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My Spiritual Depression + How I Transformed It


My Spiritual Depression + How I Transformed It

Confession: I went through a deep, spiritual depression this summer.

It was awful. It hurt... And I was on my knees, praying to feel like my loving, happy self again many times.

I asked over and over for God to please help me see where this came from and how to get back to feeling peaceful, excited, lit up! Please help me let this Go!

This stemmed from one thing:

Denying my true, spiritual self.


What Happens When You Give Yourself What You Want + What You Need [INSPIRATION]


What Happens When You Give Yourself What You Want + What You Need [INSPIRATION]

Today is 100% Self Care... but when you love your life, and you love yourself... isn't it always? :)

I woke up today and immediately felt enthusiasm. I made myself green tea with honey and took myself out for a bundled up walk in the cold morning for almost 2 hours. Then I went to Starbucks to journal, channel messages from one of my Guides (will be in a book eventually), and very seriously just ENJOYED sitting in Starbucks, people watching, reading, writing, and loving life.


Because I was in such a beautiful space filled with joy, ease, and self love, I came up with a totally new offering:


1:1 Intuitive Coaching meets Energy Work sessions with me for $197 US.


I'm only offering 5 of these babies, so BOOK IT ...


This is for the woman who needs support, clarity, courage, and some guidance on her personal expansion TODAY.

... Who wants to see what it's like to work together privately.

... Who needs a little bit of healing and heart.

... Who's in the midst of spiritual and personal expansion

... Who needs someone to help in the midst of major life pivots

... Who needs someone to hold space, provide insight, and help her gain much needed clarity, trust, and faith from within.


This 1-hour session is completely catered to YOU, and can include...

- Intuitive Insights just for you - could come through in the form of a family member, your Guides/Team, or my own Team, or just general intuition with insights directly for your best and highest good

- Distance Energy healing work

- Guided meditation/Visualization

- Coaching (asking questions, listening, sharing, helping you find your own answers)

- Stories

- Laughter - Always, you'll laugh when we work together

- Serious joy-bombs

- Follow Up emails with intuitive insights or afterthoughts from me

- A touch of "homework" intuitively guided by what I personally sense is best for you afterward


If you're in the midst of your spiritual awakening, if you're finding yourself in the midst of expansion, if you're in need of a safe container to provide that space...


Then book that call!


Listen to your needs and heart's calling.

Meet your needs and heart's calling.

Follow the breadcrumbs.

Notice how you feel.

Keep following the breadcrumbs.

Do the work.


That's where you become truly wealthy.



The Energy of Celebrity Worship, Pedestals + Perfection


The Energy of Celebrity Worship, Pedestals + Perfection

We have our own form of Celebrity Worship in our world. There are a few entrepreneurs we put up on pedestals just like we do celebrities.

The only difference is that we don’t follow them around with cameras or jump out from behind bushes to snap them in their bathing suits at the beach….Yet.

When we put others up “above” ourselves, we do a few things that affect us and them and everyone around us.

Read more on how it affects you (and them!) energetically, emotionally, and spiritually, and how you can take your power back, move forward, and elevate your energetic state by harnessing your OWN juicy gifts! 

(Plus, guided meditation included! :))