I don't know about you, but I am SO ready for Fall to arrive! I even started my Fall Pinterest Board

We're already feeling it here in Colorado. The early morning air has been so crisp - too cold for shorts.

t's a welcome change from the consistent 95 degree days we've been sweating through over the summer.

Fall is a season of simplicity and clarity. This is when we clear out the crap and clutter, and instead, begin to immerse ourselves in what we NEED and CRAVE the most.

I've gone through major release this season, while also welcoming growth. 

When we release what isn't meant for us, we make more space for what we truly need and want. 

What do YOU need most right now? As a person? As a business owner? 

What do you want more of and less of in your life?

Are you craving more time outdoors, in the morning? More connection to nature? More connection to yourself? More connection to larger energy?

Are you craving more love? More joy? More ease? More simplicity?

Are you craving more time for YOU? More personal development? More cozy days in with a good book or a cup of cider?

I've been diving back into my meditation practice over the past few weeks. (Yes, I slipped out of it for a little while. Seasons, seasons, seasons.)

While I've reconnected with this daily practice, a HUGE part of how I'm able to work in a condensed schedule, I've found that skipping this listening piece actually really effected me.

I saw my energy change. I felt less focused, less clear. Anxiety has crept up more often, and I felt a lot of inner discord. 

My morning walks are invaluable and are a facilitator of alignment and peace, as I find that I can meditate, in my way, by walking and finding peace in the morning energy of nature.

However, I needed that quiet space to sit and just BE. I missed it. 

So instead of forcing it back into my schedule and into my life in "the box", I welcomed it into my walk.

I stopped to sit on a bench in the middle of my walk, and welcomed the opportunity to let it happen with ease, in the way that felt right.

Just right for me.

What's right for YOU? 
What do you need to clear out? 
What do you need to welcome in?

What we need most is always available to us if we have the faith and courage to ask for it.

Love yourself enough to make space for what you need, and it will always be there.

Here are some fantastic resources for YOU if you're thinking about welcoming some peace, meditation, or any other form of self love that you feel you need right now, as the seasons shift and our needs as  well.

  -  I love this music for your morning walk. 

  -  Spirit Junkie, by Gabby Bernstein, has been a welcome break from the high levels of action happening in my life. 

  -  Cream colored floor pillow for meditation (Only for the woman who doesn't ever spill coffee, or anything else... ever.) 

  -  Cozy light grey cream colored sweater poncho for your morning walks if you choose to do them.

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