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Fall as a whole is about slowing down internally and externally, we are putting more internal energy into reclaiming and loving what is, rather than looking outside of ourselves. This is personally, one of my favorite times of year. 

As I write this, I'm at a coffee shop called The Crown in Breckenridge, Colorado - a mountain town just 90 minutes west of Denver. While it's not too far away, it's like a whole new world up here. 

It's quieter than the city, but bustling with people in from out of town to see the leaves change. The area is full of changing leaves right now (what?! Already?! Yes, they change earlier up here than in most places... and I LOVE IT.)

There are a lot of cool things to do up here, and I'll admit that today I thought I'd be hiking and outside a ton, and I was... but I didn't hike. I shopped, and I felt the energy and I called myself inward and asked - WHAT DO I WANT? 

I wanted to love on myself and go within, and so I did. As I sat down, I decided to do something that means a lot to me, and that I'd enjoy:

I decided to write up the energy reports! So here it is...

We will see major themes in September of discernment:

impact versus influence, of letting go versus burning down, of looking out or in.


PUSH/PULL energy is on high right now. 

Rest is always a kingpin for us - it leads to success. This is a time when we need to lean back as much as lean in - to lean back in actuality, IS a way to lean in.

There's not really any right way to say it but...


To be discerning means - am I living in love, speaking and acting in love? Am I creating something that lights my fucking fire AND serves others? (hint: if it lights YOU up, it'll serve others because we are collective beings incapable of complete separation and so anything we create was created by us all, and for us all, at the same time. WINNNNNNING!!!)



When things slow down around this time of year, a lot of us welcome that. We go... GOD, I've been running 90mph lately and I need a rest. I'm beginning to hear of people getting sick, breaking ankles, and suffering HUGE emotional swings. 

We will  suffer constraints that will affect our immune systems when we look outside of ourselves for answers, and outside of love for support. This is the time when we REST when we need to (which should kind of be a year long daily practice, right?), and when we have to be clear with our desires for what we want the second half of this year to look like and feel like.

A key piece is that many of us have our Soul's out in front of us, jumping up, tops off, waving and yelling to get our attention and tell us to SLOW DOWN! There's no need to rush, to look out there! Just look at me!!! Listen to your soul.

When our soul is speaking to us, through our thoughts and emotions, and we don't listen to that voice telling us to rest and create lovingly... 

We get sick, tired, burned out and bored. Instead of seeing rest as lazy, what if it was a key to transformation? What if rest = success? What if rest isn't apathy... but rather peacefulness? 

Do you want to feel ignited? Peaceful? Plentiful? In love with life? Free and health and happy?


Cause Winter is COMING! And we all know holiday season gets cray. Now's the time to let yourselves BE, and when you feel the pull, the calling, the fire in the belly full of butterflies and light to create....

You'll do it .

Till then? Rest, take yourself on a date, and tell yourself you look pretty, feel amazing, and know that everything is happening right on time. 



Oh, this one is GOOD. 

So, I have this ability... I don't really always talk about it, but I can kind of pick up on when someone is acting out of the influence of someone else.

Meaning... they are thinking about what that other person would think, or they're around that person a lot and yes, very wrapped up in their energy and mostly... they're attached.

That said, I'm seeing  a lot of resonance with this in my own life, and I'm of course, seeing where I too am influenced by others.

We are interconnected, relationship-driven beings. We are in these bodies and here to experience the beautiful symphony of relationship at all times. It's easy to feel influenced or to feel we are influencing others .... without even trying!

We're noticing massive collective waves of involvement in causes and movements around larger societal changes emerging. In fact, this is always happening, but the massive themes at play that seem to be crossing the fields and coming to our attention are things like...

  • Ocean conservation and wildlife being seen in their glory, mirroring a desire to proceed into the deep waters of our inner consciousness (interesting connection, no?)
  • Generational thinking leaving the workplace and millennial and gen Z influencing more trends in work/life balance
  • Vulnerability and wisdom in conversation, posts, small groups, communities will be greater, and gender norms as well as societal stereotypes that influenced actions and emotions disappearing or coming to light for what they are - think: justin baldoni and the We Are Man Enough Talks. Do not shy away from vulnerability - you cannot be courageous unless you are a little wee bit afraid.
  • Empathy - we cannot feel that connection to others if we disregard our own inner dialogue and feelings within. Highly sensitive people (empaths, humans, autism spectrum children, etc) will find themselves needing more spaciousness so going into nature until we can calm the waters within without needing to adjust the external is a great way to feel better. 

What we will need to be mindful of at all times, but especially right now in September's earlier weeks, is...

- Am I IMPACTING others in a way that feel in integrity and in alignment with our collective and their best interest?
- Am I allowing the what I ASSUME (correctly or incorrectly) others may think, feel, say, or do to to influence my actions, thoughts, or emotions? 
- Do I know how I feel when I think about the impact I'm having on the world around me?
- Where do I feel VULNERABLE, why? And how can I allow myself to stretch from my comfort zone and share what's on my heart... and how might that open doors for others to feel the same trust and safety with me?
- Where might I want to REST and receive a little more? What would be great for me to do for ME today, and how can I allow myself access to that impacting all that is around me?

The energy right now is collectively about COLLECTIVE impact and influence. Soul and Source speaks to us through our emotional inner GPS so tune in and ask yourself what you desire, what you want to create, and what you'd like to cultivate more in the world.... and WHY?

Be mindful and loving in your interactions as always, cause nobody got time for that person walking down the damn street shoving people into traffic without realizing it. 

I hope this helps you in the month ahead! Look for the next one around the end of September/first week in October!

Allie and the A Team



Allie Hiking in Breckenridge, Colorado

I'm offering 1:1 and small group adventure days in the mountains and in California this Fall - Spring, and I'm not sure how many I'll offer up, but I know they'll be epic.

These are perfect for you if you....

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