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What Harry Potter Can Teach Us About Visualization + Our Desires


What Harry Potter Can Teach Us About Visualization + Our Desires

There are few things I love more than Harry Potter.

Photo is my own, but please feel free to share. Our apartment in Rome, Italy was across a narrow, cobblestone treet from the Roman Forum. We could touch the wall of the Forum just by stepping 10 feet from our door. So unforgettable!

Photo is my own, but please feel free to share. Our apartment in Rome, Italy was across a narrow, cobblestone treet from the Roman Forum. We could touch the wall of the Forum just by stepping 10 feet from our door. So unforgettable!

Go ahead. Judge away! I’m not ashamed.

The stories are so creative and beautiful. I could spend hours curled up reading the series by JK Rowling again and again. I even brought Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets with us to Italy (where I just returned from celebrating my 30th birthday!) for those nights I knew we'd be up adjusting from jetlag.

Truthfully, there are many #truthbombs that come out of the stories. Many of the most famous quotes float around on the internet. Or if you're a true Pottermore Member/Potterhead, you know them by heart already, honestly.

"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” - Dumbledore -

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” - Dumbledore -

"You sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” -Ginny Weasley -

And a personal favorite.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

- Anyone who was ever able to see the complete Marauder’s Map -

Please feel free to share.

Please feel free to share.

But the thing I’m thinking more specifically of is found over and over again within the stories. 

It’s the Patronus Charm.

This special spell is used by those who wish to be protected against the Dementors - beings who are able to suck the happiness and soul out of humans. The Patronus, when cast, can bring warmth and light, warding off Dementors when strong enough.

The Patronus Charm works by thinking of the happiest of memories for each individual, visualizing that memory fully, tapping into the warm, fuzzy, butterfly feelings brought on by the memory, and then holding it in your mind.

Let's break that down, because it's really not that different from what we must do in every day life.

  1. Find the happy, aka the WHY/WHAT
  2. Focus on the emotion... THE EMOTIONS!
  3. Visualize + hold that emotion in your mind
  4. Keep it there to shield you from negativity (your own and others')

This is not much different from the type of mindset work you MUST do for yourself in order to thrive as an entrepreneur, and especially as a service-based ladyboss (like a coach or consultant or creative). The ability to put up your shield from negativity is essential to feeling grounded, inspired and energized. 

The difference is that you’ll think of that dream you have that lights you up.

It’s that thing that your Intuition whispers in your ear every day, when you let her.

  • What makes your heart beat faster?
  • What would you do if money and time were no object?
  • How would you FEEL?

THAT is the feeling and the dream we strive to hold on to when we have that idea for our business forming in our mind. It’s that feeling you have when you get so excited you want to put everything in motion and just friggin' go for it already. 

The key is to focus entirely on what you feel when you think of that desire, even during the ups and the downs. This will shield you from worry, negativity and doubt. It'll help you succeed and drive forward, but it's a strength you'll have to cultivate and practice at every day - just like Harry did. As he practiced more, his Patronus got stronger.

I schedule 20 minutes every morning to work on mindset work. Journaling, saying my mantras out loud over and over, making sure I'm in the best place mentally before I begin the day.

It's time to put up your shield and start working toward your dream.


Source: Harry Potter Wiki

Source: Harry Potter Wiki


Speaking Truth: One of my deepest desires...

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Speaking Truth: One of my deepest desires...

The legendary logo in New Buffalo, Michigan.

The legendary logo in New Buffalo, Michigan.

It is August already! How does this happen!? 

For me August is all about the beach and the sense of vacation - whether lake or ocean. We don't exactly have many of those in Colorado (land-locked state), so every time we're back in Chicago, I try to make a trip up to Michigan for a weekend. FYI - if you've never stopped at Redamak's in New Buffalo, MI, you're missing out! 

There is this happy place in me that is always activated deep down when I think of summers in Michigan. But there's an even happier place for me than any beach or cabin: Pennellwood Resort. My family and several close family friends went to Pennellwood for a week every summer for over 15 years... until it closed while I was in college. 

A photo from way, way back of the dining hall, horseshoes and shuffleboard tournaments. 

There was something absolutely magical about the Dirty Dancing-style resort in southern Michigan.

It wasn't that it appealed to me when I was a kid; it was still one of my favorite places through high school, through college... I always looked forward to going to Pennellwood. I wanted to work there in the summer one day, like the waitresses I idolized. I loved the musty old cabins and the worn wood in the dining hall entrance, and how everything smelled like cedar. I loved the sound of the shuffleboard and ping pong table. I loved kayaking on the river or hiking in the creek in the woods.

I wanted to have my wedding there, and when it closed, I didn't want to have a wedding at all anymore, because I could never have it at Pennellwood. It may sound crazy, but I love it to this day, even though the cabins have been torn down, the rec hall is gone, the dock is roped off and the pools are empty.

Now, this may sound sad or crazy to some, but one of my deepest, utmost desires is to one day re-open Pennellwood - to make it once again the magical place that it was. 

This is a deep, constant desire of mine. No matter where I am, or what I want, or who I'm with, or what I'm doing... this desire remains in the back of my mind. I kept telling myself that it was childish for a long time, and tried to push it away... but with the transformation of myself that I've gone through over the past year, I've realized that what I loved about Pennellwood is totally worth sharing. It was the sense of community, the feeling of happiness from everyone there, the shared knowledge that we all loved this magical place so damn much that we cried every year at the last night's campfire when the staff sang, "I don't really wanna go home now." Most of all, I loved the feeling of freedom found there, with friends old and new.

I want other people to feel that happiness that is brought by that little place in Michian. I want it so badly, that one day, I know it will happen. 

So this is my confession, another step in the process of manifesting a deep desire, is to say it outright to the world with emotion and faith that your words will become truth one day. I believe in my heart that this will come true, and I desire it enough that the How isn't important yet.

What is your deepest passion today? What one desire is always in your mind?

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