Be honest with me: when was the last time you took a solid break to relax and recharge? I'm talking about NO laptop, no phone, intentionally being where you ARE and enjoying your so-called freedom-based lifestyle.

I KNOW you're probably going to get a wee bit angry at me for asking you that.

"Nah, I can't take a break until I make $x in my business."

"Are you going to tell me to do yoga? WHO has time to do yoga?! Yoga won't get me any clients."

"YOU can take time off because you already have a successful business. I'm not successful enough, yet."

"Are you kidding? I could never detach myself from my phone... wait, Where's my phone?! Who took my phone?! Someone help me find it or I will MURDER YOU ALL!"


I get it. 

I took last week "off"... mostly... from my business. My parents were visiting from Chicago, and I fully intended to hang with them, and to prep for the 8-month Mastermind that's kicking off this week.

I fully intended to use the week to connect with my fam, enjoy the sun and I was ready to come out of that week feeling recharged with my next big idea.

I even installed some new beliefs and planned all of my content out ahead of time so that I would hold myself to that promise.

...But here's what happened, instead. 

While I was with my family, relaxing, enjoying a few beers on some sunny patios around town, and taking daily walks in the sun... my brain still didn't "turn off". Even though I intended to be more present.

In that week, I magicked up somewhere around 126 new ideas for my business.

(Realistically, maybe 8 of them will actually come to life within the next year. Priorities.)

This week reminded me of this insanely powerful truth.

Clarity, inspiration, innovation hits "in the spaces" - or in those times when you actually allow yourself to relax and recharge. 


Stop rolling your eyes at me.

"...Allison, you cray. Get it together girl."

Really, though.

What's holding you back from making some space for YOU far away from your laptop?

Haven't you ever been in the shower, or on a walk, or sitting in traffic, when you have a HUGE idea hit?

Or say you're mulling over something after a client meeting or a big work brainstorm, and you were totally stuck. But then you go to grab lunch down the street, and WHOMP! THERE IT IS!

Epiphany strikes! Huzzah!

Those moments of clarity are actually GOOD for your business.

Not to mention, you have to take some time off of your business. 

Having a Kate Hudson-level of self care will allow you to be more, do more, create more, be more, have more, serve more.

Self care allows you to be more self aware. Self awareness allows us to show up fully for our friends, family, team, clients and future clients. 

There are people out there who need what you have to offer. Just you. With your approach. Your message. Your words. Your ideas. Your solutions. Your care, your ear, your energy.

Plus, wouldn't it be better to actually create a 6-figure business, to create massive change - all while LOVING your lifestyle at the same time? A lifestyle that doesn't require you to work 80 hours a week? A lifestyle that allows you to be present for those meaningful conversations with your significant other? Or a life that allows you to be present and notice all of your kid's cuteness and curiosity? 

If you don't take care of yourself, how do you expect to serve anyone fully? Or to be truly in love with your life? 

Be the woman you need to be, to create the miracles you need to create in your life and in the lives of everyone else.

You need YOU. We need you.

I'm holding myself to this, too. And I'd love to have you on this journey with me. 

Time to level-up.

First challenge: if you're ready to get into a higher-vibe place, my tip for the day is to PUT THAT LAPTOP DOWN AND JUST DANCE!

Do whatever lights you up and gets you moving for a start.

Just MOVE. Disconnect for a bit. Put down your phone.

No one will die. Your emails will still be there. You'll always want to strive for more.

So enjoy the journey HERE on your way to "getting there".

This week, go with the flow and hop into my free Facebook Group to get daily tips and inspiration for your REFUELING ROUTINE. 

I may just extend them for the rest of the month or longer, because this is so necessary at a foundational level for everyone. Not just entrepreneurs. Not just women. Not just moms or workaholics.

It's necessary for life. 

Join the group here:

To Elegance, Ease and Adventure,
Allison Horner

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