rome, and Sting showed up and decided to play a FREE concert near the Forum. Ticked off SEVERAL life goals in that one night alone. Visit the Forum for the first tiem. See Sting live in concert. Go to concert with my BFFs in a foreign country. 
  5. Less crowds. Traveling during the Fall helps to avoid the tourist season in many places.
  6. CARBS. I don't eat a ton of carbs, so I'm going to carb-load on some bolognese and arrabbiata pasta, and I'm not ashamed of it. Look for TONS of food pics on my Instagram, Facebook Page and maybe a Periscope or two starting Wednesday! I'm @alliehorner on IG and @allisonhorner on Periscope.
  7. Saying cheesy things like, "WHEN IN ROME!"... because we're literally going to be ringing in my 30th birthday IN ROME - my favorite city!
  8. Having some espresso so bold and smooth that it'll bring tears. Every parent's DREAM.
  9. Staying in AirBnbs. We rent our home out on AirBnb (WHY not have some passive income?), and I think the BEST way to experience a city like Rome is to live in a temporary apartment rather than a hotel. Plus, one of the families lives right next door and their nana is insisting on cooking for us so she can squish my little bambino's cheeks... and I honestly don't mind at all. I love that!
  10. Seeing my hubs and son experience the awe that is Italy for the first time ever. 
  11. SHOPPING. One of my biggest regrets from past trips was not shopping a little bit more. So I'm going to make that happen this time.
  12. Coming back to my 90 day group of aspiring entrepreneurs which is starting in October!

A photo of my own from Rome in 2011. (That's not me walking, BTW.)

Tell me: what else would you recommend we absolutely see or do, or where we should eat? 


Breaking Down Barriers to Doing What You Love


Breaking Down Barriers to Doing What You Love

I'm insanely excited because we finally are going to Italy! We leave in less than a month. The flights have been booked since March, but we just solidified which cities to visit and where to stay. 

This trip to Italy has been planned since my husband and I first met. (Secretly, I've been planning on returning to Italy even before that!) I've been in love with Italy for so long. The first time I went there it was like see a long lost friend... deja vu all over the place. (Does anyone else out there have constant deja-vu? No, just me? Okay.)

Venice, 2011

I just belong in Italy. It's my Spirit Place. You know? That place that you feel totally yourself in.

My first experience in Italy was in the summer after I graduated high school, and I have gone back twice since then. This Fall will be the fourth trip to Italy - and Rome! I've never been to the Cinque Terre region, Naples or Florence before. It's so exciting to have this experience with my family this time around.

People ask me all the time how I've been able to travel, ski, hike and explore so frequently.

If you aren't familiar with our travels, in the past two years we've been: skiing in Colorado, spent summer weekends hiking in Breckenridge, made several trips to Chicago and recently spent 6 weeks there, visited Indianapolis, New Mexico, Washington D.C. AND obviously soon Italy. That's just the past two years. I've made quite a few more Europe and US trips prior to that. Next year we see Bali and Mexico in our future!

Back to the point... because we travel quite a bit, and because we go on longer vacations, I often get a mix of lovely comments and questions from people:

  • "Can you really afford to travel?"
  • "That's great for you, but we could never afford to do that...."
  • "That's great, but it's not worth it to us to pay for that."
  • "How do you find time to take trips?"
  • "We are just too busy to take any trips! Don't you miss out on things at home?
  • "How do you travel with your toddler like that? Are you crazy?!"
  • "I have to work so much... how are you able to get time off? What about your work?"

We are able to travel and explore because it is part of who we are, and it's a non-negotiable. Do we get to go EVERYWHERE we want to go at the drop of a hat? No. But we prioritize having these experiences over many other things. 

Here's a secret: all of these "obstacles" people have put in front of them are 100% mindset related. 

Let me answer these questions... the short version. To really get into them, it's best to work with a mindset or success coach to work through them because it takes time.

"Can you really afford to travel?"

"That's great for you, but we could never afford to go there...."

Money is the number one objection to travel that I hear of, but traveling is also one of the number one things I hear people say they WISH they could do more of.

We would give anything to travel more!

I'll be direct: you can afford whatever you want to afford. This all goes back to your money mindset and your money story. We carry beliefs about finances and "value" from generation to generation, and we see messages from advertising about what we should spend our money on and hear messages about money from our friends and teachers. It is no wonder we have major issues when it comes to spending money on experiences for OURSELVES. 

I get that you have bills to pay, debt, etc, but you are in control of your money mindset at the heart of it all. So you will find a way to pay for what you really desire to have. For example, I have a friend who always has the same response when we talk about an upcoming trip: "We would LOVE to go to Europe, but we could never afford it." I got news for you: you're right, but it's not because you CAN'T. It's because you don't make it a priority. That $500 you spend on clothing and shoes every month? If you saved it instead, or even just saved half of it, you'd be heading to Europe next summer. No problem.

All of the "things" that you buy (clothing, jewelry, gadgets, etc) while they'll bring happiness, it will wane more over time. However, if you spend money on an experience that you really deeply desire (doesn't even have to be travel! Could be canoeing, or painting, or a writing class), you may pay more up front for it (or maybe you won't), but you will have the memories of the experiences you have forever. Therefore, experiences will bring you more joy for a longer period of time. This has actually been proven, FYI.

So you think you can't afford to travel? You CAN. You just need to do the mindset work to realize what is worth it to you and start taking steps toward doing what you really want to do.

"How do you find time to take trips? Don't you get behind on things?"

"We are just too busy to take any trips! Don't you miss out on things at home?"

"What about your deadlines at work?"

You are totally in control of how you spend your Time, so you need to make the decision to spend it on things you enjoy.

Here is my big tip: STOP doing so much of the things that don't light you up or make you feel great. Just say NO. Stop being so busy just for the sake of being busy, or because you keep letting people tell you what your obligations are. I know so many people that say yes to far too much for everyone else or because they're afraid of how everyone else will think of them, but they end up run down, exhausted and unhappy. 

When you decide what you desire to spend your time and energy on, you will find really quickly that you have more Time for the things you really enjoy. 

Believe me: seeing this is worth the plane ride with a toddler!

We enjoy traveling. So we make Time for it - our energy gets allocated to arranging travel and daydreaming about our trips. It makes us happy! Therefor, we arrange what needs to be arranged to make our desire to travel a reality.

Sidenote: I understand that work and "obligations" can get in the way of your Time and the amount you have to spend on things you enjoy, like traveling. I get that you have to work, or you hope to have a job to be able to afford the things you desire soon. 

If you choose to have a job that you love, you will have plenty of Time to do what you love... always! I am my own boss so I can work from wherever I want. I could easily choose not to travel because I'm like, a busy woman! When I was working in marketing, I still asked for the time I wanted off to travel. I would travel full time if we could. My husband works for a very large company, but he works from wherever he wants. He has to be at meetings in person often, too and has some pretty important deadlines... but that doesn't mean he can't ask for the time he wants for our travels. He just makes it a priority to ASK.

If you don't have a career you love, and you are ready and willing to spend time doing something that lights you up, consider signing up for 1-on-1 coaching with me or sign up for 90 Day Roadmap to Career Clarity LIVE, my new signature group program dedicated to helping people make career transformations and map out their journey!)

"How do you travel with your toddler like that? Are you crazy?!"

Damn right, we're crazy! Crazy for experience. We crave experience, and there isn't much that can deter us. Toddlers are busy, energetic little beings. My son is in a fantastic phase right now where he thinks it's cute to remove his adorable little diaper and run around the house, peeing on everything. But...

You can NOT stop doing the things that will make you a happy person just because you're afraid or unable to control everything. I LOVE exploring the world. I want my son to love exploring, too. That's one of my favorite things about toddlers. They're so curious. I want my son to be part of these experiences with me. Do I worry about the long overseas flight with him? Sure! But we aren't going to avoid a whole entire three week trip because he MAY hate the flight. Do I worry about him adjusting to the time change? Sure!... but we'll all be adjusting to the time change, and honestly, the kid can nap whenever he pleases. So can we! And we'll be so busy exploring that I have no doubts about our abilities to sleep and listen to our own needs. 

A sidenote to this: I'm a huge fan of AirBnb. We're hosts! Our cozy house is listed in Denver. So instead of going the hotel route, we decided to book AirBnb apartments during our trip - one in each of the cities we're visiting. This gives us a little more flexibility with our schedule. We will have a kitchen in each rental meaning we can cook and avoid taking our busy tot out to eat for EVERY meal. In Europe - Italy especially - it's common to spend some time lingering over your meal at a restaurant, and Finn doesn't like sitting in his highchair for very long... which makes long meals difficult to accomplish.  

The only way to truly be happy is to be open and adaptable enough to welcome the unexpected into your life... and to find ways to do more of the things you really want.

If you crave experience, like me, you'll understand what I'm saying here. 

If you are ready to start doing what you love, and if you're willing to prioritize your transformation and desires, be willing to take the next step. Sign up for the signature 90 Day Roadmap to Career Clarity LIVE Group

Tell me: where have your travels taken you lately? How will you make more room for experience in your life? What's holding you back? 


9 Ways To Get Your House In Order, And Let It Fuel Your Success!


9 Ways To Get Your House In Order, And Let It Fuel Your Success!


When you're ready to start making a lasting, impactful career change, you need to start with some steps toward self-evolution. This is extremely crucial to making the right career change, and being totally ready for the new, wonderful direction your life will take.

Today, we’re going to start with getting your home in great shape. It's the part most people cringe at - especially you mamas out there. I know this is super hard; it was difficult for me to straighten up and organize when I was a Single Lady, and now I have a small destroyer (I mean, toddler), my wonderful husband AND a dog. I love them all! But I’ve had to find a way to simplify and beautify our home so that it works for all of us and so that our surroundings reflect who we are, and who we strive to be. 

So, we begin with my list of 9 WAYS TO GET YO’ HOUSE IN ORDER. 

With Love,


P.S. There is a free download below! Don't miss it because this is just the beginning! You'll want to stay tuned and sign up for my emails: my new program is launching very soon, and it's just for women like you who want to create serious career and self-evolution... and desire the support system to help them during their journey. 

1.  Simplification Cornerstone: Whatever You Bring In Must Elicit Joy

You may not know this about me, but I am a simplicity NUT. I didn’t use to be that way. I actually used to be quite the person of excess… as in excess stuff. Everywhere. I came from a mindset that shopping was a way to be happy and fulfilled (even though I always felt guilty about shopping for myself afterward), and I’m not going to totally argue with the fact that, yes, I still have some major shopping urges that get filled every once in a while. Hello! It’s almost FALL which means booties and sweaters! 

The problem here is that I would go on shopping sprees, buy things I thought I loved (but really didn’t), and after a while, those things wouldn’t bring the joy that they initially had. So then I would go shopping again, and this cycle would start over. Meanwhile, I was coming home and finding that I didn’t have room for these things that I thought I loved. And they would sit in the back of my closet after a bit. 

But, I digress. Now, the thing with accumulating a lot of stuff is that it can make life a little difficult, for many reasons. Having too much stuff can cause: 

  • Decision anxiety… I have so many options! What do I wear?! What do I cook for dinner?
  • Guilt… I bought four pairs of shoes and two of them have barely been worn, and now they’re sitting there unused by anyone. What a waste!
  • Anger… You spent HOW much on that Roomba when we have a perfectly great vacuum?!
  • Frustration with lack of space… How are we possibly going to fit that 62” TV in our living room? Our 40” barely fits on that wall!). 

And that’s just the beginning.

The Solution: Anything you purchase for yourself or your home must bring you joy. This is a cornerstone of Marie Kondo’s general philosophy. I’m sure you’ve heard all about her, but if you haven’t, watch this video. She is the guru of tidy!

This philosophy really came in handy for my family when we bought our first home in Denver. At the time, we were determined to live more simply. We bought one side of a 1900 duplex in Denver’s Historic Baker neighborhood - close enough to walk to everything around the neighborhood(train, parks, shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, library, book shops, etc), but enough space for the four of us to live happily (dog included), AND we have a backyard. WIN. However, the home is only 650 square feet and being a MUCH older home, there was ONE closet. So we did what any sane new parents would do, and we had our own Tiny House Nation/Marie Kondo-inspired purge of 2014. Which brings me to my next point… 

2.   The Great Purge of 2014: Get Rid Of Everything That Does NOT Bring Joy

During our purge, we evaluated every. single. thing. that we owned. This was a purge that took a lot of time for us, to be honest, and it is something that we continue to do when the seasons change. You don’t have to do it all in one weekend. 

Keeping around a lot of clutter and excess stuff makes it hard to focus on what you need to focus on: improving yourself and getting that job or making that career change that you really, really desire.

When we keep excess shit around from our past, we hold back from becoming who we are. That stuff takes up room for who we’re meant to be. It takes up space and keeps us stuck. Wouldn’t you rather free up space for the new you, and the things that elicit joy? 

Tip: start with things that you aren’t super attached to in the first place, and don't touch anything of your family's. They need to do the purge on their belongings on their own.

When we were faced with the reality of going from a 2000 sqft home to a 650 sqft home, we really evaluated furniture, lamps, clothing, kitchenware, old toiletries, junk drawers, linens, shoes, artwork, paper work/files… EVERYTHING. If you start with things you aren’t super attached to, it just gets easier to purge from there. By the time you get to mementos and things that have more meaning, it feels a little easier because you’re already groovin'. 

Best Part: donate or sell the items you’re parting with. Someone will love them and be grateful for them, and they’ll fulfill their purpose. One of the best ways we can express gratitude is to donate what we no longer need or want to people who do have a want and a need for it.

3.   Simplified Kitchen, Better Health

A major area that people neglect when they get their house in order, is to evaluate their FOOD. Food is another thing that you bring into your home (regularly!) What we eat affects our mood, body and energy. Having a ton of choices can also elicit some decision anxiety.

If you’re doing all of this wonderful work on your mental and emotional health, why wouldn’t you want to improve your physical health, too?

Purge food that’s been sitting around that does not elicit joy or won’t make you feel good. Get rid of the food that makes you feel really awful after you eat it. C’mon… you know what it is. For me, I love inhaling a bag of Ruffles in one sitting. I always, without fail, feel awful afterward. Bloated for two days, sluggish, and it always ruins my workout to get cramps or feel dehydrated, which is how chips with a ton of salt and no nutritional value will make you feel. 

Here’s the fun part of this, the things that are beautiful, natural, make you feel good, the things you want visible so you’re more likely to pick them to eat, can be displayed. In fact, display them beautifully if you can, in a lovely bowl that you love on your counter or table. Get some fruits and veggies that can sit out without spoiling. Add some color to the room with them. And, bonus, every time you get a craving for something, you’ve got some SIMPLE, healthier choices that will help your mind, body and energy right in front of you. 

Donate the food you’re parting with to a homeless shelter. Someone out there needs it.

4.   Organize Your Life

I will admit, this isn’t my forte! It’s important, nonetheless. Now that you have more space for the things you have left, you can relish the ability to see everything you need easily with a quickly opened door or drawer. Marie Kondo has some amazing tips for folding in her book, and I also love reading tips in Here are some of my favorites:

My favorite series, Harry Potter, displayed on our mantle proudly.

My favorite series, Harry Potter, displayed on our mantle proudly.

  • Use the travel fold (or roll, rather) to make clothing easier to see in your drawers
  • Fold socks one inside another so there's always a pair
  • Only keep and fold linens and sheets that match your decor and make you feel good. Use this amazing tip for folding your fitted sheets by Martha Stewart. 
  • Hang the clothing you love in your closet by color and sleeve/pant length. 
  • Organize your fridge so that the things you want to eat more of (healthy, whole foods) are visible.
  • Color coordinate books, or organize them by series or author in different areas.

Organize things that you desire to keep that make you feel great. By the way, you can actually display some of your clothing or shoes which really comes in handy if you don't have a closet, like us. (see below!)

5.   Bring the Outdoors In

The IKEA PAX wardrobes I painted and added hardware to, and one of our favorite plants. 

The IKEA PAX wardrobes I painted and added hardware to, and one of our favorite plants. 

This one is super simple, but it will make all the difference. You’ve purged your belongings to only include items that fill you with joy. You’ve committed to only bringing in things that will bring joy to your home. Now, commit yourself to bringing in one more thing that will be sure to elicit joy when chosen wisely. 

Adopt some plants. There should be at least one beautiful, green or colorful LIVING thing in each room of your home. Select plants that make you feel alive, ones that you’d be proud to display in your home and that you’ll lovingly care for.

Plants are wonderful for mental health. They clean the air in your home. They liven up any room and can make guests feel more comfortable.

6.   Display Your Joy-Inducing Items

This is my FAVORITE part. You’ve done the purge and committed to respecting your home enough to only keep things that bring joy. Now you can select how to display those things.

Display artwork that makes you happy. Hang jewelry on display that makes you feel beautiful or holds sentimental value. Even a blouse or favorite scarf hanging in the right spot can add some color. 

Some of my joysperation is photos of my fam and mementos from our travels. Some photos are in antique frames, and other items in collages. I also love to read, and there are many of our favorite books displayed in our home in various places. 

The books I didn’t love or couldn’t bring myself to read past a few chapters were donated to the Denver Library and Goodwill. Someone, somewhere will love them and find them inspiring.

7.   Create a Vision Board And Hang It Up

Being in a growth mindset is so much easier if you have a Vision Board to center your focus. The purpose of a Vision Board is to bring your desires to life. 

This is a FUN activity! You'll want my free guide with 10 Tips to Create Your Vision Board (which you can download and keep right by your side during the fun!)

Create your board as if it’s a piece of art that deserves a place in your home. Hang it somewhere in plain sight as a constant reminder of what you desire and who you strive to be, what you strive to accomplish. The items and visuals on this board should always bring joy and inspiration to you, and show you who you are becoming.

What will your board entail? Where will it go? 

8.  Create A Simple, Lovely Outdoor Space

There is something calming about being outside. My favorite time of day is super early in the morning - like 5am. Everything is quiet but the birds are waking up. There is this calm feeling in the air. Your favorite time could be any time during the day or later during sunset. It’s really up to you.

I used to love to sit on my back porch early in the morning with my coffee, but my biggest regret is not creating a space that was more inviting. My deck is in plain sunlight all morning and for most of the day, so it’s really difficult to go out there in the summer without having a heat stroke or burning your feet. If I could do it again, I would put up an umbrella, or better, built the treelike I’ve wanted to build for shade, and get the table and chairs or floor pillows. 


9.  Claiming Your Time (And Sanity)

One of the best things I ever did for myself was to hire someone to come and clean house for us once a week. I used Handy (GREAT App!!!) to book people who could come whenever I needed help with house cleaning, laundry, cleaning out the fridge, etc. 

There was an incredibly important reason to do this: I wanted to have a successful career and to be the best person, mom and wife that I could. I felt, personally, that I couldn’t be that person if I was spending valuable time cleaning that I could have spent with my family or on my budding business. 

You don’t have to break the bank. Get someone to help you get a few hours back in your day, even if it’s every once in a while. I promise, you won’t regret it… and it kind of makes you feel a little bit more successful, doesn’t it? 


Did you love the tips in this post? What would you add to it?