There is a TON of pressure to work, work, work, even when we know we need to slow the f*ck down so we can enjoy our lives.

The amazing thing is that SO many people reach out to me and ask how I could possibly be done working by 1pm everyday?  

How do I do client calls, create content and work on my marketing… and then be home with my son every day? How can I possibly do it all? WHY do I run my business this way?

I’m welcoming YOU to ask me whatever you want to know about productivity, creating your own schedule, and getting your shit done on your own terms.

Post in my Facebook Group or email me, because I’m going to create a 30-Day Productivity #Doneby1 challenge for all of you parent-preneurs, mompreneurs, weekend warriors, creative butterfly souls, freedom fighters and every entrepreneur under the sun who wants to have the business, the purpose, the passion, and the life filled with elegance, ease and adventure!

In this episode, you’ll hear about my favorite way to explore the thoughts and beliefs that dictate our actions around work, play, ease, success and wealth.

Plus, you’ll hear my favorite belief release exercise for when I have a belief holding me back from creating what I want to create on my own terms.

Good news: this is just 1 piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating the business and life that you want, on your terms.

But it’s an important piece.

Listen, enjoy, and share with us in the Courageous Entrepreneurs Facebook Group!