What do you believe right now? Can you have success without struggle? Is it okay and safe for you to live for your passions, create a thriving business, and have a life of ease, elegance and adventure if you haven't sacrificed? 

I used to believe I couldn't have the things I wanted in life unless there was a struggle involved.

It took me a long time to finally realize this:

There is no advantage in the struggle.

You don't have to swim upstream through struggle, hardship and strige to be a fantastic and worthy person, to do things you want to do, and to have what you want to have.

Swimming downstream - letting go of resistance - is so much easier! 

At some point you have to decide to start simply with just being more kind and loving of yourself and your journey.

Start with the decision to change your attitude and go with EASE. Look in the mirror, and repeat this:
I am where I am: and where I am is alright. I go with good enough.

Start acting from a place of being aligned and energy-oriented by loving yourself and accepting and appreciating the present moment.

Be where you are.

This world is conditioned you to create your life on conditional and action-oriented terms, and believe me I used to live on those terms, too. Sometimes, I get caught up in all of the actions and conditions, and I need to take a step back. 

So make the choice to be more kind to yourself and to practice more self-love every day. We're not meant to struggle as human beings. Not one of us, and while life may throw us big old curveballs, we can still choose to put on the "what can I learn from this?" hat and move on a better person.

We allow ourselves to struggle because we think that that is truly the only way that we will deserve success.

What do you believe?

Watch the video and you'll get access to a few of my favorite exercises that'll help you build confidence and start taking the path of least resistance and get more in alignment with your own intuition and desires. This will help you face fears and hurdles in a way that brings you more ease because you're more joyful, more adaptable and agile!

Can you have success + happiness without struggle? WATCH THE VIDEO: adventureknocks.com/blog


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In my next post I will share about something that my friends and clients and asked me about a lot which is what I'm doing this emotional work is it normal for a lot of things in my life to feel out of whack almost - for all hell to break loose? 

Stay tuned...

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