This time of year it’s normal to have urges to clear space and make way for growth, abundance, and rebirth. It’s natural to have the urge to align with the earth’s energetic cycles.

Which is probably why my mom used to make us Spring Clean for like 2 weeks, and it drove me NUTS... but I understand now what she FELT and her intention around it, because now I sense it, too....


It's gotta go.

Spring Cleaning for the Spiritual Business Owner + full moon in Libra seen over the mountains in Colorado! This was a glorious morning walk!

Plus, we just went through a Full Moon in Libra - ripe for releasing + renewing! (Here's my photo from my morning walk when it was still up in the sky, just over the Rockies. I LOVED the energy around this pink moon.)

So if you’re getting the urge to clean out your closet, your books, your finances… to rearrange furniture, clean up your diet, scrub the floorboards… etc, it’s likely you’re sensing stale or negative energy that needs to be moved and cleared away.


Once cleared, you can welcome in new, fresh energy that's purely love and light! 

***Make the process FUN and exciting for extra high vibe home points! Trust that your intention + energy will help you home thrive.***

My process also includes the following. Try it out for yourself! 

 - Clear the energy of my home w/white sage with the intention to clear any negative energy/fear/etc that feels heavy or stale

 - Sage myself. (I do this pretty much daily, too.) *Especially important for you empaths out there!*)

 - Set new intentions to bless + fill my home, being, all inhabitants (my son, husband, dog, plants, etc) with love and light, abundance and prosperity, creativity, joy, and total grace and ease. I invite Archangel Michael to support me in this process if I'm feeling that I want extra. 

 - Set intentions for specific spaces - and follow Feng Shui principles. 

Pictured: Passion + Peace from the doTerra Emotional Aromatherapy System. Click to grab them from my own site! (Instructions on how to find them on the left.)

Pictured: Passion + Peace from the doTerra Emotional Aromatherapy System. Click to grab them from my own site! (Instructions on how to find them on the left.)

 - Bring in fresh scents that you LOVE and that set the tone for the rooms in your home. (Organic, all natural essential oils are best because they bring in a natural vibration from the plant that they came from!)

I like Cheer, Peace, and Passion which can all be found in the Emotional Collection by doTerra (get them via my doTerra shop right here! Go to Shop > Kits > Collections > scroll down to find the doTerra Emotional Aromatherapy System!)

Each of the scents in the system are perfect in a diffuser, or rubbed between the palms, or you can make candles or let the scent linger as you're working, working out, writing content, working with clients, or relaxing. 

Wanting something simpler? Grab some Lavender from the Shop above, and you can easily rub a bit on your wrists prior to relaxing or sleeping, or put it in a diffuser.

 - Fill my home with plants and check up on their vibrations - what do they need? Where do they need to go? Plants naturally clean the air and energy, and they help you feel more grounded. That's probably why I'm outside soooo much, right?!

*Bonus points if you send blessings to your plants as well. They'll thrive with your love!

 - Check up on my crystals and where they're positioned around my home, grid, and being. I carry them in my wallet, on me, have them around our bed, and certain ones are actually buried at the four corners of our home outside to protect our home from negative energy. I clear them, set new intentions for each purpose, and then put them where I sense is best. 

Note: I have a toddler so I know this one isn't easy. I hide mine around the home, and tape them into place!

 - Put protection intentions around my home/office/rooms and my being. This is SO important for empaths or those of you in healing professions.... which is why I keep hitting you over the head with it! Don't skip it.

*If you struggle to set boundaries, use something visual. I do a patronus charm so I can imagine seeing my patronus in the space, or ask specific angels or beings to support me.

**If you’re a business owner and you work from home, set intentions around abundance and prosperity, and ensure you’re cleaning your space with LOVE.**

There is certainly a greater opportunity for YOU to clear up your own B.S., too...

Spring Cleaning for the Spiritual Business Owner - let's go way beyond wiping the floorboards and sage that house!

Pay attention to what insights or random ah-ha’s, or random memories/ emotions, you have during this process, especially as you're cleaning and "in the zone".

Spirit often speaks to us during this time, or you may have hits of intuition arise telling you what needs to be addressed. My guides and my great aunt often chat with me while I'm cleaning or doing things that are "mindless" tasks, like folding laundry! 

This shows you what needs to be cleared energetically within YOU. 

Book a call with me if you crave more support with the head and heartspace :)

Do whatcha need to do.



P.S. As I went to edit this post, the time on the clock was 2:22. Yay, syncronicity!