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[Free Training] Make Your Vision Board WORK For Business Growth This Year By Avoiding This Blunders


[Free Training] Make Your Vision Board WORK For Business Growth This Year By Avoiding This Blunders

Last year you set the big goals, you prayed to the Universe for help, and you whipped up a gorgeous vision board... and then it just sat there, mocking you from your wall. Those income goals you hung up were more of a constant reminder of failure than there were of faith, freedom or success.

So this year, you thought about skipping the board all together... but you set big goals again, and you're a VISUAL PERSON (so am I!) 

Visual people like us - we NEED inspiration that's colorful, illustrative, emotional, motivating.

And we need it in front of our faces, so create YOUR Vision Board this year in a way that will actually WORK for you. Below are my 5 steps to creating and USING your Vision Board so that you're set up for Limitless Success all year long. 

Before you read below....

Watch my FREE training that will teach you how to create a Killer Vision Board for Limitless Success, and you can watch it NOW in my Facebook Group HERE:

In the meantime, let's discuss the Vision Board conundrum shall we?

Before we get started.... Know this: It's not the Board. Don't blame the Board. The Board didn't do anything. The Board freakin loves you. It wants the BEST for you. 

The issue comes back to the way that you're setting goals, and whether or not you're following through. 

I know, ouch. Rip off the band-aid so we can fully emerge fresh and ready to ROCK your goals. 


1. You haven't really connected with your BIG VISION.

Connect with your Big Vision before you create your board.

What do you want for yourself in a year, 6 months, 90 days even? Why? What do you want to be, do, have, or feel?

Take this opportunity to do the FREE Training I mentioned in my Facebook Group, because you'll actually get a free guided meditation to really FEEL into your vision fully, and get major clarity.

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2. Be HONEST about how you want to FEEL. Every image, word, color, scent, etc that you put on your board should reflect that feeling you want to have when your head hits the pillow at night. 

Remember, it is your basic right and only function as a Human to want to feel insanely happy, peaceful, exhilarated, and fulfilled every damn day.

Be HONEST with yourself about what feelings you want to release because you'll have to get to work on them. 

Truthbomb: every time we choose a word, feeling, or a theme for the year, we'll likely be presented with MANY opportunities to learn how to release whatever is preventing you from having it.


3. You put wayyyyyy tooooo many goals on your Vision Board... and then you get attached to the outcome.

Be HONEST about your goals for yourself in every area of your life, and leave no area off of your board/s. 

Business, Travel, Family, Wealth, Impact, Contribution, Fitness, Relationships, Love Life....

You can even create individual boards for separate areas. 

HOWEVER: make sure they're all integrated into a common core feeling - a common vision. All of the pieces need to fit.

Note: you can't get super attached to the outcomes. Your board is more like a guideline for inspiration and motivation for how you want to FEEL. 

When you are attached to the outcome, no matter what you do, you'll miss out on the true meaning of life:


It's alllll happening to help you become the person you're here to become, to help you live the amazing adventure that you're here to live.

Embrace the flow!

Open yourself up to all of the insanely creative and BETTER possibilities and opportunities that are coming from the Universe.

Use the Board as your imagination station. ;)


4. You get way too specific about The HOW on your Vision Board. 

If you want to be specific, then leave out the HOW from your board. Your board should focus on only the desired FEELING that will come from whatever end result you have, whatever epic road  you take to get there. 

Focus on only the next 90 days to 6 months if looking too far out feels too far away. In fact, it's been proven that working 90 days at a time is actually going to help you stay super connected and in the zone consistently.

So if you feel good going project by project, then do that. Make a board for the next 90 days in business, or for that awesome Spring Retreat (hello!) you're hosting in California this year.

If you want help designing The How, I've got some amazing solutions for you, so check back soon.


5. You create this killer Vision Board... and then you don't USE IT.

Hey! You invested time and energy creating this vision, and curating it through images that you found that totally resonate with you (right?)

Why not USE it? In the training I did yesterday (access it here), I gave some amazing tips on how to actually Take Action and Manifest what's on your board.

 - Articulate the How after you've created your board (not WHILE you're creating it)

 - Meditation

 - Visualization (using all 5 senses)

 - Affirmations

 - Carrying it with you

 - Taking decisive Inspired action

 - and more! 


6. You let yourself sink instead of soar... you gotta BUH-LEEVE!

If you look at your board, and you get those sinking feelings or think things like...

"This will never happen..."

"It seems so far away..."

"When is this going to happen for me?"

"Am I going to be able to do all of this?"

"Maybe they could do it, but I couldn't..."


What in the world makes you think that everything in this beautiful expansive Universe isn't working out FOR YOU?

What makes you think you aren't worthy, capable or enough just as you are?

You are more than enough. You have enough. You have all that you need right now to begin to 

 - Take action

 - Grow as a human, in every area you need to and would like to (yes - grow in the areas that feel GOOD to you and feel FUN for you.)

 - Decide how you want to feel every second of every day and do what you would like to do to create it.

INSTEAD ask yourself this: 

What would be the most FUN for me today?

What step forward would I most enjoy taking today?

That's all. Make it fun. Take one step forward. This isn't about getting to tomorrow. It's about enjoying today.

You'll be looking back at your Vision Board in a year thinking, "wow... allllll of this happened!"

True Story: all you have is NOW, this moment. So decide how you want to feel, and act from that place. 

How do you want to feel? What would you like to do to feel that way? 






Note: there are sooooo many more great lessons and tips in the free training I released yesterday in my Facebook Group. Watch it HERE.